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Nukini Sananga Eyedrops **Medium Strength**


limited quantity of this limited edition product

Our Nukini Sananga is a little gentler than the Kuntanawa Sananga and a wonderful way to begin to cultivate your relationship with sananga medicine. It is made by the women of the Nukini Tribe, and is designed to bring the healing of the Forest and the Force of Nature. Made in prayer to help you connect to the Jungle, the Spirits of Nature and Pachamama for deep healing and inner wisdom. Connect with this medicine and invite in the Spirits of the Jungle to be your allies as you navigate your inner and outer worlds.

What is sananga?

Sananga is made from the roots and bark of the Tabernaemontana undulata shrub a “milkwood” species in the family Apocynaceae, and comes directly from the Amazonian tribes peoples. This sacred and potent medicine is used for healing physical and spiritual ailments, by clearing the mind and energies and gaining a complete new way of perception and focus. This Sananga is infused with intentions of absolute clarity and healing for the eyes as well as the inner sight, intuitive guidance, and opening up of the third eye. Traditionally, tribes would use Sananga as a hunting tool to sharpen the eyes before going out into the jungle, to ensure a quick and successful quest.

Comes in 1/2 oz & 1 oz dropper bottles.

Usage: Only one drop per eye is required for a powerful Sananga session. We recommend to find a calm and quiet place, either in nature, or at home in a peaceful setting and with meditative music. The acute effects will wear off after 10-15 min, yet subtle after effects can last for days, as well as long term improvements in vision and eye health. Make sure you lie down and remain with your eyes closed to enable a good application. It is important to apply one drop to the inside corner of both eyes, applying the second drop immediately to balance out the energies on both eyes. Thereafter, you should blink with your eyelids for a short while to distribute the liquid over the whole eye. Ideally, you find a second person who can apply the Sananga for you.

Please be aware that this medicine does sting/burn for about 2-5 minutes. This sensation can be overwhelmingly strong for first time users. This burning sensation is normal. It is important to breathe deeply, concentrate on your prayer/meditation, and allow the medicine to work. The pain subsides very quickly and you will feel calm and peaceful. It is an incredible tool to calm the central nervous system and thus is wonderful before bed as a meditation.

Recommended use is once or twice per week or more if presented with a chronic illness of eyes or vision. There is a traditional diet of the Sananga medicine which utilizes the drops every day for 21 days straight. If you plan to use it intensively, make sure to take 2 weeks off in between these three week “diets” in order to give your eyes time to integrate. **

TAKE OUT YOUR  CONTACT LENSES before USE. Do not put on your contact lenses for an hour after applying the Sananga. While this Sananga does have colloidal silver in it to preserve the freshness, it is important to refrigerate the medicine as soon as possible and to maintain refrigeration. Please note your bottle should never be out of the refrigerator for more than 48 hours. This medicine has a 6 month shelf life when kept refrigerated. There is slight sedimentation that occurs at the bottom of the bottle, this is simply the separation of the bark and liquid; make sure to shake well before use. If you ever open your bottle and it smells funky, do not use it. Also if there is ever any unknown objects or fungi floating around in your bottle, do not use it.

Love & Many Blessings On Your Journey,

Four Visions Market


** This is an opportunity to start to work with the plant medicine. Allow the medicines to work with you and open yourself to your own intuitive guidance around the therapy. In time, you will form a relationship with the Sananga medicine and feel confident to use & share it with others. The word medicine hear is used in a traditional sense as in “folk medicine” or “ancestral medicine” at no point is this intended to be taken as medical advice. Non of these statements nor Sananga have been approved by the FDA. We are legally required to urge you to seek the advice of a medical professional before beginning this or any other health care treatments.

***For our international customers*** It can sometimes be tricky to import sananga. As the buyer, you are responsible for the terms and conditions in your country. Please know that shipments outside the United States may be subject to import charges, which are the responsibility of the purchaser. Four Visions ships your package DDU, “duties and taxes unpaid”, and does not collect the VAT, duties and/or taxes and cannot predict what your particular charges may be. If your order does require these additional charges, they must be paid by you the customer in order for your package to clear customs. Each country has their own unique guidelines & regulations and it is up to the customer to investigate and take the required follow-up measurements to contact their local postal service and follow the necessary steps in order for their package to be released, should there be a hold placed on the shipment. We can not be responsible for refunds on sananga that is not accepted by your country.


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46 reviews for Nukini Sananga Eyedrops **Medium Strength**

  1. sepehr_eagle55 (verified owner)

    Great people, great products and great customer service ?

  2. Cecelia Lore ramsey (verified owner)

    The Sananga enhances my daily practice as well as my Hape practice. I have tried other brands and had bad experiences. I love FVM, The Indigenous Tribes who share this medicine with us and the great support I have received here!

  3. andygu18 (verified owner)

    So far I have used it only once,what a powerful tool,and super strong,the first time I tried Sananga was with a Brazilian medicine man,and it didn’t burn as much as this one,if you’re not used to the medicine I recommend that you build a relationship with it little by little.
    Go with the gentle option first and them pick the medium strength one.
    Thanks to fourvisionsmarket for sharing these beautiful plant medicines with us.

  4. gizzmo1.lh

    Aloha, at first I was not sure what to expect, Being a beginner, I had just started a Hape’ practice (diet), and my introduction to Four visions. I decided to try it. Wow! Yes It does burn a bit.yet that is relieved in moments. Then the journey begins. I highly recommend Sananga for expanding your self into yourself and everything else. Forever Joy. Thank you To the Nukuni tribe, and the beautiful woman who prepare this glorious medicine. Mahalo and Aloha

  5. Jenny stouffer (verified owner)

    I really liked this sananga. I have used strong ones and gentle ones, and this was my first time using a medium strength sananga. It burns similarly to a stronger sananga but not as intensely and more manageable, with a shorter process. I am able to self administer and it is great before hape. It is very effective instilling peace, reflection and a sense of calm and clarity, yet a gentler journey than stronger sananga. Thank you!

  6. Jen Junga (verified owner)

    These are amazing and I will be purchasing again!

  7. Iuliana Lixandru

    Never knew what to expect but I wanted to give it a try and kept an open mind so I get the full benefit. It does burn but I worked through it and it was well worth it! I mostly bought it because I wanted a clearer vision but it brought me a lot of peace and clarity. Thank you!

  8. Austin Leffel (verified owner)

    Stronger than I expected in a beautiful way! This is a truly special medicine!

  9. adrianmarroquin92 (verified owner)

    I was made aware of sananga by a friend who shared their amazing journey with it. I decided to go with four visions in most part with how much they give back to the tribes. I would pay these prices any day to know that my hard in money, faith, and connection is going to support these people that are supporting me as well.

    Sananga is definitely something else. It has a way if really making you appreciate being able to see along with bring such a blissful wash over you after the first moments of discomfort. As i have grown with sananga i have realized to have appreciation for many things is this life.

  10. Annie Desjardins

    Love this sananga, the medium strength is softer but i find goes deeper into the tissues
    Beautiful orgasmic release and calm for your nervous system ????

  11. Daniela Perafan (verified owner)

    I truly use this one the most! it is the in between from gentle and strong ! Truly amazing. I have had really powerful experiences serving it and many people tell me the most profound stories of how this Sananga completely cleared out deep wounds. I had a lady who mentioned how clearly she could see her inner child healing ! truly an beautiful and powerful medicine, I recommend this to be a must have

  12. Erin Jeanes (verified owner)

    Love love love this product! I call it my “medium salsa” because it is not as intense as the higher strength sananga. It feels like fire in my eyes for a few minutes, but when I lean into the pain, it seems to heal quicker. Fighting the pain just seems to make the pain worse. Thank you for sharing your love of plant medicine through your company. Truly wonderful!

  13. krystinmrogers

    I’m a first time user, and the medium strength is perfect for me! My husband used the strong strength but I had him order me medium strength so I can really ease into working with this medicine. I haven’t been disappointed! I use these drops every morning as a part of my morning meditation ritual and they have helped my practice immensely! This medicine is excellent for shadow work and releasing blockages! Medium strength is perfect for all beginners that really want to connect with this plant medicine! I’m most grateful!

  14. greenberg_eve (verified owner)

    My experience with Sananga was eye-opening and blinding temporarily at the same time. Once the worst part of it is over which is the stinging, mental clarity and new perceptions that in my experience came solely from the medicine itself come rushing into your mind. This medicine definitely speaks to you and was absolutely enlightening. I appreciate my vision more after taking it, and learning to trust that wisdom comes from these different sorts of plant medicines, makes me feel as though I can trust the earth even more by how it provides healing for us, naturally.

  15. Barry Mangione

    This medium strength sananga is great for building up your tolerance to working with this medicine daily and to move on to working with stronger medicine. It’s great that Four Visions offers sanangas in different strengths.

  16. Bridget Wright (verified owner)

    I was researching Sananga for awhile but did not purchase until a friend recommended this one from Four Visions. I am so glad I decided to take this journey. I have constant stress and battles going on my head. I was looking for something to help with clarity and peacefulness and I got it. I did a 7 day dieta and now I use once or week or so when I can commit the time to really sit with it. The warm hug and peaceful state of mind this Sananga provides is priceless. Thank you for carrying this amazing tool.

  17. Jessica Martinez (verified owner)

    I have taken this after taking shrooms and on my come down. It is truly grounding medicine. It brings a sense of peace after the initial “burn”. Just breathe through the burn.
    I noticed that I get hard stuff on my eyes built up overnight. Pretty weird but no discomfort.

  18. chrsbrsn (verified owner)

    First time user, I bought the medium after reading previous reviews. I was not disappointed. Learning to trust the medicine ( especially placing on the precious eyes) and riding through the initial pain was a great learning experience. It help me with tolerance and cathartic. I kept mine in the fridge and still have it and it still seems fresh a year later.
    I did try the 21 day ritual but this can be very intense for beginners.

  19. luminousliquidlight

    Gorgeous sananga with fresh, beautiful energy. I highly recommend!

  20. Rhoda Binda, Esq. (verified owner)

    What an intense, exhilarating experience! I went on my first Ayahuasca retreat in Costa Rica last November and returned wanting to try other medicines that I was too “chicken” to use while there. Several friends highly recommended Four Visions Market and I’m so happy that I went ahead and purchased several items from your store. I especially love your mission statement and how you give back to the indigenous people who lovingly create these medicines. I began my 21-day “dieta” today and am excited to ease into adding the hape afterwards. THANK YOU!!

  21. breed12

    What a beautiful way to gain more clarity and insight by connecting with this plant. What helps me ground is opening up my third eye through daily practice. These eye drops can help strengthen intuition and make meditation and mindfulness practices easier.

  22. benst33zy

    I love this sananga and how deep it allows me to go into my meditation practice. Although I personally prefer the stronger sananga the FVM offers this is perfect for someone just starting to work with it. Really grateful to be a part of this community and have access to everything FVM offers ???? I haven’t been disappointed with ANYTHING that I’ve purchased or tried from them. Highly recommend.

  23. ezzisbox

    I’m a first time user and I’m a European, northerner. I wouldn’t ever have come into contact with the sananga and hapé if it wasn’t for this website, and I’m so grateful that I happened to see it. The first time I used it I was a bit nervous so I forgot to pull down my viracocha, or souls tar and make a sacred space. The next day I remembered and that experience was much better. It took me a few days to get comfortable with putting the drops into my eyes but once I did, I now have a great experience every time. I can feel the sananga working it’s way down through my body. It opens up my third eye and it’s always a great experience. I would recommend to anyone who wants to have a greater experience with the meditation

  24. E Creasy (verified owner)

    Im a first time user and decided medium strength would be best and I have a high tolerance for pain and felt it was a good match. Nervous at first but I created my sacred space, and reminded myself of what an honour it is to be in possession this sacred medicine. It burns but if you breath and remain centered it will pass, I felt a release and a feeling of clarify.

  25. justin (verified owner)

    This was stronger than I expected but it has a wonderful refreshing effect. I feel I can see with new eyes every time I use it

  26. gadigarfinkel

    Used on its own for the first time yesterday, and wow! Such potent medicine. Deeply relaxing and nourishing, and seemed to help me sleep more deeply than I have in weeks! Highly recommend

  27. LilianClemente (verified owner)

    I love this Sananga. It’s a powerful tool for meditation and focus. I’ve always had very low tolerance for pain, and this medicine has helped me center my mind change the focus of my feelings. This is best if used in prayer.

  28. StephanieMitchell

    My first experience with Sanaga was this year. A friend shared it and did the application, one drop for each eye. It is a healing integrator between emotional and physical health. I have been having a little difficulty with my eyesight and I’ve been stressed out about it. After the first application my vision was sharp and accurate. I felt so relaxed and integrated into nature. I plan to order the medium strength and I strongly recommend it for anyone. It’s a bit harsh when it first goes in to your eyes and I am glad I had someone teach me. Just breath and surrender, do not rub your eyes even though it feels scary. It isn’t scary and within minutes it dissipates. It’s a very loving knowledgeable medicine. I’m quite confident with it now after trying it twice. Look forward to using it as needed.

  29. morganlove1111 (verified owner)

    This is the real deal, not for the faint of heart. This medium strength sananga is the perfect strength for me. I shared with a friend and she ended up ordering some but went with the gentle strength. I love this plant medicine and the clarity that comes from it. So happy to be able to access these sacred medicines. Highly recommended

  30. sonacarroll (verified owner)

    I look forward to the burn as it makes me feel like something magical and amazing is transpiring. I use it once a week and I find it has helped me to see things in my life differently.

  31. ashleighantolini (verified owner)

    I’ve been working with Sananga for almost a year now, purchasing from Four Vision each time. This is my first time getting the medium strength as I started out with the gentle one. I’ve done two dietas with the plant so far and I really credit the spirit for the clarity I have today that I did not have a year ago. Before purchasing Sananga I was going through a dark period in my life, it felt sort of like a depression/dark night of the soul this time last summer. I didn’t know what to expect but from the research i’ve done on it I felt called to it so I new I was going into a dieta right away. The first time I did it I felt the burning sensation right away knocked the ego right out of me, I let out a gasp and fell back on my bed. Then immediately i felt an energy activate inside me, the way I can describe it was physically feeling my third eye open, then followed by a feeling a deep calm and serenity. Also Sananga takes away the anxiety I feel in the pit of my chest instantly the moment I administer the drops. I am so grateful for the relationship that i’ve built with the plant medicine and so thankful to have access to it!

  32. jross1982.jr (verified owner)

    I just love this Sananga! I use it everyday to focus and reset my energy before going to work. It never fails me. My mindset, mood and even my body feel so balanced and positive. I hate taking breaks from it, but the intensity after a break is wonderful. I will always have this in my life!

  33. lanzastar911

    I had been wandering it seemed, just outside of my Life, if you will. So many things in my heart and my spirit had become dulled and dormant. I am a writer and words are my love and my passion. Yet I could no longer bring my gift of words to the written page for I was so tired and dark within. I began then to explore and investigate the arena of plant medicine. I had heard of it long ago but in truth, I was apprehensive about for reasons that shall remain with me. However, I found myself in somewhat desperate straits because I felt my spirit was dying and again, I had become unable to write and bring to life what was within me. I decided then to try Sananga even though the idea of putting something into my eyes was frightening to me. But I did my research and due diligence and learned about this Sananga. I then investigated several companies which offered up the gift of Sananga and it was this company “Four Visions” and the many fine reviews that caused me to purchase here. And yes, I did experience what I have come to call the “quiet fire” that folks speak of. And in doing so, it occurred to me that nothing in Life that is worthy does not come to us without a certain level of discomfort, if you will. It is the way of it. And the burning is momentary and not so bad really. I am learning to breathe into it and with it so that we are together, the quiet fire and I. As to my writing? I am very happy to say that my mind is healing and I experience now a clarity of thought that I have not known since my youth. It is an amazing and joyful journey. I began with the “gentle formula” and as I am getting ready to order a new supply, I have opted to go to the “medium strength”. I believe it is what I am to do and am learning to let that which lies within me be a guide, as it were. Thank you so much for the wonderful Plant medicine offered here and the kindness and care that you folks bring to the table. Blessings coming towards you just now…

  34. miltongarcia48 (verified owner)

    I am building up my tolerance with sananga. First I started with the soft one and I did the 21 days. And now I am utilizing this one and yeah it’s a HUGE difference 😁 I feel that it burns longer but at the end it is the best feeling and also I don’t use to much my eye glasses it’s amazing! Thank you Four Visions

  35. Annie Desjardins

    This is my favourite sananga strength , strong but not overwhelming very effective at soothing and calming my nervous system. Improves my vision and provides a diuretic effect.💫

  36. Vincent Danese (verified owner)

    This medicine is just as described. I did my research and am grateful for the instructions on the website. I had not used sananga previously and felt comfortable purchasing from Fourvisions as they are a reputable and caring organization. My experience with the medicine was different each time. The burn also reduced in intensity as my eyes became accustomed to the treatment. During my meditations after the sananga, I experienced more visions. I found that preparation through song and ceremony prior enhances the impact. I’m due for a reorder. Thank you Fourvisions for offering this medicine.

  37. owligatorman (verified owner)

    I tried it this morning for the first time and it burns soooooo good. This is a lovely sananga. Potent and beautiful.

  38. rogelio.hinojosa (verified owner)

    First time using Sananga. Really strong but in a good way. It helps showing kindness and asking for it. It has been helping me improve my vision and being calm.

  39. c.dinatale (verified owner)

    This medicine is pure and so profound. It is strong but so grounding and really clears a lot of stagnant energy. Absolutely recommend getting some of this medium strength sananga!

  40. rjonesbills (verified owner)

    Very potent medicine, I remember it took me awhile to actually take this the first time as I had participated in a hape ceremony a couple weeks before and knew I wanted to start my relationship with sananga but that burning feeling had me a bit fearful for awhile. I still remember having to talk to myself that it would be ok lol. After taking it I could literally feel a wave a energy release from me. Also, it doesn’t go bad for awhile either, I didn’t know at first to keep it in the fridge so it was out for the first 4-6months then another 2-3 in the fridge. It did go bad so I just ordered the gentle strength to start my dieta so I’m sure it’ll last longer moving forward but that’s a nice length of time. Thank you

  41. zachbosworth96 (verified owner)

    After being introduced to Sananga during a Medicine Journey, I’ve respected that even 1 drop can show me where my resistance to discomfort is in my life.
    I lean into and return to Sananga when I’m needing clarity of vision, Inner Vision and as a tool to help become comfortable with the uncomfortable.
    Sitting with Sananga before pushing an edge in my life always gifts me the perspective and the courage to push forward.

  42. Amanda Batcheller (verified owner)

    Love this Sanaga! I love to alternate between the Munay Cura and this one depending on the ceremony or practice. I love the energy of this Sanaga, you can feel the amount of love and prayer that goes into each batch. I find that it clears any stagnant energy and deepens the path of consciousness and awareness of my energetic field. It also has an amazing heart opening quality that connects you to the divine feminine. Thank you FVM and the Nukini tribe for this sacred medicine!

  43. Phillip Duran

    Very strong, but if you ground yourself they are manageable and a true tool. Fourvisons market has their heart involved in all they offer. Beauty in the world is sometimes overlooked, not with fourvisions market!

  44. samanthalaurengarcia

    I was really nervous to try due to all the reviews that it burned a lot, but it’s never as bad as it seems! My first experience was very beautiful. I was doing it in my room when sananga urged me to to go outside and meditate in front of the sun. It definitely deepened my meditation and showed me what I wanted to see. I know this is only the beginning and I’m excited to continue with Sananga. I feel like everyone should give it a try. just the effects on your vision alone is incredible.

  45. Caiden Eastmond (verified owner)

    I ordered the medium strength for my first time. It is very, very strong. The burn lasts for a few minutes, but if you can lean into the pain and surrender, the pain goes away a lot faster. I have been trying to meditate for a long time and would only get 4-5 good minutes of meditation in. With this Sanaga, I was able to get 45 minutes of deep, pure, relaxing meditation consistently. I am proud to say that I am on day 17 of my Sananga diet, and am LOVING it. I have learned so much. My eyes have been opened. I highly recommend this product. I can’t wait to try the Very Strong version as well!

  46. courtnielizabeth44 (verified owner)

    Powerful medicine. So thankful for Four Visions for allowing us to partake in its sacred blessings. If you feel called to use it then please follow your intuition and enjoy the healing and comfort.

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