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Sweet & Bitter Bath Package Set


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This combo of bitter & sweet plants is used in a specific 23 day energy cleansing program. It can be used to heal your energy field and deepen your connection to plants. It’s part of a spiritual payment. It can be used to cleanse the mind, body, and spirit. The program is as follows:
5 Days Bitter
1 Day off
5 Days of Sweet
1 Day Off
5 days bitter’
1 day off
5 days sweet

Use this Indigenous plant technology to call forth the energies of sweetness and gentleness into your life. T

Sweet Plant Ingredients: basil, tulsi (holy basil), rosemary, thyme, lavender, cinnamon, & lemongrass. all cultivated organically and lovingly in prayer.

Bitter Plant Ingredients: , rue, white sage. all cultivated organically and lovingly in prayer

To make your baths:

All you need to do is boil a big pot of water and pour in the herbs, letting it simmer for about an hour. Take off the pot and let cool, and then strain the tea. To apply, use one cup of the bath every time you shower. Towel dry and then pour the bitter bath over your body and let it air dry, allowing the plants to seep into your pores. Do this with prayer & intention, calling forth the power of the plants to heal & help you to release pain, trauma, and bitterness and bring sweetness, joy, and blessings.

Each bag contains 6oz, enough herbs for approximately for the 23 day regiment described above. You can make each bath in two different batches during the purification process.. The minimum recommended amount of days to do this therapy is 3, the most is 10, followed by an equal amount of days of sweet baths.

1 review for Sweet & Bitter Bath Package Set

  1. Jenna Williams

    Really easy to make and use. Extremely clearing. I love that it’s organic. I used to make my own sweet baths but the store was out of basil much of time. This way is much simpler and it has more ingredients than I was using.

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