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Serenity Drops-For Anxiety & Pain


limited quantity of this limited edition product

Serenity Drops with Hemp Essential Oil may help with the elimination of anxiety and chronic pain. Myrcene Rich Hemp Essential oil reduces inflammation while activates serotonin and GABA receptors in the brain which is known to improve mood and reduce anxiety and nourish the endo binoid system. Hemp essential oil additionally adds a pleasant piney flavor.

The 1000 mg dosage is designed for those with more severe pain or anxiety.

Application: Apply 1-5 pumps under the tongue for relief of anxiety, pain and inflammation. For best results take 5 min. before meals and hold the drops under the tongue for 30 seconds.

Fractionated MCT Coconut Oil, Pure Isolate ( from Hemp), Hemp Essential Oil

Only organic hemp is used in these products and the essential oils are made using the traditional art of steam distillation. The synergy of CBD isolate blended with hemp essential oil creates a Full Spectrum CBD oil that is THC free.

Contains 1000 mg. CBD per 1 oz., 2000 mg. per 2 oz.

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3 reviews for Serenity Drops-For Anxiety & Pain

  1. Angela Patino

    I absolutely love this CBD, and I have tried many other brands. It is really effective and also safe, I even give it to my son. For me, a person with pretty strong anxieties, it totally calm me down whenever I am having anxiety attacks.

  2. misspearl.miller (verified owner)

    Long time chronic pain sufferer, most CBD blends I require a large volume to consume before feeling any bennefots, this 1000mg blend is the highest quality and potency I have ever found that leaves Zero feeling any effects of the minimal traces of THC. It’s perfect for daily use and work. Love it. Wishing the 2oz bottles weren’t always out of stock

  3. Yati (verified owner)

    Misspeaarl.miller is my old handle ♡ update to name for review

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