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Shawadawa Spiritual Purification Hapé


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This hapé made by the Shawadawa people is made with Rawaputu and is a medicine to use against mental disturbance and tiredness, as well as to build spiritual connection. It is used to give strength when working in the field, planting, fishing and hunting. It is a wonderful every day hapé.

Hapé is a very sacred herbal snuff, made by the indigenous tribes of the Amazon. Hapé, or rapé,’ is pronounced ‘haa-pay’ in English. It is used for deep connection to the spirits, animals and Mother Nature. It is very cleansing and powerfully healing for the body, mind, and soul. The indigenous tribes have been working with this medicine for thousands of years to heal their communities and to connect with the Creator.

This sacred medicine takes days to make and is a very labor intensive process made in a ceremonial way, out of various Amazonian healing medicinal plants, leaves, trees and seeds from native lands.

Application: This medicine can be be self-administered using a V-shaped self-applicator pipe, known as a ‘Kuripe’ pipe which connects the mouth to the nostrils. It can also be administered by another person using a large blow pipe, called a ‘Tepi’, which connects the blower’s mouth to the other person’s nostrils.

Use: Start with a dime sized amount to begin your practice. Pour the medicine into your palm, say a prayer and align with the spirit of the . Using either your kuripe or the Tepi, load half into the pipe for the first nostril. If self applying, inhale, insert the long nostril of the pipe into your nose, and the smaller side in your mouth. Exhale and blow strongly. This is the hardest part because it requires centering yourself and giving yourself a strong, powerful application. In time, your ability to do this will grow and you’ll be able to use this as a tool to organize and center yourself whenever necessary. After you are applied, sit for 5-10 minutes in meditation.

If this is your first time working with hapé, it’s required that you watch our video on forming a practice with hapé. If you are newer to the medicine, it is highly recommended that you watch this video.

In all forms, to allow your intuition to guide you as you open up to this powerful plant ally and allow the hapé to guide and teach you how it wants to be prayed with.

Dosages can be increased after prolonged use once one becomes more accustom to working with this medicine and has built a relationship with the plant and this specific hapé.

Benefits of Hapé
*Opens up the 3rd eye and decalcifies the pineal gland which naturally hardens and calcifies with age.
*Purifies and cleanses the sinuses and respiratory track. Can help heal sinus issues and reduce mucus.
*Supports the digestive system, moves the bowels

*Offers energetic protection that comes from connecting with the plant, an ally for strength, clarity, and focus.
*Connects you to the Earth, is grounding, centering.

*Clears negativity and stills the mind

Each type of hapé has different qualities due to the different prayers they are infused with. Our apothecary includes a wide variety of hapés for different uses.

Storage: Please keep them in the airtight containers they come in, keep away from wet, damp and humid conditions, and store away from direct sunlight.

The use and application of our products is solely at the customer’s responsibility.

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26 reviews for Shawadawa Spiritual Purification Hapé

  1. Jenna Williams

    I love how gentle this hápe is with me. I love to use daily in conjunction with the immunity hápe.

  2. Kyle Huff

    I absolutely adored this wonderful hapé, it was the perfect blend for connecting to my higher power and higher self. Not too strong but not too week. Definitely ordering again..

  3. myjhong91

    My first experience with hapé was in an ayahuasca ceremony. At 65 y.o. I have learned something that could have been useful in my “before” life. Plant medicine is a whole other reality. I have been gently moved from the hectic and impersonal life I was in to a peaceful, personal and loving life I never knew. I have to add I’m a Christian . I believe in one God. This God may have different names to different peoples but I believe He created all that is. I believe Jesus came to earth for this age. I believe he gave us all we need to be accepted by God. That said, I also believe everything on this temporal plane is here to be used…not abused. I love that this plant medicine is available to be used! It is shame I cannot relate this to my friends. I have always been into natural medicine (eastern) but never knew about this side of it. I’m glad to be part of the new awakening happening in the world. I appreciate you for making these products available! Thank you thank you thank you!

  4. llongdoris (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfect for me, toke the pain out, anxiety, relaxing, grounding, just set your intentions and enjoy your life. It does what it says it can do. I will always honor, and be grateful for this medicine.

  5. Walter (verified owner)

    I Love this rapè. It’s very gentle most of the time. Has a wonderful flavor and is very calming. I like to use this blend before during & after Sapo or Kambo ceremonies for protection. I’ve had to use this during ???? ceremony when something ugly comes up, I’ve used it while having a panic attack & it centered & calmed me. In conjunction with intention, Sage, Palo Santo, and/or Copal incense you will feel the connection

  6. Eve Richardson

    Strong and intense

  7. jesskelly20

    I love this hapé it is one of my favorites because it really helps me ground and center perfect addition to kambo ceremony.

  8. Austin Leffel (verified owner)

    Amazing blend that I love to use with my meditation practice!

  9. Annie Desjardins

    Strong! I call this the speak your truth hapé – great for the throat chakra opening! ????

  10. AnthonyBarnes (verified owner)

    This is my favorite hapé for more frequent use. It’s gentle, purifying and grounding. It clears and centers the mind. Lovely!

  11. jawstarchuk93 (verified owner)

    Shawadawa Spiritual Purification Hapé, this was 1 of 3 Hapé, I ordered and the first one I tried. It seemed a bit hot the first time, but I can honestly say, I felt calm, relaxed, and connected almost immediately. I love the product and will definitely order it again, highly recommended.

  12. KarinaAstengo (verified owner)

    This is my go to when I need an alignment or feeling way off!
    Also my go to for clients who are looking for a spiritual alignement to clear panema.
    One of my favorites. Highly reccomend.

  13. Corey Lawson

    This is another fantastic blend. One of my favourites to ground myself with and to clear the mind. I’ve found it great for everyday use.

  14. Myriam Servant (verified owner)

    Soft but still powerful purification hapé. It help to clear my mind and focus on observing by thoughts so I stop getting attached to it and release it

  15. brelederer

    A friend shared this blend with me. The first time using it, I was sitting outside calling on my guides. I served it with my eyes closed and I felt the biggest blast of GOLDEN light energy come from above through my head and all the way through my body!! It felt amazing. I felt that absorb into my system and I began to buzz all over. So I blew it out and for the rest of the day I felt untouchable! Quite an incredible experience. Very cleansing. I felt so close to my guides too all day!!

  16. AngelOfCups

    Have been using this for my eclipse season woes… and I am super impressed… with such heavy energy working through shadow work as a Scorpio this blend is most certainly going to be included in my main kit and always with me… as a sensitive water being I pick up energy very easily… this allows me to more observe energy rather ABSORB it all, I start this early morning blend as well as end my day with it!

  17. kerrymac129

    What a voyage I have had with this Hapé. When initially connecting with this medicine it purified areas of my being that I had been resistant to healing. With its continued guidance, I have been able to embrace difficult discomforts with grace in order to gain the divine wisdom being offered. All in all, this Hapé rocks my spiritual world.

  18. justin

    This was my first experience with hapé and it was very transformational. I felt like I was in a sweat lodge! But it was very purifying and I felt prepared to begin my plant medicine journey

  19. honeyintea (verified owner)

    When I’m very tired I use this to help rebalance and pick me up and it never fails.

  20. AlexanderDavis (verified owner)

    when ever I’m feeling low energy or in need of a body cleansing/ purification this is my go to I can instantly feel the purification as I breath with the hape and after feel recharged and cleansed after❤️‍????

  21. klive100 (verified owner)

    The name of this medicine is ACCURATE! Spiritual purification at it’s finest. It comes on light and tingly but quickly turns into a deep cleaning. The effect is rather delayed for me but comes on mega strong, in fact the stronest hapé I have used in my life thus far!!! I use it solely when needing a purge as it brings up any inner tension & anxiety and thoroughly removes it from my body. Strongly recommend taking this when outside as it is wonderful to connect to Pacha Mama during the purge. It honestly feels like my soul comes back home to my body after using this and I am incredibly in awe of this specific medicine! I am sure in smaller doses it might not make someone purge, but for me it is such an ally for helping my do deep cleaning and I am grateful!

  22. shealynnakins

    I love your hape collection so much. I don’t practice all that often but when I do, I feel rejuvenated and uplifted. I feel a release of energy every time.
    They all work very well and they are well worth the money 🙂

  23. iamtheonecreatingmyperception

    I had been working through mental distortions and this wonderful hape showed me how to clear these distortions, so I could find inner truths and peace. It was like clearing a hazy fog from my brain. This truth has helped heal important relationships in my life!
    I am so grateful!

  24. Ben Ohayon (verified owner)

    Lovely medicine and definitely has a kick to it.

  25. DaneMcDonald (verified owner)

    I personally use this Hape when I’m feeling stuck or tired and need a boost to get some projects done or things crossed off my to-do list. It is also good for clearing the mind when I’m having difficulties with negative thoughts. Very uplifting and cleansing blend. It brings a sense of tranquility but is also energizing.

  26. kasey.c.acker (verified owner)

    I usually do all of my hape ceremonies sits outside. I get a lot of heat and this orangey golden glow with my eyes closed. I feel the complete tingling and energy clearing kind of rushy feeling throughout my whole body. Purification feels completely right for this hape. One of my favorites I don’t ever wanna run out.

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