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Limited Edition Curandero Lotions Made by Taita Juanito


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We are thrilled to announce that our limited edition Curandero Healing Lotions Made & Prayed Over By Taita Juanito Chindoy ARE BACK (FOR A LIMITED TIME!), along with a BRAND NEW Feminine Lotion, Munay, also made by Taita.

These lotions are made by Taita Juanito in the tradition of his Ingano ancestors. He has curated these lotions with rare amazonian plants and seeds. We have a very limited quantity available, and are not sure if we’ll be able to get more. If you bought one or both of the original ones last year, you know just how powerful and epic they are (and also how quickly we sold out!) We tried to get more but due to the rareness of some of the plants as well as the delicacies shipping liquids internationally, it’s taken us an entire year to get another batch.

Taita curated these recipes carefully with intention, praying over each bottle to ensure maximum potency and healing power. Due to the high potency of this lotion, only a little bit is needed to receive the blessings of these tools. You can use them in the following ways:

  1. To use in healings, at the end of therapies if you work on others to cleanse your energetic field and to apply on your patients. You only need a few squirts, a little goes a long way!
  2. Add a little bit to your regular plant baths to fortify and increase potency of the plant technology.
  3. You can use the bitter and sweet lotions in dieta just as you would with bitter and sweet plant baths, working with the bitter lotion for 2 days, applying it over the body after you shower and letting it absorb into your pores. Follow this same protocol with the sweet lotion for 2 days, and then repeat. This is a great option if traveling and a wonderful tool to take with you on your next plant medicine journey/retreat!
  4. Dilute the bottle and use it over time by putting 1-2 oz in an 8 oz spray bottle and filling the rest with water
    The smell of these lotions is divine jungle medicine and you will fall in love with their radiating potency & power. Use the sweet lotions in the mornings and at night for sweetness, heart opening, & abundance & to have a connection with Nature. Use the bitter lotions for energetic protection, spiritual strength, & fortitude, and to release all negative energy in your life. Use Munay, the Feminine Lotion, to call forth healing of the feminine and divine grace.

For those who purchased our previous curandero lotions, Taita Juanito has revamped his previous recipe and created a next level florida water.

These lotions are made with rare & expensive seeds & plants. It is a higher price than our other lotions due to the quantity of these rare plants that it contains as well as to adequately compensate Taita Juanito for the profound prayer that he carries. Like all our products at Four Visions Market, we price our products fairly to adequately compensate the medicine makers, the tribes, & the farmers who grow the plants. Once you try these lotions, you will agree that they are 100% worth the price. Many of the plants are harvestable only one season a year, which is why it is a limited time, limited quantity product. There is a small discount if you purchase both lotions. Thank you for supporting the tribes & their healing wisdom.

Curandero Sweet Lotion Ingredients: White Cuyanguillo, Chondur Gente, Culquivinan, Tigrecillo, Condor Vinan, Hierba de trabajo, 7 Amazonian Basils, Marigold, Vervain, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang, Lavender. In a base of Organic Alcohol.

Curandero Bitter Lotion Ingredients: Yagé leaves, Tiger Chondur, Waira Chondur, Chagropanga leaves, Sage, Rue, Vervain, Ajos Machos, Epazote, Cuco Lemongrass, Cuco Zarandango. In a base of Organic Alcohol.

Munay Feminine Lotion Ingredients: Female Chondur, Feminine Cuyanguillo, Amazonian flowers, Rose Petals, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Jasmine. In a base of Organic Alcohol.

There is an option to purchase each lotion separately, purchase the sweet and bitter lotion combo set, or purchase all three lotions together.


10 reviews for Limited Edition Curandero Lotions Made by Taita Juanito

  1. Michelle D

    This is my favorite lotion! It smells so delicious and I can feel the deep prayer that it carries. So grateful for the sweetness and joy that it brings and for Taita Juanito for sharing this with us!

  2. Anne Kerry Ford

    I LOVE Curandero! After bathing and before bed, I spray it on my heart, my belly, the back of my neck, the top of my head.The fragrance is light and very fresh, perky, subtle and awake. It is truly a heart-opener! This lovely lotion reminds me of… brings me back to…the sweetness of life. Taita Juanito has given us a true gift by providing this lovely, lovely spray.

  3. Anne Kerry Ford

    I love Curandero Sweet Lotion spray! It smells lovely and light, very fresh and awake! I apply it on my belly, back of my neck, and on my heart area and the top of my head after bathing and before bed. This is an absolute gift from Taita Juanito.

  4. Svetlana Bego

    Game changer!!! Raise your vibration in a flash. Spray spray all negativity away. My absolute go to and a great gift.

  5. jmvelasquez0100 (verified owner)

    This lotion is VERY strong, a little does go a long way. It is truly miraculous to carry the Jungle in my hands. It is a bottle of great power, love, and reinvigoration. Thank you, Taita. Thank you four visions for creating a path.


  6. michellefan716 (verified owner)

    I was blessed to have two Yage ceremonies with Taita Juanito in Costa Rica in July and was hoping this set would remind my soul and heart of the state of bliss from the ceremonies— they are a wonderful anchor to ground me when needed; release me when entangled and leave me feeling held in Love and protected. So, yes, a beautiful reminder of ceremony. You cannot help but smile when the Sweetness touches you and you inhale the beauty. Thank you so much to Taita and all the souls at Four Visions Market for being the bridge to bring this to us! Much love!

  7. Inga Bylinkina (verified owner)

    I wanted to get both bitter and sweet when they were offered last time, but sweet one was quickly sold out. I still got the bitter lotion and it has become my courage and protection potion when the intention is to go deep into processing during plant ceremonies. I also love to add it to baths and feel any doubts, negativity and fears lifting off my skin as I soak. I appreciate that these medicines are made in deep prayer and in co-creation with nature and the plants by Taita Juanito.

  8. leigha clarke-silvera (verified owner)

    I love these lotions. I feel so fresh and light after using them. They smell nice and they will last very long. Highly recommend!

  9. kurtsmith68 (verified owner)

    Love the bitter lotion , this stuff is so refreshing after having a shower , so reviving for me , the smell is so earthy too

  10. ievak (verified owner)

    I bought all 3 . Beautiful smells and I rotate them every 2 days .

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