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Kuntanawa Bamboo Tepi with Yage Vine


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These beautiful shared applicators come from a dear medicine brother and friend of Four Visions, Haru Kuntanawa. They feature a a cross cutting of the yage vine and hand weaving. Each woven seed represents a prayer and intention being woven into the design. It is said that when one of these pieces calls to you, it signifies that the prayer of the specific piece resonates with the vibration your own soul’s blueprint. You are being called to a piece to support you in deepening within the specific power or intention that that weaving invokes. These are high quality pipes that will last many years! They are made in a state of ceremonial prayer and the entire process is a communion with nature.

These pieces were part of a direct effort to raise funds for the Kuntanawa nation and their many land preservation projects they are spearheading.

Haru Kuntanawa, the leader of the Kuntanawa Nation is responsible for the revitalization of the cultural reemergence of his people over the last decade. He is recognized by many indigenous people of Brazil as one of the most influential young leaders of his time. His strong presence, compassionate heart and devotion to the ways of his ancestors helped restore the faith of his people and in many of the surrounding villages. Haru carries the vision of defending the traditional knowledge and protecting the sacred use of natural plant medicine. We are honored to carry many of his hapés, hapé applicators, & to have him present as an ally & a guardian in this initiative.

***You can request a specific stone color in the notes section upon checkout and we will do our best to to honor it.**

**If you are interested in learning more about Haru, his interview is part of the Hapé Archives Interview Series.


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