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Quena Andean Flute


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We are thrilled to announce our newest collection of ceremonial instruments….Only limited quantity of these beauties available! Each one comes with a gorgeous fabric case with sacred weavings.

In the culture of yagé, music is a weaving that helps to call forth & celebrate the sound of creation, the sound of origin. It is a form of prayer, of expression of love, and of the celestial celebration that we all want to live on a daily basis. This flute will serve as a dear companion on your path and accompany you in many ceremonies for many years to come.

The Quena, sometimes called the Kena, are considered the flute of the Incas. For more than 500 years, the Quena has been integral to the music of South America, and thanks to its appealing sound, it has become internationally beloved.

It is said that the stunningly beautiful birdlife of South America, its mountains and forest alive with magical and musical calls, inspired the first Indigenous flutemakers to create instruments that would put them on par with the birds. Some describe the Quena as the most bird-like woodwind in the world, with its high, light, lyrical tone.

The Quena encapsulates for us the very best of the people who once lived under Inca rule – people who must have placed tremendous value on beauty to have developed an instrument with such a spiritual sound. In playing your Quena, you can quiet down, slow down and connect to the beauty all around you. Perhaps you will begin to listen more closely to the songs of birds and try to capture their feeling. Perhaps, like the ancestral Andeans, you will play the Quena to speak to Mother Nature, or offer a prayer to the winds.  Indigenous music is powerful music, healing music, and once you begin to play it, whole new vistas may begin to open in your life, as well as a deeper connection with the force of Life.

While the quena is not difficult to play, the most challenging part is mastering the proper mouth position. There are lots of wonderful youtube videos you can check out for guidance and to support your learning. 


2 reviews for Quena Andean Flute

  1. soulbrothu

    The sound of this Quena puts me into an absolute trance. I am still a beginner to the flute but i didnt choose it, it chose me and the medicine brought me the ability to play under average on my first try! It is up to every use to hone their music ability as far as they can. But that craftmanship and sound that comes from this flute is outstanding! Kudos to the makers! I really truly greatful!

  2. justin (verified owner)

    This flute is so special. It requires skill to play but it rewards me with great spiritual expression and connects my spirit and body in sacred union

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