Turtle of Perseverance Shamanic Drum


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Like every living creature, the Earth has its own heartbeat. When we connect with this heartbeat in reverence and prayer, we allow ourselves to connect with Her power, and the power of all Creation.

For the Ancient People of the Amazon, the ceremonial drum was a powerful tool to align them with the Heartbeat of the Mother.

In fact, the ceremonial drum was the first tool ever connected to the Shamanic journey, and is still a highly sacred instrument to this day.

The repetitive rhythm of the drums allows us to connect our minds with the Earth’s pulse, and this connection brings us into a transformative state of consciousness.

Through the sounds of the drum, we access this deep state of consciousness where we can recover our ancestral power, and reunite with the entirety of Creation.

The steady, calming rhythms of the drums is often described as the sound and voice of the Spirits.

But it is not just the musical reverberation of the drum that binds us deeply to the Earth. The circular nature of the drum is a physical representation of unity and the totality of Creation. There is no beginning and no end, and all of the drum’s energy is maintained within its circle. As the sphere of the Earth protects all living creatures, the circular form of the drum binds us to Her protection.

For the ancient Shamans, the artwork portrayed on their drums connected them with the essence of their spirit animal. Each animal contains a medicine, a power and a unique form of assistance. The souls of these animals are called forth when playing a drum they are portrayed on.

This is to say that through the sound and rhythm of a drum, the spirit of the animal pictured on the drums carries forth a message, a force, a power or an omen. For this reason, selecting a drum that resonates with your spiritual guide is of the utmost importance.

The ceremonial drum symbolizes Cosmic Unity. It allows us to tune into the resonant heartbeat of the Mother, and it provides deep transformation for our emotional, spiritual, and physiological health.

These drums are sourced from a group of indigenous artisans who have been hand crafting ceremonial instruments for generations.

Each drum displays a stunning work of art that will connect you with your power animal. The drums also come with a hand woven wool case for protection. Their deep, tonal sound is exactly the same as that of the ancient drums first used by Shamans, and the drum’s reverberance and power when played will connect your spirit with the heartbeat of the Mother and all of creation. We know you will love your one of a kind ceremonial instrument.

Symbolism of this piece: 

Turtles represent intuitive development, longevity, strength, courage, protection, wisdom, patience, perseverance, and receptivity. They can show up in life when you are in the process of syncing up the pace of your intuitive insights with your physical manifestations.

These gorgeous handmade drums come from our friends at Sacha Waira Arts Collective spearheaded by Guayubos healer Jhon Freddy Cepeda.

***Please note, these are a specialty item that are only available in a limited quantity, as they are quite labor intensive and take a long time to make. Therefore, discount codes are not applicable on this item. 


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