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Hapé Starter Kit


limited quantity of this limited edition product


This starter kit is the perfect gift for a loved one who is just starting their practice with hapé. It includes everything you need to begin your practice with the sacred hapécito.

Includes 1 personal bamboo applicator (color chosen at random) & 2 (1/2) oz hapés. You can either choose to select your hapés (please make a comment in the notes section of your order) or we will select them for you. Our selection will typically be one gentler hapé & one stronger hapé so that you have some variety when commencing your practice and beginning to explore and experience the different blends.

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34 reviews for Hapé Starter Kit

  1. sepehr_eagle55 (verified owner)

    It is soo hard to find one of these out here where i live (Canada).

    And I’m soo glad for this store being here and giving me access to these ancient sacred medicines that unfortunately is being misused in our today’s culture (by how people regularly smoke cigarettes with lots of chemical and none-medicinal substances they use…)

  2. vormt1 (verified owner)

    Amazing deal and a perfect addition to any meditative practice!

  3. Steven Olds (verified owner)

    This was a perfect way for me to start my hape journey and has been a blessing. The speed of service was also amazing.

  4. Dori Urch (verified owner)

    Four Visions provides needed medicine in this world. For me, Hape’ immediately grounds me and brings me right into my body from my toes to my fingertips – a dream journey I cannot express how much I need for my healing on this beautiful planet. My thanks are so little in this vastness.

  5. niloo_chitsaz

    I love this beautiful market and all the scared product they have.So grateful to expand my Hape practice and study this ancient medicine.

  6. jamilleperryman (verified owner)

    Simple, beautiful and well-made kuripe. The Hape’ is very nice…you can almost feel the amazon in your head. I had been hearing the call to work with this medicine and shopped around to ensure I found a quality product that was responsibly sourced. Four visions provided. The bundle deal allowed me an accessible way to start working with this plant medicine. I also loved all of the descriptions of the Hape’ and they were able to accommodate my request not only for the specific hape’s but also my favorite color:)

  7. willemery1234

    Perfect starter kit! This is the place to start if you want to develop a relationship with the medicine.

  8. jesskelly20 (verified owner)

    So grateful to have found hapé. This starter kit is perfect for beginners.

  9. janclausen (verified owner)

    I am new to hape, having heard about it while in plant ceremony in Costa Roca. This kit is a great way to try it out and determine if this medicine is right for your journey. It takes a bit of practice to do solo, but well worth the effort.

  10. aamizell (verified owner)

    Great intro for incorporating Hapè into your spiritual practice.

  11. demeterloves (verified owner)

    I first tried hape, during an Ayahuasca ceremony and it resonated with my frequency. This was my first hope purchase and has prepared me for other Hapes. I truly love it it grounded me, calmed my nervous system and cleared my sinuses. the beginners kit is excellent for first time buyers.

  12. greenberg_eve (verified owner)

    I ordered the Hapé starter kit because I felt called to start using this medicine as a healing method after my first experience.
    I found that on my own I’m still a bit nervous to go all in due to the sensation I get of the tobacco in my nostrils, however the small amount I have used changed my perspective of certain things within myself and within the world, and for that I’m grateful. I would recommend this medicine for anyone looking to journey and connect deeper to the earth, to themselves, and deepen how they relate to others in the world.

  13. snkdesignco (verified owner)

    Hape is a part of our daily ceremony. This starter kit made affordable and easy. I immediately feel its impact. If you are not sure if the medicine is for you, this is an inexpensive way to find out. I could not be more pleased with my connection and the growth that I have achieved. Thank you to all involved who make this potent medicine available. To the ancestors, for the jungle ecosystem and the modern tribes men and women who harvest and pray over these sacred gifts, much gratitude and love.

  14. Corey Lawson (verified owner)

    Great starting point to start forming a relationship with these medicines. Great option to get started.

  15. chrsbrsn (verified owner)

    A great way to obtain this sacred medicine for beginners and more progressed. I live overseas and the postage and exchange rate can make purchases very pricey. This is a great way of getting your gape and implement. Very grateful.????

  16. shellsart (verified owner)

    I recieved Ojo de Jaquar and Mother Rose. I’m so excited to try them both. This is my first time using Hapé and i can’t wait for all the benefits!

  17. Victoria Marz (verified owner)

    I first learned of Hape on the last day of my first Ayahuasca experience at Rythmia. I was so honored to have Taita Juanito share hape with me. At first, I was afraid because it seemed so frightening watching everyone before me. As I knelt in front of Taita, I felt an immense feeling of Peace and Calm, and so much love. I carried that feeling with me for the rest of my stay at Rhytmia, but as the days passed by, I felt so far away from everything that I experienced with Taita and the hape. I mentioned this feeling to a friend, and he told me about Four Visions and about this hape. I immedaitely came to the site and began my reserach in the hopes of reconnecting to the plants and the medicine. I am so happy to say that I ordered the Hape Starter kit, along with some online courses. I have listened to many of the Shamans talk about their traditions, and each one has a magical story. What impresses me also is the joy with which the interviewers ask questions. Total bliss on their faces. It’s so inspiring. I will be a lifelong student to this plant medicine, and I will be a lifelong customer of Four Visons ad will always be happy to contribute to their mission.

  18. Heidi Neyra (verified owner)

    This is such a great package for new users!! I’m so grateful for this because it gives you two different hapes to try. This is a wonderful plant medicine and I’ve truly enjoyed the process of healing and growing. I’m getting my husband into it now. Thank you!

  19. brelederer (verified owner)

    This is a perfect gift! I got this for a friend of mine. And I was so happy with how much you save! You get to choose the hapé and the kuripe is so adorable ! Very happy.

  20. cduffy007 (verified owner)

    This is a great deal and perfect for trying hape for a first timer. My experience has been 5 stars with this heart-centered company. I find myself feeling more grounded and centered and focused after just 3 days. My sinus infection went away, my body’s digestion feels more gentle, I have more energy… so many benefits already. I’m primarily using hape for grounding and I enjoy hape many times a day. I’m so thankful to have found this company

  21. mitchlover304119

    I ordered this starter kit as a way to dip my toe into the medicinal world of Hape. The instrument is so easy to use and the Hape grounds me so beautifully. I am so excited to try the other products from Four Visions and I am in love with how much money goes to indigenous tribes and peoples. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  22. inspirealure (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful way to begin your plant medicine journey! I was thrilled to have this option. These plants and sacred tobacco, will ground negative energies, increase your perception and facilitate physical, mental, spiritual and emotional healing.
    I always make a small ceremony before using hape and give many thanks and prayers back to the tribes who have prayed for us!
    Using the hape starter kit has brought much needed awareness and healing into my life. If you feel called, the benefits are so numerous and it will keep you from getting sick! It prevents you even from getting Covid!!!!!!! So highly recommend to keep you connected to the divine and to your beautiful soul while keeping you strong and free from illness, I work at a giant wholesale business and these hapes help me to stay loving and aware while protecting me from negative energies!

  23. Rhoda Binda, Esq. (verified owner)

    I am SO glad I decided to purchase my hape starter kit from your store!! Everything came packaged beautifully and arrived super fast. I chose the Nukini Sansara Song of the Jungle Hapé and the Tsunu Bullet Hapé. Your products are fresh and made with wisdom and loving care from the gorgeous indigenous people; it warms my heart that you give back to these elders. Thanks for all you do and I WILL be ordering more sananga and different hapes soon!

  24. breed12

    This is the perfect package for those who are trying hapé for the first time. You can start with a gentler hapé, and work your way to the stronger hapé.
    It’s excellent and divine, can be used to clear energy and restores the third eye chakra.

  25. alimon2020 (verified owner)

    This is the first time I had ever tried this product. I am in Love. I practice in the morning and at night. Since I started using it, I feel more present, aware of myself. I feel focus. Little by little it takes me to a clear state of mind. Overall my experience has been more than I was expecting.
    This package is totally awesome. It comes with all you need. Get choice.

  26. rachelcogan1 (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my new Hapé kit. Four Visions sent me videos to watch that were so helpful in getting started. I now enjoy my Hapé for morning – or evening- meditation and journaling. Definitely recommend ????

  27. floydjoynes (verified owner)

    As someone who feel in love with Hape during ceremony, this was the perfect bundle for someone just starting out with a practice of their own. All of the Hape options are amazing and you get to choose which ones you want to start with. It also comes with a beautiful bamboo applicator. I’m so appreciate for all of the amazing heartfelt work the indigenous people put into this beautiful medicine. Thank you!!!

  28. truckjunkymama (verified owner)

    I am also new to using Hape and wasn’t sure where to start with purchasing my own. I learned about Hape in Costa Rica and loved the way I felt the first time I used it. Not knowing what type to buy in order to get started on my own, I found this kit to be the perfect solution because I did not want to purchase something stronger than what my body was ready for. So far, I am enjoying my selection and feeling clarity with each use. I only use it 1 or maybe 2 times a day in a small amount.

  29. kylie.n22 (verified owner)

    I chose the Divine Mother Rose and my surprise was the Cacao Heart Opening (which I almost chose for myself but wanted to play\be surprised!) The kuripe is very beautiful and sturdy. These are very powerful and potent blends. I can definitely feel the different experiences and connections the two have to offer. The groundedness and presence I have found incorporating this into my regular meditation practice has been solidifying so much in my life. I also feel like I can breathe so much better!! The clearing and detoxifying properties are very real. I’m very thankful that this sacred medicine is available. It’s an honor to experience and form this relationship. Deep gratitude to everyone who is involved with Four Visions!

  30. chelsea87jane (verified owner)

    It’s been beautiful experiencing these 2 medicines again (Tsunu & Parika). I meditated with them for 6 months in 2020 and a lot has changed since then but the consistency of alignment to these beautiful plants is as pure and rewarding as i remember. With Tsunu i experience the void as all thoughts seem to scatter away in awe of the stillness. Parika has a more purging affect towards anything that is not in divine alignment with love. She then becomes the messenger throughout the day, an activator of the realisation of puzzle pieces coming together to show the brilliance of our seemingly unconscious and yet divine choices. Thank you for supplying this gift to be the teacher of such beautiful lessons.

  31. Alannah Brown (verified owner)

    I am really enjoying my introduction to Hape. I purchased this set and requested Rose and Visionary Hape and I did receive those as requested. I am definitely noticing a leap in my perception as well as a very welcome calming effect. I can sit and meditate for much longer and for more focused periods of time. Although, If I use this product too much, as in a few days in a row, I also notice that I get a little spacey when I lay down at night. My dreams have become more detailed. My intuition really guided me to Hape and I am glad it did. I think that as I become familiar with it and just take it easy, that it is going to become very useful in helping me become more attuned to the world of Spirit and energy. I look forward to seeing where it will go.

  32. iggyperk (verified owner)

    This was my first purchase of Hapè. Not my first time sitting with it. I was called to the Tree of life Hapè and Parika Visionary. They both are amazing and have grounded me so gently. Hapè is not easy to sit with in the beginning but with mindset and intention it gets easier. I have since purchased several from Four Visions and have not been disappointed once. I refer all my clients and family as this not only helps us but it supports the native people working to provide such precious medicina for us all.

  33. rhps313 (verified owner)

    This was the perfect way to begin my journey with Hape. I was so impressed with the care of the packaging as well as the products. The kuripe is beautiful and somehow managed to be perfect for me. I received the two blends I requested. Each one has it’s own unique qualities that bring something special depending on my intention for my meditation. The sense of oneness, feeling complete, centered, and grounded is amazing. I’m so grateful to all who were involved in bringing me this truly incredible medicine. I can’t wait to explore the other plant allies available.

  34. valenvisconti (verified owner)

    The Kuripe is very beautiful, it comes with a very soft & natural aroma. What I love the mus, is that the hands of natives from the Amazon forest & their essence are involve in all this creations; and at the same time, how much value they are taking back for their work. What an amazing opportunity is to have access to all this wonderful medicine and tools, is a blessing.

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