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1/4 Ounce Hapé Sampler Pack


limited quantity of this limited edition product

Our best selling 1/4 vial hapé sampler package is the perfect gift for a hapé lover. This kit is the most affordable way to try all of our hapés. This sampler has $320 value with a total of 4 ounces of hapé (sixteen 1/4 ounces) for a ultra-savings of $222.

Included in the sampler (***Please be aware that if a hape is on backorder, we will replace it with another hape not on the list***):
Yawanawa – Tsunu Bullet
Yawanawa – Feminine Force
Yawanawa- Mulateiro
Apurina – Force of the Waters
Huni Kuin – Immunity Warrior
Munay Cura – Cacao Nunu
Munay Cura – Vine of the Soul
Nukini – Divine Mother Rose
Nukini – Jaguar
Nukini – Parika Visionary
Nukini – Sansara Song of the Jungle
Katukina- Eucalyptus Breath of Life
Katukina – Pixuri World Bridger
Kuntanawa – Mint Dream
Shawadawa – Spiritual Purification
Shenenawa- Caneleiro Harmony

Hapé is one of the best tools you can use to stay centered and connected during these crazy times, helping us to remain in our hearts & connected to my inner wisdom.

Sourced directly from the Amazonian tribes, we are proud to be able to guarantee our Hapé is the freshest, highest quality on the market, using traditional recipes the indigenous communities have used for centuries. This esoteric wisdom has been passed down for generations.

Not long ago, one had to travel deep into the Amazon Jungle to experience Hapé, a multi-day journey with planes, boat rides, and hiking. Before that, only the tribespeople themselves had access to the healing powers of our beloved hapécito.

We are living in a pivotal time, when the medicines are coming out of the jungle to be shared with many more people, in order to facilitate the healing and awakening for humanity. Now, we can all experience the wondrous benefits that Hapé provides.

What an honor it is to be able to have acess to this transformative spiritual tool. Each time you work with our hapé, know that the medicine makers who made your medicine have infused the highest vibrations of healing prayers of strength & wellbeing into these medicines. They too are very happy to see their “younger brothers” in the west using these ancient medicines, for they know the plants hold the key to a better future for all beings.

But keep in mind, the power of this plant healer is very real. It is important to treat it with the utmost respect and to only work with hapé in prayer & sacred ceremony. Because Hapé is the real deal, we must connect with this plant teacher properly to experience the incredible wisdom it has to share.

Our sacred snuff has the ability to cleanse the mind, purify the thoughts, bring clarity, spiritual alignment, and clear negativity and heaviness from the body, mind, & soul.

Our world renowned hapé apothecary carries the largest selection of the highest quality hapés from over a dozen different medicine makers. When you purchase your hapé from Four Visions Market, you can ensure that hapé was in the jungle less than 30 days ago, which means its connection from the forest remains intact and strong. That’s right, our hapé inventory is rotated out each month to ensure optimum freshness.

Each of our hapés are each unique with their own plant recipes and infused with different energies and intentions. We have hapé for calming, anxiety relief, headaches, fogginess, energy, heart opening, meditation and prayer. Read more about our different hapés here.

If you currently have a Hapé practice or feel called to connect to this plant ally, and value the importance of ethical sourcing, there is no better place to get it than at Four Visions. Our 1/4 Ounce Sampler is the very best way to try all of the Four Visions Hapé. 

Don’t just take our word for it.

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27 reviews for 1/4 Ounce Hapé Sampler Pack

  1. Donald

    I’ve used Four Visions hapés for years now and I could not be more satisfied. Always great quality, arrives fast, fresh and I can’t find better prices anywhere. Thank you guys for hooking me up with these beautiful teachers.

  2. ewalk28-1924

    I am new to Hape and four visions, and have had nothing but amazing experiences with both. This sampler pack is exquisite! At first, I wondered how I would ever be able to use it all, but now that I am learning how to work with the medicine, thanks to both the resources on this site and each use, I have no doubt I’ll use it all up! Thank you Four Visions! Thank you to all the tribes who share this beautiful and powerful medicine with the world!

  3. Zelina Medina (verified owner)

    I was a little reluctant to order this many hapes, but I am so glad that I did. It is wonderful to be able to have such a nice variety available on hand whenever I need it. Being able to try and work with different variations of this beloved plant ally of mine has been a very useful tool for navigating life in these wild times. if you are looking to work in depth with this medicine, I highly recommend this sampler pack.

  4. Daniela Perafan

    I usually buy separate hapé but recently one of my students decided to buy this and WOW! This bundle is everything and more. I absolutely recommend this bundle as it allows you to try so many different kinds and change for moon in different ways with each. It is amazing and definitely a must have. Always fresh!

  5. KarinaAstengo (verified owner)

    First time considering having a variety of hapés since I was introduced to working with this sacred medicine. Fourvisions has been my go to reliable source for these offerings.
    So happy I did! The variety is absolutely beautiful.
    My favorite part is I have the opportunity to work with what I feel guided to and some become one’s I work with more often. Which was a beautiful offering overall.
    I highly reccomend all of their offerings here. A’ho.

  6. krystinmrogers

    This is the best hape see you can get! I recently went on a plant medicine retreat and was introduced to hape, I felt a connection with the medicine so my husband ordered some. He’s new to it too and this set has really served us well! Each hape is excellent quality! I love the variety, this set serves all of our needs. This set is essential for anyone who loves hape and for those who have daily rituals and ceremonial practices! We will continue to buy our hape from Four visions! We’re both soo grateful for this quality medicine!

  7. Joette Shaffer (verified owner)

    This was the best investment when I first working with Four Visions Market. It gave the the chance to work with each tribe and the blends they lovingly make. Each one of medicines holds an unique and powerful energy of it’s own. Beautiful ????

  8. shanocc96

    If your feeling called to work with the beautiful medicine of hape your in exactly the perfect place. Working with hape has taken me so much deeper into my practice and connection with the plants. This sampler is a perfect option to quite literally feel into which mix you want to work with.

  9. Alexander Stone (verified owner)

    If you feel called to, then buy it. just me, it’s worth it to have so much amazing medicine for any situation!!!!

  10. dubu_300

    This is the best kit for begginers that want to find THEIR kind and experiment the fantastic hape world

  11. tmzadventure

    I am new to Four Visions Market but I love how they give back 50% of profits to the tribes where they sourced the product. This way they can be supported to continue their art and medicine tradition. I’m grateful that it’s available to more people around the world. Thank you for working ethically, Four Visions Market.

  12. cduffy007 (verified owner)

    This company is THE BEST and I will continue to buy from them till the end of time. This set is perfect even for a hape beginner like myself. It amazes me how different each one feels and works with me. I am thankful I bought this along with the starter kit because of the vast difference of each hape. It’s fun for me to experience the variety of medicinal effects. I find myself using one in general, to establish more of a relationship, and then picking a new one to try once a day by using my intuition. I am continually in awe of hape and this sampler is perfect! Thank you Four Visions

  13. onearmroofer (verified owner)

    As always fourvisions exceeded expectations! They gave me more than what I bought and it couldn’t have been more appreciated and better timed! I serve Hap’e to many people so it was such a blessing receiving this amazing gift.

    P.s. if you want a truly magical experience, I mixed a little bit of all the blends together for special ceremonies and it was absolutely beautiful 🙂

  14. Victoria Cummings (verified owner)

    Me and my partner got this and absolutely love this entire kit. It’s such a lovely, lovely mix of beautiful hape that we will absolutely be ordering again. It’s lasted us quite some time thus far & we still have over half the bottles left. Really grateful for this wide array of blends too. They’re all really lovely.

  15. severneaton (verified owner)

    I ordered this sampler pack recently, and its amazing! So nice to be able to try each of them and find my favorites.
    All are fresh and packaged beautifully. Highly reccomend!

  16. andrew20289 (verified owner)

    Not sure which hape you want/need? Then this sampler is for you!! This is the best hape sampler you can get! I wasn’t sure which hape I wanted so I got this sampler and it’s been a godsend! The quality is superior!
    The sampler serves all my spiritual and physical needs! I’m covered for any meditation and any need! With every hape I’m instantly connected to the plant’s powers and I feel a sense of connectedness to pachamama. Most grateful to those who made these beautiful hapes and to four visions for sharing them with the world!
    I will continue to buy!

  17. benst33zy

    This is such a beautiful sample kit. I’m very grateful to have had the chance to try many of these because my friend who introduced me to FVM purchased this bundle. I haven’t tried one that I didn’t like. All are very fresh and potent. I really enjoy working with this hapé. Thanks FVM!

  18. FunkyEssentials (verified owner)

    What a fun way to sample the numerous offerings from FVM! Firstly, I love that Four Visions Market gives back to the community it receives its product from. This tells me it is a quality and reputable company. Each serves the other, and keeps things earth friendly and commerce moving, all while serving us! Set and setting are super important in the use of this medicine, but what a medicine! Thank you FVM!

  19. mizgood7227 (verified owner)

    There is a feeling, deep within you, that is like a vibration that tingles your senses from the inside out, permeating your very own lifeforce out into the world with unstoppable force. This is the fire that burns in our souls that yearns to be free and to be shared with the whole and entire universe and beyond! The 1/4 vial hapé sampler package is a crucial step in anyone’s direction towards understanding the path that you are on and where it is leading. Through the multiple variteies and unique properties in each and every vile, you are able to connect and build a web from yourself to mother nature and her beautiful plant medicines that help us to see, heal, feel, and be free. I would HIGHLY recommend that you get yourself one of these variety packs and begin to build your relationships with the life and the magic that they contain!

  20. JulieKleban (verified owner)

    My go to place for everything spiritual. They have top quality products. The environment and the people producing the products are all treated with reverence. The sample kit was a great way for my friends and I to test their whole collection and decide which ones resonated with us. Each one has a different spiritual feeling and connection to the Earth as well as the spiritual world. Thank you again for bringing these amazing products to us.

  21. Keleisha Taylor (verified owner)

    Four Visions Market is my only go to place to get my hapé and sananga! I bought this sample pack and each product is pure and you can tell it is all made with love and intention. Each time I have a ceremony with these products have been heart-opening. Since using the products my relationship with plant medicine just deepens. I have also grown to have such an appreciation for the beautiful beings and tribes that provide them. Since using hapé from the Four Visions Market, I have never been more at peace, in tune with nature and awaken. I always look forward to doing my hapé ceremonies as it has helped me release the things that no longer serve me and walk in love and not fear. I highly recommend this for you if you are drawn to hapé but do not know where to start! You will not be disappointed! Thank you Four Visions Market! Until next time!

  22. weijon317 (verified owner)

    If you don’t know which Hape to try next and you can afford the sampler, DO IT! I loved so many of these Hapes and many of thems are one’s I would have never tried. The only one I don’t particularly enjoy is the Apurina: it has a bit of an earthy, almost muddy-grass aroma and is very mellow in terms of it’s effects. Some of my favorites were the mint dream, Sansara, Jaguar, Caneleiro Harmony, and Rose mother. This is a great value and a perfect way to find your new favorite Hape!

  23. chasedockstader (verified owner)

    I am a very happy customer.
    I ordered this sampler pack + 1 Oz of Tsunu Bullet + Very Strong Sananga.
    This is by far the best Hapé & Sananga I have found.
    All these medicines are pure and blessed.
    Very powerful pure medicine.
    I am a North American Indiginous Shaman located in Niagara Falls Canada. I bring plant medicine to people who are called to healing.

    From now on I am committed to ongoing support with this company and the Shamans who put all their time and energy into producing such beautiful medicine so we may all have access to it.
    I am forever grateful.

    Also, it took a few days to process my order. Once it was shipped out, I received my order the next day over the border in Canada.
    Customs only charged me $19.

    Very happy with the product, shipping time, and prices.

    High quality medicine.

    Most love. Thank you!

  24. Dilahan Dogan (verified owner)

    Four Visions market is a great source of sacred tools and medicines. I buy my sananga and hapes from here and it is great to have a reliable source for sacred medicines since they are our sacred allies, teachers and guides. Four visions market is offering pure and ethical medicines directly coming from the heart of the tribes with loving intentions and prayers.

  25. rwmenzel33 (verified owner)

    This is a great package for all. It offers all the blends, a wonderful variety. The quality of four visions is the best I’ve come across, especially their hapé. Grateful for all the tribes offering natures medicine to the world. Many blessings to all

  26. Angela Cheatham (verified owner)

    This sampler Hape assortment is AMAZING! Full apothecary 🌱
    Thank you!

  27. tymyryflem (verified owner)

    I ordered this trial pack after my first hape experience. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to explore their relationship with hape. I ask myself each time what is calling me. It is a great way to find what speaks to you on your journey. I have since developed favorites – like the bullet and the Hive Nectar – but I still enjoy having many to choose from when my spirit calls them forward.

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