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Buy 2 one ounces get one ounce free of mulateiro

Buy 2 half ounces get 1/4 oz free of mulateiro

Medicine Carrier Club

From: $85.00 / month

(4 customer reviews)

For those who are already walking with the medicine & share it with regular frequency with others.

  • 1 oz Hapé of choice + 1/2 oz Hapé of the Month
  • 42 grams (1.5 oz) of Hapé/month total
  • $110 retail normally.
  • Save $300 on Hapé Every Year

4 reviews for Medicine Carrier Club

  1. Four Visions (verified owner)

    I love my monthly subscription! Saves my butt so I don’t have to run out of hapé every again! Thanks Four Visions!

  2. midgeasher

    Love four visions market. My favorite place to shop in the world!

  3. Benedetto DeFrancisco (verified owner)

    This monthly subscription is so perfect! I hold ceremony for my partner and I regularly, so it’s awesome to know our medicine is scheduled to arrive monthly. I love the Nukini Jaguar hapé, it is very powerful and clearing. It helped me move some heavy, dense energies that were lingering in my system, allowing me to process with ease and feel into myself without fear. It’s safe to say that this particular medicine is my current favorite, and I’m so grateful for the tremendous healings that have taken place while using this medicine. Thank you!

  4. Angela Cheatham (verified owner)

    One of my favorite hapes from FVM. Really feel the connection with Pachamama.

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