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Llacha Ñambi: Path of Wisdom Course with Taita Juanito!!


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Taita Juanito Chindoy is a native son from the Indigenous Amazonian region of Putumayo, Colombia. He has been committed to sharing the teachings of his ancestors and the healing of humanity for nearly 20 years. “Taita”, which means, “guide”, or teacher”, is a title of reverence bestowed upon him by those who love him the most. Taita Juanito carries the medicines of love, compassion, and forgiveness. This course, Llacha Ñambi (Path of Wisdom) is one of many sacred and rare Amazonian teachings and it is the only known recordings of this particular wisdom.

In this two part series (each class is 90 minutes) you will learn about:

*How to develop and benefit from coherent and cooperative living. We will learn the ancient art of how our ancestors lived in consciousness and light and how we can do so today.
*How to activate your inner healer by decode the ancient memory left to us by our ancestors while increasing the increase the power of observation in your life.
*Learn the teachings from the culture of Yagé about The Canoe of Life as a portal to an invisible dimension where all of life’s spirits dance. From there you will learn how draw this invisible world’s energy into your own world to empower visible manifestation.
*Discover how to organize the energies in your life and how to deepen your connection to nature.
*And much, much more…

When taught live, this course is priced at $175. Here, we are offering A LIMITED TIME OPPORTUNITY to get this information for the time sensitive price of $49. This is hand-down a tried-in-true investment in your healing and spiritual evolution. You will be STOKED with this jam-packed course filled with spiritual wisdom designed to take your personal healing and transformation to the next level.

** If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you will receive a full refund. THIS COURSE IS BACKED BY A LIFE-TIME 100% NO QUESTIONS ASKED FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE**.

1 review for Llacha Ñambi: Path of Wisdom Course with Taita Juanito!!

  1. Austin Leffel (verified owner)

    Wonderful course that has brought a ton of inspiration to my daily life and my medicine practices.

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