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Wisdom of the Water anklet set


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We are grateful to source these special anklet sets from a collective of Huni Kuin artists dedicated to preserving their ancestral art & traditions. Woven in each pair of anklets is a prayer for grounding you to the power of the Earth & the strength of the Mother.

The Huni Kuin people, also known as “Kaxinawá” (bat-people) or “true people,” (from huni, “people”, and kuin meaning “true.”) as they call themselves, live mostly in the Brazilian Amazon Basin, but their lands extend to the foot of the Andes in eastern Peru. They are one of the indigenous Amazonian tribes that due to their size and strong leadership have been able to protect and preserve their culture and traditions much more than some of the other smaller tribes. Many of their leaders travel internationally and share their therapies and medicines all over the world.

Sizing is adjustable. Will fit nicely on nearly all adult sized anklets. They can also be worn as upper arm pieces.


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