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Voice of the Womb Course


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Dear Sister,
Are you looking for the support and the tools to dive deep within into the wisdom of your womb and unlock your creative life-force energy as a womban? To be able to do a study of spiritual womanhood from the comfort of your own home? To learn about how to heal the womb space and reclaim your power in order to bring greater harmony and wellness into all areas of your life?

The Voice of the Womb 4 Week Course Includes: 
Four Hour Long Classes with a Q&A Session with Mariah
Journal/Reflection Prompts to support you in deepening in class material
Complimentary written material to go along with each class with written out instructions of the rituals and prayers

Class 1- Reclaiming the Womb Space
*Understanding the “story” that has been fed to us & how to rise into this new frequency of the Great Feminine
*Illness & Disease of the womb, uterus, and menstrual pains/symptoms…what does it mean and how can we heal?
*Womb cleansing, healing trauma & the female ancestry
*Menarchy, Menstruation & Menopausal Moon rituals (for women of all ages)

Class 2- Activating Your Heart’s Desire: Harnessing Your Creative Potential
*The voice as a vehicle to connect with our wombs
*Conscious Communication: Listening to and speaking from our wombs
*Embodying, embracing and deepening in our own relationship with our bodies
*Self Care Practices to Nurture & Nourish
*Self love: walking ourselves home

Class 3- Sexuality & Intimacy: Empowered & Sacred Embodiment
*Our Bodies as a Temple
*Lovemaking: Self Pleasure & the Art of Making Love
* Full juicy fertile embodiment
*Conscious Conception & Birth
*Energetic Protection
*Cultivating Our Sacred Essence In Menopause

Class 4- Returning to the Mother
*Deepening with the Earth Mother, connecting to her cycles
*The Moon Cycles as a Mirror of Who We Are As Women
*Healing the Collective Feminine
*Lasting Transformation & Empowerment

While this course was originally designed to take place over four weeks, you can go at your own pace. We have found that giving spaciousness in between each recording is most supportive in allowing the information to really sink in and to be able to get the most out of the material.

Upon purchase, the dropbox link to all downloadable recording & the complimentary written material will be emailed to you.

Mariah Gannessa is a medicine woman and feminine empowerment mentor walking a path of love and service. She has been studying with the indigenous plant teachers for over 8 years and loves to inspire and support others to awaken their own healing potential within. She is very passionate about the Womb Wisdom work and truly believes we are living in the time of the Return of the Great Feminine.

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1 review for Voice of the Womb Course

  1. Kim Konsten (verified owner)

    It was really beautiful to hear Mariah’s perspective on the womb and learning about different techniques and tool to support my womb health, heal past trauma from my ancestors and simply become more aware of the cycles of Mother Earth, the moon and my own cycle and how they interact. Definitely going back to revisit this wisdom in divine timing. Many thanks and blessings!

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