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Melipona Honey Eye Drops


limited quantity of this limited edition product


We are thrilled to announce a limited release of our NEW Melipona Honey Eye Drops. Due to the rarity of the harvesting availability, we won’t be able to get more of these special drops for some time.

Antibacterial ~ Antimicrobial ~ Nervous optic tonic ~ Cataracts ~ Glaucoma ~ Strained eyes.

For centuries, the indigenous people of Central America have used Melipona honey to treat issues of the eyes, including pterygium, conjunctivitis, and cataracts. This special honey is powerful but soothing, making it a great alternative for those who do not like the sting of Sananga, or who wish to combine the cleansing properties of Sananga with another powerful ally.

This honey contains antimicrobial and antibiotic properties, which allow it to penetrate deeply into the eye, purifying the pupils and healing any ailments limiting a user’s clarity of vision.

Like our Sananga eye drops, this wonderful ally can be used as part of healing rituals, or any time you wish to clarify your vision and soothe your eyes. They are also an incredible tool to nourish and integrate AFTER a sananga session.

Comes in 1/2 oz & 1 oz dropper bottles.


Usage: Only one drop per eye is required for a powerful session. We recommend to find a calm and quiet place, either in nature, or at home in a peaceful setting and with meditative music. Make sure you lie down and remain with your eyes closed to enable a good application. It is important to apply one drop to the inside corner of both eyes, applying the second drop immediately to balance out the energies on both eyes. Thereafter, you should blink with your eyelids for a short while to distribute the liquid over the whole eye. Ideally, you find a second person who can apply the drops for you. Many people will apply it at night, as you sleep and your eyes are closed allowing time for the Melipona Honey act.

In the morning it is recommended to wash your eyes with clean water, as they will be a little bit sticky for the honey applied. Caution, the Melipona Honey is pure and you will feel a slight burning when applying the drops of honey on your eyes. This burning sensation will pass after a moment.

Store in a dark and dry place at room temperature.


** This is an opportunity to start to work with the plant medicine. Allow the medicines to work with you and open yourself to your own intuitive guidance around the therapy. The word medicine hear is used in a traditional sense as in “folk medicine” or “ancestral medicine” at no point is this intended to be taken as medical advice. None of these statements nor this product have been approved by the FDA. We are legally required to urge you to seek the advice of a medical professional before beginning this or any other health care treatments.

Don’t just take our word for it.

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9 reviews for Melipona Honey Eye Drops

  1. lisawebb1776 (verified owner)

    This might be my new favorite product from 4 visions. Love everything honey! This is like a hug to your eyes after Sanaga!

  2. purplepansies7777 (verified owner)

    So wonderful this honey, I am so happy there is something like this out there to comfort my eyes.💕

  3. ievak (verified owner)

    I love it. Not sure if I should use it every day, but I try using it 2 times a week.

  4. Daniel Howard (verified owner)

    Hey all, I bought these to see if they could help my wife with headaches. She’s used them a few times, I just got them. She said her head did feel better. Im hoping over time they will help lower the amount of inflammation. They do not burn like other sananga drops. I would recommend them to people with sensitive eyes. Thanks you all from four visions. 🙏

  5. undiscoveredwisdom (verified owner)

    This was my first experience with Melipona honey eye drops and I must say after Sananga it is such a relief my eyes felt hydrated and clear. Definitely recommend if you sit with Sananga.

  6. psmiley244 (verified owner)

    I love it, I use it at night and every morning my eyes feel refreshed. Also I have caratcts and use reading glasses.I just noticed that I can actually read more without them. I will be getting more. Thanks FourVision.!!

  7. wendylarsen18 (verified owner)

    I’m so excited to try this tonight, I’ve integrated sananga into my practice now this jewel will be part of it. I do want to say I received a personal letter explaining why my order was delayed. I’m very grateful for such a kind and thoughtful letter and would recommend anyone ordering from four visions market. 🤗

  8. hikarillc0720 (verified owner)

    This is my absolute new favorite!!! What a sweet experience. I have used it two days in a row now. My eyes are so tired/dry, and I didn’t have it in me to use Sananga to start out, so I went with the eye drop. The first day was more ceremonial use which brought so much heart connection in the most gentlest ways. Day 2 I felt the bees around me just loving on me in its sweet ways. My heart is SO happy! Little zap (not anything like but in refreshing way promoting deeper breathe to connect within. My heart was so happy to connect with the energy of this beautiful tonic. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

  9. courtnielizabeth44 (verified owner)

    Someone on here described it as a “hug for the eyes.” I agree with that one–it is hard to explain the benefits of this. So follow your intuition if you feel guided to try it.

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