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We are excited to source some beautiful Jenipapo Body Paint from the Huni Kuin Tribe! Body painting is a ceremonial ritual to adorn and bless the body temple to present oneself to the Creator. Many of the Native Tribes have their ceremonial practice with Jenipapo (as well as with the red Urucum seeds, which we are working on sourcing as well!). They paint their young in their initiations into adulthood, for all plant ceremonies, and all sacred celebrations such as weddings and funerals. The jenipapo is considered sacred, holy, & very powerful. It is the Amazon’s version of “henna” and lasts up to 2 weeks.

Jenipapo is the fruit of the jenipapeiro (Genipa americana), a tree that reaches twenty meters in height and belongs to the Rubiaceae family, the same as coffee. It is found throughout tropical America. In Brazil, there are native jenipapo plants in the Amazon Rainforest and in the Atlantic forest, mainly in wetter forests, or close to rivers…

In Guarani, Jenipapo means “fruit that is suitable for painting”. This is because, from the juice of the unripe fruit, a paint is extracted with which one can paint the skin, walls, ceramics, etc.

Jenipapo is used by many ethnic groups in South America as body paint and disappears after approximately two weeks. The beautiful dark blue color formed is due to the contact of the genipin contained in the green fruits with the skin proteins, under the action of atmospheric oxygen.

Jenipapo is an AMAZING tool. It offers a protection against negative energy when applied over the body. It removes toxins through the pores, detoxifying the body and it even offers a natural SPF protection against the sun…It ALSO acts as a natural bug repellant. With so many incredible uses, its no wonder that the indigenous peoples have been painting their bodies with this fruit for centuries…

Some parts of jenipapeiro (such as the root, leaves and fruit) have different medicinal properties. In this form, it is intended for external use as body paint. We recently acquired some fresh Jenipapo body paint that we are so excited to make available to you in our Amazonian marketplace. A limited quantity is available, make sure to set aside your bottle today if you feel called to connect with this sacred & powerful plant tool!

Ingredients: Paint from the jenipapo fruit. For external use only.

2 reviews for Jenipapo Native Body Paint

  1. aamizell (verified owner)

    Beautiful hue.

  2. benst33zy

    Such a beautiful body paint and I love that it’s just one ingredient from a sacred tree. This makes for a truly magical experience and my kids that are obsessed with arts and crafts can enjoy painting each other without me having to worry about toxic chemicals. Win win.

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