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Suma Causay Music Festival @ Finca Ambiwasi 1/30-2/2/2023


Four Visions Market is teaming up with Finca Ambiwasi to bring you our first ever medicine music festival. Join us for four days of epic music, celebration, teachings from wisdom keepers, plant medicines, & community building at our home in the mountains of Colombia. We are thrilled to present to you…Suma Causay.

This is a unique, all inclusive type of festival, that is limited to 50 participants due to the size of our center. It takes place four days before Finca Ambiwasi’s first 11 day plant medicine retreat of 2023, so many participants will choose to attend both of these events since they’re back to back.

This is an incredible opportunity to connect with a community of people who share the medicine path, and to build life-long friendships with those who share your passions and interests!

Suma Causay is an Ingano term meaning “The Good Life,” and this Festival will truly embrace the joy and sweetness that the Good Life has to offer.

Festival Attendance Includes:
~ All Music Concerts ~
~ Charla with Taita Juanito And A Spiritual Payment Guided By Him ~
~ Traditional Mambé Ceremony with Mayor Isaias in Our Mambe Maloka ~
~ Plant Medicines of Hapé, Sananga, & Mambé Administered by the Healers Throughout The Festival ~
~ Sound Healing & Yoga Sessions ~
~ Plant Saunas ~
~ Food & Accommodations ~
~ Shuttle to & from Bogota Airport ~

– BONUS #1 : Access to Taita Juanito’s Origins & Nature Online Class
– BONUS #2 : Recordings From the Festival (we’ll have a camera crew capturing the music) 
– BONUS #3 : Online Download of Our First Finca Ambiwasi Music Album when it comes out in 2023.

Accommodations Options:
Dormitory (3-4 People of Same Gender Per Room, Shared Bathroom): $1200 per person
Shared Suite (2 People Per Room, Private Bathroom): $1300 per person
Private Suite Shared Bathroom: $1350 per person
Private Suite Private Bathroom: $1400 per person 

The Festival Officially Begins On January 30th. Shuttles will leave Bogota at 7:30am on 1/30 for midday arrivals and opening ceremony. For those whose flights get in on 1/29 and would prefer to come a day early, we will arrange an early-arrivals shuttle departing at 3pm on 1/29 from Bogota Airport. Please select the additional $140 for Early Arrivals which includes a night of accommodations and extra meals starting 1/29 Dinner. If you are not sure which shuttle you prefer, we can arrange this closer to the date. 

Any questions regarding the event feel free to email us at

Here is the tentative lineup for the festival:

Grupo Putumayo ~ Juan David Muñoz~ Taita Juanito ~ Grupo Palchucan
Daniel Osorio Band ~ Mariah Gannessa ~ Niko Garreth ~ Grupo Ukamau
Las Mujeres De Ambiwasi ~ Killa Inga ~ Mayor Isaias
Samantha & Luis Fernando ~ Dhara Maji ~ David & Anita

Pricing starts at $1200 for dormitory accommodations.  

Information Regarding The 11 Day Plant Medicine Retreat Following Suma Causay Music Festival:

Many participants will choose to attend both events since they are back to back. Finca Ambiwasi’s 11 day plant medicine retreats are world renowned and we are entering our 10th year of offering this very intentionally designed immersive healing experience. We have cultivated a highly trained team of healers and assistants to support you in this deep ancestral healing.
During the 11 day retreat, you will experience 1 yopo ceremony and 4 traditional yagé ceremonies. You will receive 2 private consultations with Taita Juanito. Plant Saunas, botanical remedies, and an alternative medicine clinic to support you in your healing journey. Wisdom talks with different wisdom keepers and elders from the tradition. An experience of a lifetime. To learn more about this unique healing retreat and the itinerary click here. The cost of the 11 day retreat is $2250 (deposit of $400 required to reserve your spot). The dates are February 2nd-13th.

If you choose to attend the music festival plus HALF of the 11 day retreat, you will experience 1 yopo ceremony and 2 yagé ceremonies, along with the private consultations with Taita Juanito, wisdom talks, and additional healing therapies. The dates for this attendance would be February 2nd (the day the music festival ends) through February 8th departure day, and the cost is $1400 (deposit of $400 required to reserve your spot). Please specify that are you are attending the music festival + the first half of the event during your Finca Ambiwasi registration process.

To reserve your spot either for HALF or ALL of the Finca Ambiwasi Retreat, you must register here. Four Visions Market is providing registration ONLY for the Music Festival. We are happy to answer any questions regarding the plant medicine retreat, or you can email