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Long Distance Photo Blessing By Taita Juanito


limited quantity of this limited edition product

Many of you have written to us and told us that you would love to experience the profound healing from Taita Juanito but are unable to travel at this time down to Colombia or Costa Rica to work with him. So we’ve organized something really special for you.

The Taitas work with the power of prayer in the celestial realm and don’t actually need to be physically present with the patient to do healing work on them. This type of prayer technology is incredible powerful and allows for distance healing and prayers to be given and received through the element of water.

Water is a vehicle of prayer. Taita Juanito can connect with water and connect with your soul through this powerful vehicle to work with you even if you are hundreds of miles apart in the physical. In this way he is able to provide spiritual support for those who cannot travel to work with him.

If you have a loved one or family member in need of healing. If you have a project or vision that has been experiencing delays or blockages. If you need healing for your relationship, or in any area of your life, we highly encourage you to take advantage of this limited opportunity to work with Taita in this way. These prayers can also be for general blessings and wellness for your whole family.

The Photo Blessing Offering includes 3 different prayer sessions done by Taita Juanito. Upon receipt of payment, we will let you know the three dates that Taita will be working with you so that you too can be in prayer and connect with him in meditation during these ceremonies.

Here is how to take part in this rare ceremonial opportunity: 

  1. Pay for your photo blessing by clicking “add to cart” (proceeds from this effort will go to support Finca Ambiwasi, Taita Juanito’s traditional healing center in Colombia, and the Scholarship Fund to create more spots in our programs for those in need) 
  2. Upon receipt of payment, you will receive an email from us regarding more directions on how to upload the photo of you/your loved one and fill out a short form with full name, date of birth, and prayer needed. 
  3. When we receive this information, we will coordinate with Taita Juanito and let you know on what nights he will be praying for you. We ask that you be in prayer and meditation for at least 20 minutes on each of those nights to be able to connect with him while he does the work. You will place a glass of water by your bedside (or ask your loved one to do the same if the blessing is for them). This will be the vehicle connecting your spirit to Taita’s prayers. 
  4. In the morning the glass of water will be infused with the healing blessings Taita prayed over you throughout the night. Drink the glass of water, and allow his blessing to work through your spirit. If there is follow up or any spiritual messages Taita receives for you or your loved one during his consultation, we will contact you via email following this prayer work. Either way we will give you an update to let you know the prayer work has been completed and ask you if there has been any change/improvements to your situation. If necessary, additional prayers will be offered at no extra cost. 

    If you wish to take advantage of this incredible opportunity, don’t wait, as this is a limited time offering and we don’t know when the next opportunity to partake in something like this will be. Sign up for your distance prayer right now now 🙂 

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3 reviews for Long Distance Photo Blessing By Taita Juanito

  1. Amy Barackman (verified owner)

    I am still in the process of receiving this healing, as Taita added extra prayer dates for me. Immediately after purchasing this healing, a spot opened up for a Vipassana retreat starting the next day that I had been waitlisted for. It was total miracle! Most of the first set of prayers were while I was in that container, and I felt my heart being deeply opened and supported which was my request. I am halfway though the second series, and am continuing to feel deep, agonizing layers of heart constriction being revealed to me and lifted. The blessed water is such an elixir, and I am so grateful for Taita and Four Visions for offering this long distance service.

  2. micheleraehealing (verified owner)

    I felt called to receive a blessing from Taita as I learn about these sacred medicines. The love and devotion is heartfelt and is deeply appreciated. Thank you Four Visions and Taita for your love and support on this sacred journey. 🙏

  3. Kristin Sheikh (verified owner)

    There are no words to describe how effective and emotional this healing has been for me. I think he must channel love straight from Source.

    Taita Juanito, I don’t know if you personally read these reviews but you have gone above and beyond. Thank you for a miracle.

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