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1/2 oz Hapé Sampler Pack


limited quantity of this limited edition product

Try all 15 of our hapés for a great price!

15 half-oz bottles of hapé (7.5 oz of hapé)…That’s $50/oz (usually $65/oz).

Included in the sampler (***Please be aware that if a hape is on backorder, we will replace it with another hape not on the list***):


Hapé is one of the best tools you can use to stay centered and connected during these crazy times, helping us to remain in our hearts & connected to my inner wisdom.

Sourced directly from the Amazonian tribes, we are proud to be able to guarantee our Hapé is the freshest, highest quality on the market, using traditional recipes the indigenous communities have used for centuries. This esoteric wisdom has been passed down for generations.

Not long ago, one had to travel deep into the Amazon Jungle to experience Hapé, a multi-day journey with planes, boat rides, and hiking. Before that, only the tribespeople themselves had access to the healing powers of our beloved hapécito.

We are living in a pivotal time, when the medicines are coming out of the jungle to be shared with many more people, in order to facilitate the healing and awakening for humanity. Now, we can all experience the wondrous benefits that Hapé provides.

What an honor it is to be able to have acess to this transformative spiritual tool. Each time you work with our hapé, know that the medicine makers who made your medicine have infused the highest vibrations of healing prayers of strength & wellbeing into these medicines. They too are very happy to see their “younger brothers” in the west using these ancient medicines, for they know the plants hold the key to a better future for all beings.

But keep in mind, the power of this plant healer is very real. It is important to treat it with the utmost respect and to only work with hapé in prayer & sacred ceremony. Because Hapé is the real deal, we must connect with this plant teacher properly to experience the incredible wisdom it has to share.

Our sacred snuff has the ability to cleanse the mind, purify the thoughts, bring clarity, spiritual alignment, and clear negativity and heaviness from the body, mind, & soul.

Our world renowned hapé apothecary carries the largest selection of the highest quality hapés from over a dozen different medicine makers. When you purchase your hapé from Four Visions Market, you can ensure that hapé was in the jungle less than 30 days ago, which means its connection from the forest remains intact and strong. That’s right, our hapé inventory is rotated out each month to ensure optimum freshness.

Each of our hapés are each unique with their own plant recipes and infused with different energies and intentions. We have hapé for calming, anxiety relief, headaches, fogginess, energy, heart opening, meditation and prayer. Read more about our different hapés here.

If you currently have a Hapé practice or feel called to connect to this plant ally, and value the importance of ethical sourcing, there is no better place to get it than at Four Visions.

Don’t just take our word for it.

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4 reviews for 1/2 oz Hapé Sampler Pack

  1. Daniel Nelson (verified owner)

    Amazing deal! My friend and I split this order so we could try lots of different kinds of Hape. I highly recommend this sampler pack, it was well worth the money!!

  2. dubu_300 (verified owner)

    I get the small kit in first and really apreciat the quality of hapé, and before it finish i get this one and can enjoy it every day 🙂 Thx you very much

  3. soulbrothu

    I have yet to actually buy this Hape because of monetary constraints but i love it so much that you guys offer this and other programs to be able to try your vast array of top quality Hapes. I myself have tried about 4 different ones that you offer and through friends i am at a total of about 10 varieties that i have tired and i can attest to the strength and quality off all. Each Hape has a unique energy and every Taita that i have shown this too says that it is great stuff, Keep up the good work! much love!

  4. iamtheonecreatingmyperception

    Having such a variety of healers in my hape collection has showed me which pathways to take for healing. Each hape opens different pathways.
    I always ask for guidance from my body and guides for which hape to do next.
    These hape mediation journeys is comparable to a kambo session.
    I am so grateful to four visions and these powerful healing tribes! They truly are being divinely guided.

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We proudly support Movement For Amazonian Growth and Indigenous Cultures (M.A.G.I.C Fund) a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated towards the preservation, protection, and mobilization of the Amazonian indigenous peoples and their cultures.


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