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Handmade Shipibo Kuripe with Crystal Tip

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We are excited and grateful to provide these gorgeous handmade kuripes from a Shipibo artisan family featuring hand selected crystal tip. There are two types available, one made from rosewood for heart opening, and a second made from chontawood for protection. High caliber quality & intricate woodwork that provide for a clean and powerful application. Currently only the rosewood variation is in stock.

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3 reviews for Handmade Shipibo Kuripe with Crystal Tip

  1. JenniferMieras

    I bought a couple new Kuripes for my partner and I for Christmas, his was one of the ones made from the dark wood though, and they are both so beautiful.
    They were the perfect choices. The rosewood Europe is very feminine and I love the crystal tip. I hold the intention that the crystal is helping charge the Hapé as I use it to level out my Hapé in my hand.
    They are very well made, feel sturdy, and I can feel the intention that went into them. Thank you!

  2. AnneFord (verified owner)

    I purchased this Kuripe as a gift for a dear friend, and it is even more beautiful in person, He was delighted.

  3. shanocc96

    These are some of the most beautifully crafted intentional kuripes I have come across online. The crystal tips are perfect for blessing and separating the hape. Really lovely pieces

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