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Só Alegria! Ceremonial Music Study with Ninawa Pai da Mata


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In August 2021 we gathered for two 90 minute live studies at 11am PST/2pm EST with Chief Ninawa of the Huni Kuin Tribe. We are blessed & grateful to receive Ninawa Pai da Mata, Indigenous wisdom carrier, spiritual teacher, & medicine man to speak on the healing properties of ceremonial music. He shared stories and teaching of what the chants and the music signify for the Huni Kuin Kaxinawa people, and how they use the power of sound as a force of healing. He taught some traditional healing chants and songs and offered an introduction into traditional Huni Kuin Music. *This course features a translator* 

Your participation in this series includes:
*All recordings for life so that this study may serve as a resource for future reference on your spiritual path
* Copies of 2 traditional Huni Kuin songs for you to study, take notes on proper pronunciation, and have for future use
* BONUS Access Recording of Ninawa’s Free Workshop, The Sound of Creation

*All our online courses have a 100% money back guarantee  if you are unsatisfied for ANY reason.*

Ninawa is a great shaman of the Huni Kuin people and a spiritual leader in the village of Novo Futuro on the Humanita River in Acre, Brazil. The title “Pai da Mata” means “Forest Father” and is a title of loving respect given to patriarchs of the Huni Kuin Peoples. Ninawa is known as the rockstar of the Amazon. His favorite motto, “só alegria” (only joy!), has been a celebrated expression while he has grown a following all around the world through his contagious joy & charisma.

It’s no surprise that the Huni Kuin people are extremely vibrant and joyful. Every single child in the village is musically inclined, with many talented youths who write songs and play different instruments. All of their music is in honor of spirits of the forest and the sacred plant medicines. As the children learn music, they strengthen their connection with the Huni Kuin culture and spirituality.

Music is a foundational pillar of the culture & path, and is said that the songs and chants come from the heart of the Earth and that they are, the original sound of creation. Join us on August 1st as we welcome Ninawa for a free live workshop where he”ll share with us about traditional medicine music, and how the music works as a healing tool, within traditional plant medicine ceremonies & beyond. He will also be blessing us with some live music which we are stoked about!

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1 review for Só Alegria! Ceremonial Music Study with Ninawa Pai da Mata

  1. MaxWeltman (verified owner)

    This was a fun class – I caught it live and am happy to have the replays. I love how we got the lyrics to the tunes and I will have to work on learning the guitar parts as well. It was really informative how Ninawa explained how the songs and the words themselves call upon specific spirits of healing. What a great opportunity to learn from a master of the actual tradition!

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