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Shinan Shipibo Visionary Art Oracle Deck & Book


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Shinan is the Shipibo word for thought, vision, or third eye and seemed a fitting word to capture the imaginal, inspirational, and healing energy of the artwork featured by Shinan Visionary Arts Oracle Deck. This incredible deck is part mystic tool, part ethnobotanical flash card. The book that accompanies the deck is a wonderfully supportive teaching piece and makes a great gift for self or other.

This is an incredible way to learn more about the weavings. The bilingual (spanish & english) oracle card deck comes with its own guidebook, packaged in a hardcover box set. However we also have an additional more in depth book (paperback, in English), The Shinan Cosmology of the Shipibo Tribe, written by Kent Osborn in collaboration with various Shipibo Maestras & Maestros, that offers more information and provides incredible study material. This book covers medicinal plants, mythology, history, anthropology and more about the Shipibo people of the Peruvian Amazon. Option to purchase just the oracle deck with its guidebook or to add the paperback book.

What is the prayer behind the “Kené” (Shipibo-Conibo) Art?
Kené art is the design of lines systems and geometric patterns made by indigenous women of the Shipibo-Conibo tribe from the Ucayali región – Peru. The Kené have a deep symbolic significance as they represent the worldview of their people, as well as energy pathways, the Milky Way, the geography of the forest, the animals, the plants, and the design of the Universe. Kené are the healing visions that come when one consumes mother plants for therapeutic purposes. The Kené, or icaros, are sung, woven, & guarded in the ancestral timeline of the Shipibo People. They also represent knowledge, culture, history and aesthetics of the Shipibo people, revealing their origin and the close links between the community and their territory.

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4 reviews for Shinan Shipibo Visionary Art Oracle Deck & Book

  1. Sol Fox (verified owner)

    A beautiful oracle deck & book featuring shipibo themes and art. The book is great if you want to learn more about the different styles of art and belief, though it is not a required companion to the oracle deck per se – the deck comes with a book that explains the cards. I would recommend both.

  2. darrenj (verified owner)

    I’m so happy that I found this. I only wish I had this before I traveled to Peru and witnessed the sacred textiles being created. The companion books are a perfect resource to gain a deeper understanding to the culture, traditions and meanings behind the sacred artwork that the Shipibo Maestras & Maestros create

  3. AnneFord (verified owner)

    This oracle deck is beautifully designed, very inviting to use, especially with the accompanying book. When I am drawn to select a card, it is amazing how timely and appropriate the message is for me. I feel like these cards draw me closer to the Shipibo culture and the wisdom therein.

  4. justin (verified owner)

    I am a Lenormand and Tarot diviner and I don’t usually like these kinds of single focus decks, but this one has really grown on me, especially as I have built my own relationships with the various medicines and rituals depicted on the cards.

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