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White Sage Smudge Sticks


limited quantity of this limited edition product

Sage is known as the sacred plant of the woman and of the divine feminine. This beautiful medicine is a must have for any woman desiring to reclaim her sovereignty and open to the divine mysteries of womanhood. Light this sage in prayer and reverence for the plants and use it to cleanse yourself, your home, your workspace, or your car. Speak your prayers into the smoke and allow the smudge to carry your prayers to the heavens. Dialogue with this plant queen and allow her to receive and purify your heart, soul, and mind.

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6 reviews for White Sage Smudge Sticks

  1. Jenna Williams (verified owner)

    I was using smaller bundles before. I love how large these are! They’re beautiful.

  2. Anne Kerry Ford

    Super fresh and fragrant sage bundles, very reasonably priced. I add at least one or two to every Four Visions order.

  3. shanocc96

    Beautifully wrapped and intentionally harvested. So grateful of four visions and their vast range of healing and cleansing tools such as this very divine sage.

  4. breed12

    Sage has a sweet smell and helps me surrender to the soul. It’s breathing in the Earth and helps clear my energy when I’m overwhelmed.

  5. FunkyEssentials (verified owner)

    I love this cleansing, calming, wonder plant. Nicely packaged and is lovely for my home!

  6. miltongarcia48 (verified owner)

    This sage stick is huge but very powerful thank you Four Visions.

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