Surucuina: Virus Eradicator Treatment


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Deep in the Amazon jungle exists a very special, very sacred potato.

Yes, you read that right. A potato. This holy potato, called Surucuina, has been used by the indigenous peoples of the Pano linguistic tribes for thousands of years as a treatment of parasites, viruses, and disease. The Kuntanawa people have treated cases of covid over the last two years using this sacred potato. It is a very powerful, very strong detoxification therapy.

We are the only marketplace you’ll find this product. We pride ourselves in sourcing the highest quality, rarest plant tools and medicines from the Amazon to your doorstep. Our newest product, Surucuina, continues to uphold this commitment to you.

Recommended usage: 2 capsules twice per day for 15 days in treatment of viruses or parasites, or for general detoxification of organs. Then rest for a week and continue the detoxification protocol if needed. Option to purchase a 15 day or 30 day supply depending on your desire for depth of detoxification.

  1. Capsules should be taken after meals
  2. It is contraindicated to drink alcohol during the treatment period
  3. Children under 3 years old should not work with Surucuina
  4. The medicine should be taken regularly in treatment of health problems such as diabetes, cholesterol, prostate problems, ulcer, cancer, rheumatic fever, cold flu, twists asthma, intestinal infection, + against insect venoms such as scorpion ???? spiders ???? and snakes acting immediately in combat.
  5. The medication must have a break of at least 7 days between one treatment and another
  6. The reaction after taking it can cause nausea, dizziness and vomiting symptoms. This is a normal part of the detoxification process.
  7. The sacred surucuina potato also provides a very strong spiritual protection, it is native to the Amazon and has been used since our ancestors for physical and spiritual healing of the Kuntanawa people!!

*This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.*

Ingredients: 100% dried and powdered surucuina plant

4 reviews for Surucuina: Virus Eradicator Treatment

  1. kambocurando (verified owner)

    My wife and each did the 15 day supply. We got it because we got sick with covid. I can’t really say it did much for eradicating covid honestly. It did seem to help work the stomach and clear out the bowels a little bit. To me it seems to work subtly in the background. For clearing out the bowels some I’ll give it 5 stars.

  2. Khloe (verified owner)

    This is new to me. We are hopeful that like so many of the other plant medicines it will work wonders. All modern diabetes medication have such horrible side effects. And they only mask the symptoms. So far, no side effects. I’ll be back after a couple of weeks to update my review. The least you can ask for in a medicine is that it do no harm. Xara Xara

  3. jmartin941 (verified owner)

    I have been struggling with a stomach parasite that I picked up in Asia several years ago. I have tried all kinds of remedies and none of them have been effective. I have been trying the Surucina and this is the first thing that has actually been helpful in not only stopping the symptoms but also making things work better in the long term. I am still in the process of finishing the first course so I cannot say definitively it’s long term benefits but with my first attempt with this healing herb I have been extremely impressed. Once again I am amazed at the quality of the products here.

  4. j.gafner (verified owner)

    This product helped me really good when I had the Corona Virus… I m super happy with this product

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