Rose Quartz Womb & Breast Massager


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Essential to every women’s wellness routine is the care for her breasts and womb.  A simple way we as women can nourish and encourage a healthy, vibrant body is through self massage. This is much more than just self-care, this is a powerful tool to help you take charge of your well-being, whether you have a specific condition, looking for preventative care or wanting to connect more fully with your principle feminine power.

Invite the energetic vibrations of your breast crystal to align and balance your heart chakra within each breast showing yourself unconditional love. Regular breast massage encourages vibrant healthy breast being the perfect routine for preventative medicine as well as a practice of self-care and self love.

The healing powers of Rose Quartz can transform your relationship with yourself, fostering a strong connection between your heart center and your inner goddess. This soft pink stone infuses a deep healing and rejuvenating energy that inspires you to always act from a space of love, compassion and sensuality.


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