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Dragon’s Blood Sangre de Drago


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Sap of the dragon tree, Dragon’s Blood as its known, is native vegetation and one of the many gifts of nature found in the Amazon Rainforest. With an intense red color, it is used by indigenous peoples to treat skin wounds, preventing them from becoming infected. It has many other therapeutic and medicinal purposes. Research indicates that the resin is effective against insect bites, itchiness and skin inflammation. In addition, dragon blood has a high concentration of antioxidants that attenuate the signs of aging, regenerating cells.

Dragon’s Blood is one of the finest traditional botanicals available. This is a wildcrafted, ethically sourced, ancient amazonian remedy.

Has been taken by the Indigenous peoples for thousands of years, internally, to treat gastro intestinal ailments, irritable bowel syndrome, & ulcers.

1. External use:
– Prepare a spray with 30 drops diluted in 100 ml of saline solution and use as a spray on cuts & open wounds.
– To combat yeast infections: dilute 4 drops in half a cup of cold water twice a day.
– Against pain, inflammation or as a cosmetic: dilute about 50 drops in 100g of neutral cream/body oil and apply to the skin once a day.

2. Internal use
– Preventive treatment: take 15 drops in a glass of water, 1-3x a day, 15 minutes before or after meals.

– Keep out of the reach of children.
– Do not use during pregnancy and lactation.
– Any doubts the doctor should be consulted.

This product is not approved by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness. All product information is for educational purposes only. We recommend consulting your medical practitioner before beginning treatment.

*Consumption recommendations are based on use by traditional peoples.*

Ingredients: sap from the Dragon’s Blood Tree, organic grain alcohol

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12 reviews for Dragon’s Blood Sangre de Drago

  1. aamizell (verified owner)

    I have used this on multiple skin abrasions and it aids in the healing process beautifully.

  2. luminousliquidlight

    I absolutely love Sangre de Drago for all of the beautiful healing properties it offers & I always keep it on me in my first aid kit.

  3. darrenj (verified owner)

    This is the only Dragon’s Blood I use! I bring it with me going on nature hikes, I use it for any skin abrasions and as a Kambo practitioner I use it to seal the gates and provide a protection for any unwelcome energies.

  4. openingtogether

    A powerful ancient medicine that should not be overlooked. It’s healing abilities go far beyond what the eye can see. It’s been around for a long time and has a lot of wisdom to impart.

  5. TouVang (verified owner)

    Another medicine I bought from reading reviews. Since I dont have much contact with the sun for my skin to naturally absorb its rays for my skin and its health benefits that our body truly needs. This will be a big helper for my skin and overall health in general with its multi usages. I really cant get over the fact that the medicines here at fourvisonmarket have a wide usages for one bottle of whatever type of medicine it is. I just love the versatility and that its all natural, a proponent I am very supportive of. Thank you! Im so glad to have found fourvisions.

  6. benst33zy (verified owner)

    This stuff is WONDERFUL! I first used it after a kambo ceremony to close the gates where the medicine was applied, but I’ve found many uses for it since then. My daughter always wants my to put it on her “boo-boos” and I happily do because everything seems to heal 10x faster with Dragons blood. It’s truly a Miracle medicine.

  7. MaxWeltman (verified owner)

    I have only used the Dragon’s Blood internally but I both enjoy the taste and ease of use. I drop it into my water or tea and I have a powerful infusion! I credit the Dragon’s Blood to my high immunity this past winter.

  8. j.gafner (verified owner)

    I had an skin irritations, kinda fungus on my feet and parts on my body and it helped perfect. Sometimes it was a bit burning but helped super good ????????

  9. FunkyEssentials (verified owner)

    Hard to find, and an honest representation here. Thank you for offering quality products that work. It has a nice smell, taste and effect. <3

  10. BelindaHayes (verified owner)

    This is a great product, it has really made a big difference to my digestion and cleaning out my bowels! I add it to everything, my face creams and serums, it just seems to improve everything by 100%. Fantastic service and delivery, it took 4 days to arrive from ordering and I live in the UK

  11. leigha clarke-silvera (verified owner)

    This beautiful product has so many uses. It is a staple in our house and aids my family with so many things. I use it on my children’s cuts, I use it in my tea for its internal healing benefits, I use it in my skin care routine (highly recommend), I use it on my daughters skin when she gets rashes. It truly is a miracle worker. There are so many wonderful uses and benefits to this product and its one of my favourites.

  12. master_of_deathz_666 (verified owner)

    Amazing 🙂 I love the visual when you drop it in water

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