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The Hapé Archives Interview Series


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This is a five part recorded interview series covering the sacred plant medicine of Hapé. Each interviewer gives their own perspectives, teachings & insights about hapécito, including the stories & traditions of their tribe & their own journeys with hapé.

Interview #1: Ixã Txaná (Huni Kuin)

Interview #2: Tuchawa (Shawadawa)

Interview #3: Rosanna (Shawadawa)

Interview #4: Hushahu (Yawanawa)

Interview #5 Haru (Kuntanawa)

Each interview has subtitles. This videos were recorded via zoom. Please be aware that our friends were recording from the amazon jungle & not always with the highest tech equipment, however, the quality of the teachings are undeniable.

Also includes a BONUS charla with Taita Juanito Chindoy about hapé (this is an mp3 with a translator).

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5 reviews for The Hapé Archives Interview Series

  1. Max Raphael (verified owner)

    It’s great to get the firsthand perspective, wisdom, and reflections from the tribe members themselves. I felt a little more connected to the actual people behind the medicine after watching each video. Thanks for making these videos available!

  2. Rhoda Binda, Esq. (verified owner)

    Absolutely incredible learning experience… I feel so honored! I went on my first Ayahuasca retreat in Costa Rica last November and returned craving even more wisdom from the indigenous people. This was the perfect compliment to my recent sananga and hape purchases from your store. THANK YOU!!

  3. Ashley Rice (verified owner)

    I purchased this interview series in order to gain a greater awareness and appreciation for what hapé is. I’ve had a couple of amazing experiences with the medicine and wanted to incorporate it into my journey with a deep respect for its origins and the correct way to use. This series has been so helpful and it was wonderful hearing first hand from the tribal leaders.

  4. gizzmo1.lh

    A most excellent video collection and a must especially for new users and awaken to the knowledge that is offered by these honorable beautiful people who offer us this sacred message and great Wisdom of the plants of the Amazon.

  5. valensolymar (verified owner)

    And so I fell in love with the work that Four Vision Market is doing. After seeing all the interviews and having the opportunity to connect with the knowledge of each of these incredible people of the Amazon rainforest, it is a blessing. I saw the love that they have to share for humanity, for healing humanity and connecting humanity through love using these sacred tools from Mother Nature, sharing the knowledge on how to use the gift of all this sacred medicine that is here for us, to heal us, with the presence of love and the connection with the entire cosmos. It is an incredible opportunity. And as Four Vision Market works as a bridge of knowledge, connection, to help spread knowledge that was about to disappear, but would never disappear, because that is why the natives of the world are here, to remind us who we are, where we come from and what is our true essence; that healing is through love, and that we have all these gifts. Thank you for the exchange between us and the native community of the Amazon jungle; and at the same time how much value they are giving back for their work. Much love and gratitude. From my heart.

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