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Mint Dream Hapé


limited quantity of this limited edition product

This hapé has been made by the Kuntanawa tribe. This tribe lives way up the Jurua River close to the Peruvian border, on the River Tejos. This hapé is prepared by our friend from the the Kuntanawa, he used organic Moi from the region and ashes of Sapota and Peruvian mint. Mint doesn ́t need much explanation, it refreshes and opens the nasal passages. This one is the perfect strength, not overwhelming but refreshing and uplifting. It’s a great one for a morning meditation, or any time of the day you want to align, awaken, and center.

Hapé is a very sacred herbal snuff, made by the indigenous tribes of the Amazon. Hapé, or rapé,’ is pronounced ‘haa-pay’ in English. It is used for deep connection to the spirits, animals and Mother Nature. It is very cleansing and powerfully healing for the body, mind, and soul. The indigenous tribes have been working with this medicine for thousands of years to heal their communities and to connect with the Creator.

This sacred medicine takes days to make and is a very labor intensive process made in a ceremonial way, out of various Amazonian healing medicinal plants, leaves, trees and seeds from native lands.

Application: This medicine can be be self-administered using a V-shaped self-applicator pipe, known as a ‘Kuripe’ pipe which connects the mouth to the nostrils. It can also be administered by another person using a large blow pipe, called a ‘Tepi’, which connects the blower’s mouth to the other person’s nostrils.

Use: Start with a dime sized amount to begin your practice. Pour the medicine into your palm, say a prayer and align with the spirit of the . Using either your kuripe or the Tepi, load half into the pipe for the first nostril. If self applying, inhale, insert the long nostril of the pipe into your nose, and the smaller side in your mouth. Exhale and blow strongly. This is the hardest part because it requires centering yourself and giving yourself a strong, powerful application. In time, your ability to do this will grow and you’ll be able to use this as a tool to organize and center yourself whenever necessary. After you are applied, sit for 5-10 minutes in meditation.

If this is your first time working with hapé, it’s required that you watch our video on forming a practice with hapé. If you are newer to the medicine, it is highly recommended that you watch this video.

In all forms, to allow your intuition to guide you as you open up to this powerful plant ally and allow the hapé to guide and teach you how it wants to be prayed with.

Dosages can be increased after prolonged use once one becomes more accustom to working with this medicine and has built a relationship with the plant and this specific hapé.

Benefits of Hapé
*Opens up the 3rd eye and decalcifies the pineal gland which naturally hardens and calcifies with age.
*Purifies and cleanses the sinuses and respiratory track. Can help heal sinus issues and reduce mucus.
*Supports the digestive system, moves the bowels

*Offers energetic protection that comes from connecting with the plant, an ally for strength, clarity, and focus.
*Connects you to the Earth, is grounding, centering.

*Clears negativity and stills the mind

Each type of hapé has different qualities due to the different prayers they are infused with. Our apothecary includes a wide variety of hapés for different uses.

Storage: Please keep them in the airtight containers they come in, keep away from wet, damp and humid conditions, and store away from direct sunlight.

The use and application of our products is solely at the customer’s responsibility.

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38 reviews for Mint Dream Hapé

  1. Lilian Clemente

    Mint Dream is one of my favorite Hapés. It’s brought so many beautiful experiences that I’ll be forever thankful. My who body feels it’s energy, and I generally feel loved and protected wherever I apply this Hapé. It’s a powerful blend for meditation and beautiful insights.

  2. Denise Elliott (verified owner)

    Mint Dream is my favorite hape. It helps clear my sinuses as well. Thank you!

  3. hollowaystuart39

    When I first saw this blend I didn’t think I would like it; “mint dream”. But I was very surprised. It has a wonder minty smell to it when you open the container and leaves a very lovely mint flavor/smell after use. I would recommend this blend to new and seasoned users alike.

  4. Denise Elliott (verified owner)

    Of all the hapes I’ve tried, Mint Dream is still my favorite to meditate with. Clearing and grounding.

  5. awolber2022 (verified owner)

    My husband and I loved this blend. We also are so happy with the price. I just ordered another ounce of this blend and an ounce of the Parika. Thank you for your product and thank you for making it available to us!

  6. victoriazeasalt (verified owner)

    This is currently my favorite hapé with for several reasons! I’ve been in relation with hapé now for several years and this has proven to be one of the highest quality blends that I have the pleasure and the blessing to work with. Sometimes this hapé will really surprise me and take me on a deep journey – sometimes it’s light and gentle… and is always exactly what I need. I love how clearing this hapé is – always feeling as though I am bathing in peace, becoming open to love and aligned with my center. I feel the energy and Spirit of the plants who continues to guide me in ways that offer deep healing and support to my life. Thank you so much for this beautiful medicine.

  7. Eve Richardson

    Strong and energizing. Powerful

  8. mcmcc66 (verified owner)

    Mint Dream is my absolute favorite Hapé! The quality of the product and customer service of Four Visions is sublime. I am and will forever be a loyal customer. Thank you so much for your mission and passion in sharing this product with the world

  9. Maleko76 (verified owner)

    My go to for daily hapé . Strong, grounding and energetic. Great way to start the day, start a meditation or end a ceremony

  10. Karl Drechsler (verified owner)

    This has literally been a dream! So refreshing and clearing. Feels like I open a completely new channel when I take this Hapeh. Thank you!

  11. ewalk28-1924

    This is a great one for a mid-day pick me up. Clarity and focus are consistent after each use. Highly recommend!

  12. Corey Lawson (verified owner)

    One of my favourite blends. Packs a nice, but gentle punch in the beginning before a gentle wave of stillness rides over you. Excellent start to a morning meditation.

  13. Jessica Martinez (verified owner)

    This was my first time trying any Hapé. This was initially a little uncomfortable but whoa! The clearing effects of this product are truly amazing. It’s such a powerful tool in combination with meditation. It helps me get in a deep relaxed state. Plus it clears all my sinus buildup, huge plus!! Does anyone else smell something really sweet hours after using this product? Pretty fascinating!

  14. lalaniasimone

    Mint Dream is my go-to meditation hapé. It is somewhat shocking to the sinuses, and quite strong- I would not recommend swallowing any. Once it begins to settle in, I feel like my crown opens up and the Great Spirit pours light and unconditional love into my being, helping me align and open to all-that-I-am. I write this with deep gratitude to Pachamama, the Kuntanawa tribe and Four Winds for this powerful medicine that has directly contributed to my spiritual expansion. Thank you.

  15. NenadRistic

    Excellent for opening the nostrils, and allowing the breath to flow freely. With the breath, we get to clear all the various blockages in ourselves.

  16. AngelOfCups

    A really beautiful mix that sparks up the energy.. for some reason I thought it would be good to take before bed when I first tried… it kept me up and awoke my energy in a big way so now I know to use this as a more daytime medicine rather evening… but the mint is a really nice addition to Hapè… it adds a pick me up affect to the grounding so not only feeling grounded yet READY for the day in a wholesome way!

  17. onearmroofer

    This is my favorite mint blend in the world. I like doing it by itself for purification or blended with other fourvisions Hap’e to add another level of mind clearing and heart opening. Try it with fourvisions tsunu bullet for a breathtaking experience! 🙂 Aho!

  18. MoniqueClark (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning uplifting hapé, a very unique and different blend from the other hapé’s such a refreshing everyday hapé very grounding. Highly recommend if your looking for something a bit different A+++

  19. ezzisbox

    This hapé always opens up my heart. I also noticed that my inner hearing and inner vision will open up more after using it. I always sneak up early each morning before my husband wakes up and I sit down with the hapé and meditate. It’s definitely my favourite time of day and I can sit for a couple of hours. I love it.

  20. Valentina

    Mint is a special plant and its healing and refreshing energy is very well-known to humanity. To receive its power this way is a beautiful gift. It freshen the whole your existence, your soul feels very rested but very charged. It refills you with breeziness of new beginnings. Very charging and filling energy! Good to let go of anything that doesn’t serve your deep aliviness in your life, relations and your whole being on your sacred path. AHO great medicine ! I bow. Thank you.

  21. MaxWeltman (verified owner)

    This is my favorite medicine on the whole Four Visions Marketplace. I actually would consider it their strongest hape, stronger than the Tsunu Bullet. The Mint Dream was almost too intense for me the first time I had, but I have kept buying it and have since formed a relationship with it. It is my favorite. This hape grounds me like no others. It opens my nasal passageways and has given me some incredible experiences. I would highly recommend trying this hape if you are curious!

  22. Rachel Stevens (verified owner)

    Better than coffee!
    Seriously, this hape is an incredibly refreshing way to start your day.
    The mint is strong, but I do not find it overpowering.
    I had my husband use it, because he struggles badly with allergies. It tremendously helped him clear out his sinuses, and now he is breathing better than he has in years.
    I find this to be a very all-around good hape. It has an energizing effect to it, and I would highly recommend it for any morning meditation practice.

  23. corystrain (verified owner)

    Mint Dream Hapé is a powerful blend that I feel throughout my body, it’s my favourite for connecting to this sacred medicine. It’s teaching me each time I sit with it. I’m grateful to have access to this medicine.

  24. klive100 (verified owner)

    The mint dream is a true medicine, and I use it as such. I strictly keep to using this one when I have a cold, cough, fever, headache or stomachache. I feel this one is truly able to hear what I need help with and directly goes to the part of my body that needs the healing. The mint is a wonderfully cooling effect and helps my breathing immensely. I only reserve this one for when sick or when needing to purge in a ceremony, as it is VERY strong for me. I do not always purge with it but find it incredibly useful for when I have an energetic or physical ailment that needs to be cleaned out. So grateful for it’s cooling strength!

  25. weijon317 (verified owner)

    This Hape is unlike any other. It has the lovely grounding effect we know and love, but it brings a refreshing and pleasant minty aroma. The aroma is somewhat similar inhaling mentholated cream. This is a great Hape for regular users who enjoy mint. It’s also great if your sinuses need some minty relief. This has become one of my favorites, and I expect I will order it again in the future.

  26. alyssa.brockmeyer (verified owner)

    I love this Hape!!!!! It is amazing for sinus infections, food poisoning, migraines and headaches. Definitely very cleansing and wonderful at removing negative energies picked up on our journey through life.

  27. eyes983dl (verified owner)

    Beautiful and Powerful meditation. My favorite so far. Thank you

  28. snell.logan

    This is bright cleansing energy. Vivid insights and a gateway to the light.

  29. Daniel Howard (verified owner)

    Hey all, I love this hapé. It is so relaxing and helps me sleep. My first experience with Rapé was at an Aya ceremony and the blend they were using was much harsher. This is a much better blend for self administering.
    Thanks you four visions, you guys are Fing amazing.

  30. kasey.c.acker (verified owner)

    Kuntanawa-Mint Dream Hape. Is now one of my favorites. I will admit though after purchasing it I was a little worried of the mint being too strong. I was being silly it’s a beautiful easy gentle hape that clears my mind and prepares me for sleep and dreams. I highly recommend that everyone have this in their collection.

  31. clairefineart

    This is a great hape for morning, especially right before meditation. I wasn’t sure originally that I would like the mint, but after my friend told me how much she loved it, I had to try. It’s strong, and the mint is invigorating and pleasant. So grateful for these beautiful medicines.

  32. bewellbehappy

    Very sensational experience. The mint opens up my airways and allows for slow, controlled nasal breathing while working with it. Bright, uplifting, and calls forth presence without any heaviness that I sometimes feel with some other blends.

  33. teri.earthheartalliance

    I love this hape. It took me awhile to ease into. The minty aroma is invigorating it wakes up The senses. I like take this hape in the morning as it wakes me up. Thank you for another higher quality hape!

  34. n.martinez13xxl (verified owner)

    This hapè is very smooth and refreshing. The scent of mint is pleasant. My order arrived in two days, I am very satisfied. I would highly recommend. I will be placing another order soon.

  35. mesunny

    This is now my absolute favorite hape! It’s so refreshing and opens my sinus passages and helps me feel calm and peaceful. I’ve had some beautiful, heart opening meditations using this blend! I highly recommend it!

  36. mcmcc66 (verified owner)

    I love Four Visions! Their products and customer service is incredible. My fave hapé is Mint Dream—refreshing, potent, and smooth. I am a customer for life! Thank you

  37. viktoria005ap (verified owner)

    One of my favorite hapeh! Very refreshing and strong hapeh in the same time for body and mind! Thank you!

  38. kingdariuswtt (verified owner)

    A WonderFull ReStart to a once familiar journey. Fresh and calming leading towards a BeautyFull beginning. A harmonious balance between The Masculine & The Feminine Innergies. Thankh You 4Visions & Kuntanawa Tribe! Xare Xare Houx Houx Pish Pish

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