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Handmade One Of A Kind Seed Bead Earrings


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These one of a kind power pieces are designed to bless you with the art of listening and attuning to the present moment. As we adorn our ears, a place of receptivity, we are able to bring beauty into how and what we hear & how we receive this information. Every medicine woman deserves a pair of earrings that make her feel like a goddess. This are drop dead gorgeous & will be a pair that you cherish for many years to come.

These gorgeous handmade seed bead earrings come from our friends at Taller Aluna. Vanessa & her arts collective are medicine weavers who have been created traditional made-in-prayer art for over a decade

1 review for Handmade One Of A Kind Seed Bead Earrings

  1. KatieRose

    Handmade One Of A Kind Seed Bead Earrings – Each pair is unique in colour and design so pick the one you love – it will be perfect just for you. The energy from the pair I have is balanced and beautiful….just the way I want to feel.

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