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Sweet & Bitter Bath Package Set


limited quantity of this limited edition product

This combo of bitter & sweet plants is used in a specific 23 day energy cleansing program. It can be used to heal your energy field and deepen your connection to plants. It’s part of a spiritual payment. It can be used to cleanse the mind, body, and spirit. The program is as follows:
5 Days Bitter
1 Day off
5 Days of Sweet
1 Day Off
5 days bitter’
1 day off
5 days sweet

Use this Indigenous plant technology to call forth the energies of sweetness and gentleness into your life. T

Sweet Plant Ingredients: basil, tulsi (holy basil), rosemary, thyme, lavender, cinnamon, & lemongrass. all cultivated organically and lovingly in prayer.

Bitter Plant Ingredients: , rue, white sage. all cultivated organically and lovingly in prayer

To make your baths:

All you need to do is boil a big pot of water and pour in the herbs, letting it simmer for about an hour. Take off the pot and let cool, and then strain the tea. To apply, use one cup of the bath every time you shower. Towel dry and then pour the bitter bath over your body and let it air dry, allowing the plants to seep into your pores. Do this with prayer & intention, calling forth the power of the plants to heal & help you to release pain, trauma, and bitterness and bring sweetness, joy, and blessings.

Each bag contains 6oz, enough herbs for approximately for the 23 day regiment described above. You can make each bath in two different batches during the purification process.. The minimum recommended amount of days to do this therapy is 3, the most is 10, followed by an equal amount of days of sweet baths.

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10 reviews for Sweet & Bitter Bath Package Set

  1. Keshini Thambiayah (verified owner)

    So thankful for these beautiful, powerful, sacred blends. I am thankful for the energy of the plants. This came during a transition in my life, and it truly helped in my healing. Defiantly will make the purchase again 🙂

  2. luminousliquidlight

    The plant baths are such a potent ancestral remedy for invoking, letting go, purifying, cleansing, recalibrating and soo much more. I am so grateful for this beautiful practice that Four Visions has brought into my life. Highly Recommend

  3. darrenj

    I love this packaged set, I bought it as gift and the compliments and gratitude from the receivers have not stopped. It introduced them to Four Visions Market and they have purchased several times!

  4. breed12

    I love taking sweet and bitter baths in my routine of integration. If I’m feeling drained, the sweetness of the sweet bath helps me connect with Earth and strengths my connection with plants, while the bitter bath helps me clear my ego, and gives me temporarily relief.

  5. JulieKleban

    I love the whole ritual of the plant medicine baths. Not only are they beautiful to look at but they smell amazing as well. After brewing it with love, the ritual of putting the tea outside all night in the moonlight to gather energy fells so grounding. I rinse with it in the shower and leave it on my body to dry. The smell of the tea on my body is like a perfume that I smell all day reminding me of the intentions I made while putting it on.

  6. Aslana Waterstar (verified owner)

    Wonderful set! Great for gifts. Works on emotional body and spiritual body. In which the layers of the aura seem cleansed and polished it is definitely a dieta to work with your daily. Complements hape’ practice as it synergistically aligns you with cleansing and alignment to enhance your experience. Good value for what comes in the bags. You infuse and use as a spray misting in tour body! I soak herbs to a boil and steep. Cool off add to spray bottle, take the rest and add to bath. Nothing goes to waste. Customer service is great as I received two of the same baths. And theyre just good people!

  7. JennaWilliams

    This makes taking sweet baths simple. I like to make it fresh myself and I also like to have this on hand for when the store is out of the ingredients I need. Great for integration and/or bringing sweetness back into my life. I’ve never tried making the bitter bath myself so I appreciate the ability to purchase here!

  8. vickiesuepoole (verified owner)

    I love this sweet/ bitter bath ritual! I really was excited to get my package and create my teas. Then it was so amazing to pour that over my body after my shower. It was a beautiful experience! I will be purchasing again as I feel the relationship with the herbs to be so heart felt and I want to explore this on a regular basis.
    Thank you for amazing products and great customer service!

  9. Annie Desjardins

    Great purification and reset – supports in integration

  10. lisawebb1776 (verified owner)

    I love the different plant ceremonies! I have a huge stainless-steel bowl that I stood in and poured this over me. Then I would take that and soak my feet in the bath water while doing my hape! Looking forward to another purchase!

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