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When we first met Taita Juanito, we immediately saw a man who was sustaining more spiritual power than anyone we had ever met. Our second thought was, we wanted to learn how to sustain this level of spiritual wealth in our own lives. Over the last six years, he has taught us to do just this! Taita Juanito is a true master in the healing arts. In these times when there are literally thousands of gurus, spiritual teachers, and shamans out in the World, to be gifted the opportunity to learn and study at the feet of a living master healer is (for us lovers of the healing arts) one of the biggest blessings and opportunities humanly possible.


Taita Juanito refused to limit this sacred opportunity to only those fortunate few who can travel with him or visit him multiple times throughout each year. So he decided to create an advanced curriculum no-holds-barred JAM-PACKED with KEY KNOWLEDGE retreat for anyone who is practicing the healing arts or is aspiring to do so. And with a little help from the Breath of Life co-founders (us, Carlos and Mariah) he designed and curated The Healing Your Inner Healer Retreat. Taita Juanito teaches “all healers must continuously travel inward and continue their own personal healing in order to better heal others and be of service to the World.”

In order for you to have access to the master teachings in healing, without having to sacrifice months out of every year in study, Taita Juanito has perfected and honed the ultimate 7-day healing journey. It is a VERY intimate experience with only 40 participants, it is highly focused on your personal goals for the healing arts, and its the smallest yet most advanced retreat Taita Juanito offers anywhere. The Healing Your Inner Healer retreat only takes place twice per year on the luscious Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.


There are currently 19 spots left for this retreat. If you are serious about soaring to the next level of your healing journey and know Taita Juanito is the guide you want to learn from we urge you to reserve your spot right now while it’s still fresh on your mind.



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Don’t just take our word

Listen to what past participants have to say about the Healing Your Inner Healer Retreat
designed and led by Taita Juanito

“My experience with Taita Juanito at the Breath of Life Retreat in 2019 was life expanding and life affirming, As the owner of a metaphysical center, I am always looking to help people heal their lives. Sometimes, the healer needs to be healed. There’s no better place than this group of people who have such a deep understanding of the human heart and also the medicine that Taita Juanito provides. He helped me find perspective that years of study, years of working with energy medicine, and healers, I wasn’t able to find before. I feel more ready to help the world now going forward. I would recommend this retreat to anyone who is stuck. This is NEXT LEVEL. You will leave the retreat a whole new human being.”
-Jason K., USA (Reiki Master & Owner of New Dimensions Crystals & Reiki)


“I came to the Breath of Life Retreat because it was geared towards people who see themselves as healers. I got so much direct instruction and the confidence to trust in my own healing gifts at this training. I don’t think there is anyone who empowers his students more than Taita Juanito. When you start a healing path, it’s easy to have fear of your gifts because you are dancing with your ego. But Taita Juanito gives you all the tools and the confidence to go forward in an honest and humble way. And he is the ultimate in setting the example. I don’t think there is a faster and more thorough path to healing than the Yagé. It’s a scary endeavor but I truly believe that you can’t choose a safer place and better group to work with.”
-Jocelyn G., USA (Healing Practitioner & Medicine Woman)


“Taita Juanito and his team are amazing people with incredible knowledge and dedication to the medicine. I love them all and I trust them. My experience this week was MAGIC. Complete transformation. Brought me to a state of peace I could never have imagined I could have. If you want to know the TRUE YOU, come to Breath of Life.”
-Gyulnara K., Russia (Retired Cirque Du Soleil Performer & Healing Practitioner)