Handwoven Medicine Belt


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This sacred medicine belts are a must have for any medicine woman or medicine man walking the healing path. In the shamanic traditions, protection of the womb space or the second chakra for both women and men is extremely important. Belts offer a protection for this sacred space, by locking in the energy, giving us grounding and stability. Whether for ceremony or every day life, these belts are stylish and will be a powerful upgrade to your wardrobe.

The chumbé is a protective element of “the womb of the woman” or “the place where life initiates”. They say the colors of the threads create the lines of capisayo, the rainbow, one of the greatest benefactores of the Ingano tribe. When the missionaries came and colonization passed through Valle de Sibundoy, many of the Ingano tribe moved to other parts of Colombia. This influenced tremendously the development of the art of weaving. The migration caused two things. 1. Production of the traditional weavings reduced because there were less people to buy them and wear them. 2. Many of the visions and traditional weavings were lost forever.

The art of weaving is related to the art of living. The value of the chumbe is in the artistic form of the way the chumbe perceives and represents the world. Each one of the threads and the elements they structure serve the primordial function and relate with one another.

Brown, yellow, black. Approximately 150cm long, can be tied/worn a variety of different ways. Works for most hip sizes, men & women.

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