Uni: A 2 Part Study on Ayahuasca with Matsini Yawanawa June 5th & 6th


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On June 5th & 6th we will gather for two 90 minute live studies at 3pm PST/6pm EST with Chief Matsini. We are blessed & grateful to receive Chief & wisdom carrier to speak on the healing properties of uni, also known as ayahuasca. He will share rare stories from the Yawanawa culture regarding how the uni (ayahuasca) came to his people, its origins and what the ancestors wisdom mythology teaches regarding this plant medicine. He will explain how to work with uni in the right way, according to the tradition. Both days will feature a live Q&A session where attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions. *This course will feature a live translator* 

Your participation in this series includes the live links to the zoom calls &: 
*All recordings for life so that this study may serve as a resource for future reference on your spiritual path
* Opportunities to submit questions beforehand, in between sessions, and during the calls
* BONUS Access Recording of Matsini’s workshop titled, Alliance: Unity on the Horizon

It is not necessary to attend the classes live if your schedule does not permit. Your registration gains access to all of the above & you will have the opportunity to submit your questions beforehand to be answered in the classes. You can watch the classes anytime and adapt this incredible opportunity to fit your schedule. 

*All our online courses have a 100% money back guarantee  if you are unsatisfied for ANY reason.*

About Chief Matsini: Matsini Yawanawá is the spiritual leader and chief of Aldeia Mutum, located in the Yawanawá Indigenous Land, Rio Gregório, Acre. He has a great study of the spirituality of his people, has carried out deep diets with the sacred plants and had as masters the shaman Tata Natasheni and his father, the leader Raimundo Tuikuru to initiate him. Currently Matsini is one of the main teachers of Yawanawá knowledge, since many experienced elders have passed away. He is an inspiration for many young people, who want to study the songs, traditional narratives and other knowledge of their people. Nowadays his dream is to structure the Samakei Center – The Center for studies and diets in Aldeia Mutum. This place is a sacred space where the great elder leaders passed on their knowledge. It is the root of the community, where young people will develop their spirituality and continue Yawanawá ancestral practices and knowledge. Proceeds from this course will go towards the funding & consecration of the Samakei Center. 

“I am Matsini Yawanawa, the leader of Mutum and the spiritual leader responsible for the continuation of our spirituality. I would like to give a lot of gratitude to the creator for this moment, which is very difficult for the entire planet that is going through a transformation. I would like to thank our friends, and our brothers and sisters who have assisted us during this process. I recently passed through a strong process after contracting covid and it was a very difficult time for me and my family. We are here in the Amazon rainforest of Acre, Brazil. Right now there is a lot of sickness from the virus, dengue, and malaria, and lots of rain and storms with the immense floods right now. I would also like to thank all the people from all the places that help us in our village and home, and help the forest in this way. We can strengthen the help together in this way in this challenging time. I am looking forward to the time when we can all be together in our forest and I want to send a lot of gratitude to everyone and ask the creator to bless you all with a lot of love, clarity, peace, and truth in this time when the whole world is passing through a very big and challenging process. Until then, join me virtually on May 29th & 30th for an online study where I will share about the use of Uni, a sacred plant medicine of our people…”

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