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Gorgeous Kuntanawa Bamboo Kuripes With Bone Beak


These pieces were part of a direct effort to raise funds for the Kuntanawa nation and their many land preservation projects they are spearheading. Gorgeous unique kuripes with yagé vine and special amazonian seeds; featuring a bone beak.

These beautiful personal applicators come from a dear medicine brother and friend of Four Visions, Haru. Haru Kuntanawa, the leader of the Kuntanawa Nation is responsible for the revitalization of the cultural reemergence of his people over the last decade. He is recognized by many indigenous people of Brazil as one of the most influential young leaders of his time. His strong presence, compassionate heart and devotion to the ways of his ancestors helped restore the faith of his people and in many of the surrounding villages. Haru carries the vision of defending the traditional knowledge and protecting the sacred use of natural plant medicine. We are honored to carry many of his hapés, hapé applicators, & to have him present as an ally & a guardian in this initiative.

Hapé is a powerful plant medicine used to focus the mind, release negative energies, and connect you with the Creator through deep, restorative prayer. Our applicators take on all the energy that we let go of in each hapé prayer, and so over time, they do start to carry this weight. 

That is why it’s important to cleanse your applicator regularly. You can do so with sage or copal, or by using one of our healing lotions and applying a special prayer for cleaning.

Even so, there comes a time when our applicator has completed its service. It often synchronizes with the completion of a period of tremendous spiritual growth, a chapter closing, or the intention to begin to call forth a new prayer into your life. Of course, applicators also wear with use, and so eventually, there comes a point when your applicator is no longer serving its purpose as well as you would like.

When this occurs, it is important to give your kuripe or tepi back to the Earth in prayer as a spiritual offering. You can plant the applicator, along with offerings of sage, tobacco, or cedar, giving thanks for all the prayers it witnessed and supported during its time with you. It can also be given as a form of spiritual payment, asking the Earth Mother to help you let go of something that has been holding you back, or planting it with the intention of calling forth a new way of being into your life. 



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