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In the Ingano healing therapy, the tradition is that we first open the channels for which a pain or trauma to leave the being. After the release of the trauma, we then cover the wound with sweetness, infusing and returning back to our origin, back to our natural state of joy and happiness. We utilize this healing lotion to do this, to bring sweetness, to invoke the sweetness, beauty, and gratitude for life. This amazing lotion a combination of different sweet herbs, basil, mint, and rosemary, and different plants from the amazon infused in alcohol. We use the amazonian seed coquindo to bring heart opening and abundance and the amazonian root cuñungilla, to attract sweetness and offer protection. How to use this lotion? It is to be applied generously all over the body, allowing the plant technology to seep into the pores. The more skin that you can bless with the lotion the better. When to use this lotion? Wonderful first thing in the morning in your morning prayer and meditation to bless yourself for the new day. Can be used throughout the day at work if you are working with many different people/energies because it is an energetic cleaning for the being. A great tool to have if something unexpected happens, you are thrown a curveball, or you just want to take a moment to center and return to your prayer at a certain point throughout the day. When you get home from a long day of work or lots of moving around, this lotion can be applied once again to cleanse yourself from the day, to return home to the heart, and to relax into nighttime. For people who are either hands on healers or have a job where you are seeing multiple clients in a day, this lotion is a GAME CHANGER. Ever feel exhausted in between clients and unsure why? We take on so much energy, way more than we know. Whether we offer hands on healing or are blue collar professionals who see many clients in a single day, this lotion can offer an element of grounding, an element of pause and re-centering that can be transformational to both your work and your overall wellbeing.

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  1. Kellymazzocca

    My favourite healing lotion!!! Absolutely love it

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