Muisca Tribe Handwoven Medicine Belt

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These sacred medicine belts are a must have for any medicine woman or medicine man walking the healing path. In the shamanic traditions, protection of the womb space or the second chakra for both women and men is extremely important. Belts offer a protection for this sacred space, by locking in the grounding and stability. Whether for ceremony or every day life, these belts are stylish and will be a powerful upgrade to your wardrobe.

Approximately 150cm long, 16 cm wide., Can be tied/worn a variety of different ways. Works for most hip sizes, men & women.

Made by Muisca Tribal weavers. The Musica people and their culture was nearly demolished by the Spanish Conquistadores. In the recent millennium, the Muisca have been dedicated to restoring and rebuilding their culture & lands. Despite their numbers being few, they have proposed cultural and linguistic recuperation during their first general congress held in 2002, in collaboration with the the National Indigenous Organization of Colombia. Most of the work they currently do is centered around the revival of natural reserves which were once governed by Muisca civilization and creating awareness about the revival of a cultural which was once deemed decimated.

In the purchase of this fair traded weaving, not only are you supporting their traditional practices & cultural art, but you are entering into prayer for the restoration of this rich & powerful indigenous culture.

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