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Feminine Force Hapé


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Our “Força Feminina” (Feminine Force) is a top favorite. Made by the Yawanawa, the people of the Boar, this tribe is well known for their mastery of the snuff and their strong recipes. This blend is infused with medicine prayers for the awakening of the divine feminine and your own personal empowerment and strength. This medicine is good for both men and women as it balances the masculine and feminine properties within.

Hapé is a very sacred herbal snuff, made by the indigenous tribes of the Amazon. Hapé, or rapé,’ is pronounced ‘haa-pay’ in English. It is used for deep connection to the spirits, animals and Mother Nature. It is very cleansing and powerfully healing for the body, mind, and soul. The indigenous tribes have been working with this medicine for thousands of years to heal their communities and to connect with the Creator.

This sacred medicine takes days to make and is a very labor intensive process made in a ceremonial way, out of various Amazonian healing medicinal plants, leaves, trees and seeds from native lands.

Application : This medicine can be be self-administered using a V-shaped self-applicator pipe, known as a ‘Kuripe’ pipe which connects the mouth to the nostrils. It can also be administered by another person using a large blow pipe, called a ‘Tepi’, which connects the blower’s mouth to the other person’s nostrils.

Use: Start with a dime sized amount to begin your practice. Pour the medicine into your palm, say a prayer and align with the spirit of the . Using either your kuripe or the Tepi, load half into the pipe for the first nostril. If self applying, inhale, insert the long nostril of the pipe into your nose, and the smaller side in your mouth. Exhale and blow strongly. This is the hardest part because it requires centering yourself and giving yourself a strong, powerful application. In time, your ability to do this will grow and you’ll be able to use this as a tool to organize and center yourself whenever necessary. After you are applied, sit for 5-10 minutes in meditation.

If this is your first time working with hapé, it’s required that you watch our video on forming a practice with hapé. If you are newer to the medicine, it is highly recommended that you watch this video.

In all forms, to allow your intuition to guide you as you open up to this powerful plant ally and allow the hapé to guide and teach you how it wants to be prayed with.

Dosages can be increased after prolonged use once one becomes more accustom to working with this medicine and has built a relationship with the plant and this specific hapé.

Benefits of Hapé
*Opens up the 3rd eye and decalcifies the pineal gland which naturally hardens and calcifies with age.
*Purifies and cleanses the sinuses and respiratory track. Can help heal sinus issues and reduce mucus.
*Supports the digestive system, moves the bowels

*Offers energetic protection that comes from connecting with the plant, an ally for strength, clarity, and focus.
*Connects you to the Earth, is grounding, centering.

*Clears negativity and stills the mind

Each type of hapé has different qualities due to the different prayers they are infused with. Our apothecary includes a wide variety of hapés for different uses.

Storage: Please keep them in the airtight containers they come in, keep away from wet, damp and humid conditions, and store away from direct sunlight.

The use and application of our products is solely at the customer’s responsibility.

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71 reviews for Feminine Force Hapé

  1. Linda Z.

    Prepare to have your heart blown open by the forest winds and gathered back by the strength and gentleness of the Earth, washed by pure waters. This Hapé connects you to your own heart by reminding you of the connection to all life. Every time I sit with this medicine, I feel like I go deeper into a state of healing and clarity. The wisdom conveyed by this expertly crafted Feminine Force Hapé is something you need to experience to truly believe and understand. I am grateful for the Yawanawa Women who share this beautiful medicine.

  2. S. Hirschi

    This continues to be one of my favorite Hape’s. In my meditation practice, it grounds me and allows me to connect to the divine.

  3. Anne Kerry Ford (verified owner)

    This beautiful hape is a HEART OPENER! Powerful when I “feel stuck”,as it helps me to move away from “over-thinking”. I have found it to be helpful for men to use this medicine to access their Divine Feminine aspects of receptivity and intuition.

  4. Lilian Clemente (verified owner)

    I just received this Hapé and tried it for the first time yesterday. I absolutely loved it! Its energy was divine and full of love. You can definitely feel the feminine force come through and it’s a beautiful experience. Highly recommend!

  5. NealHenegar (verified owner)

    Very nice very strong, great lift off and good for the sinuses

  6. ashleyn2012 (verified owner)

    First time using this product on my own and it was a beautiful experience.

  7. ldavern2 (verified owner)

    Very nice hape. Received 2 days after ordering too! I am very happy to see that 50% of the sale goes to the indigenous people.

  8. Walter

    Ahh this is the first Rapè I’ve ever tried during Ayahuasca ceremony. I will always love this rapè. The ppl of the Boar know what they’re doing with this medicine. This rapè took me places & showed me things during ceremony. Everyone needs to connect with the feminine this rapè will do that. It’s not super strong but not super gentle either. In my opinion it’s a perfect blend. Has a good mapacho flavor & is very centering. Fabulous for ceremony work as well as meditation. This one should be in every Rapè practitioner’s tool belt. Plus the story behind the Yawanawa & the making of the feminine blends are absolutly beautiful.
    Many blessings
    Haux, haux

  9. thenaturalknows (verified owner)

    This hape is my favorite hands down. The blend of pepper rose, star anise and cinnamon is perfect. It provides a quick clearing of low vibrations which allows me to meditate with ease. The vibration travels beautifully thru the body relaxing every muscle. I highly recommend.

  10. catchung11 (verified owner)

    One of the first hape I have ever tried. It is gentle and very clearing. Able to ground me in an instant. I feel all my thoughts leave and am left with the feminine energy of prayer but also the masculine of the medicine itself

  11. ennaralee

    I love this Hapè. It has really helped me to feel less stressed and softer about my life. This will most definitely be an always hapè for me.

  12. gallardosandy64 (verified owner)

    Great quality product!! Love the fact is based on the feminine strength!!

  13. Maia Mayer

    Feminine Force is a powerful blend that tunes you into the divine essence of feminine energy. I had the wonderful opportunity to try this hape with a beautiful friend, who brought me even deeper into my connection with hape and with the Divine Feminine,

    I have been lucky enough to experience the gentle potent magic of this blend, and I would recommend it to any man or woman looking to honor the feminine within them.

  14. JenniferMieras

    This is one of my favorite, and my Hapé of the month for a long time. I was drawn to this Hapé because when I first met Carlos and Mariah, I had the honor of being served by them and Mariah shared with me about connecting more deeply with my feminine nature and I feel that with the help of this Hapé, I have really created a beautiful relationship with my divine feminine nature. ????????????

  15. Annie Desjardins

    Very feminine – light in colour hapé! Gentle and beautiful .????

  16. redheadparadis (verified owner)

    I began my journey with this beautiful blessed medicine. The very best way to describe what is experienced is “clarity-way to heaven “.
    As I continue on from the genesis of my life-altering journey… this particular Hape’ will travel in my medicine pouch. ♥️

  17. (verified owner)

    This is my rarest used Hape, and that is only because it is POWERFUL for clearing heart blocks and any other heart centered things… it’s powerful and I use this when I feel defeated and need that warrior spirit from the feminine side to be amped and supported!

    I use this for groups of women when we are diving into deep work as this blend really helps give a wholesome support with a determined outlook… I recommend this to anyone seeking uplifting in their divine feminine essence being restored or strengthened… when I need that support of warrior priestess energy this is the blend I always reach for!

  18. Joette Shaffer

    This blended medicine has allowed me to go even deeper with my feminine energy healing journey and also helps me embody my true feminine essence.

  19. casandra.m.lamas (verified owner)

    Feminine Force Hapé has changed my life! This soft but very present blend has preciously connecting me to my heart, femininity and masculinity. In Nov. 2020 this Hapé was my first to order and first to work with. Nixiwaka Yawanawa story of his people and years of attending indigenous ceremonies connected me with walking my journey with this Hapé. Highly recommend!
    Thank you Tribes and Four Visions Market for allowing access to these special medicines in other regions!
    In Good Health and Happiness A’ho!

  20. ddau910 (verified owner)

    So beautifully captures the feminine. It takes me straight to my whom and grounds me in a gentle motherly loving embrace.

  21. tabyew (verified owner)

    Such deep reverence and eternal gratitude for the ancient wisdom this medicine holds. The day before my couples’ ceremony, a lot of powerful energy was coming up for me; I was exasperated and filled with intense anxiety and trepidation. I received guidance to sit with this particular rape and it seemed to help a little bit. The next day after beginning my couples’ ceremony with my partner, within 10 minutes, I began to purge the medicine and shortly thereafter, out of absolutely no where, this wise benevolent rape being had me purge from the depths of my soul to freedom! This ancient sacred medicine’s wisdom had been sitting in me all the night before, working on me and listening to my prayers for healing and she cleansed out EVERYTHING that was blocking me and my partner from Divine Union… humbled and eternally grateful for this profound sacred healing. A’ho

  22. 21monica.gonzalez

    Feminine Force is so beautiful! It truly is a full body experience every time that grounds and warms you!

  23. Myriam Servant

    This hapé is helping me to connect my feminine energy I feel more magnetic, sexy, creative, and to embrace the queen in me safely

  24. Starr_Light

    One of my favorites!! Connecting with the feminine forces has been transformative and heart opening.

  25. krystinmrogers

    This is my favorite hape! A few months ago mother ayahuasca told me to connect with my divine feminine and to heal the family trauma trapped in my womb and this hape has 100% helped me with this! I’ve paired this hape with the four visions Warmi Killa tincture and the Womb Cleansing yoni steam blend. I’ve also been taking the voice of the womb: sings of wisdom online course offered by Four visions. The combination has been very healing and magically!
    The feminine force hape immediately helps you connect with your divine feminine and to your womb! I believe every woman should have this powerful plant medicine! My meditations are very powerful and I give thanks to Four visions for providing such quality products!
    This hape is obviously made with much love, care and is blessed by cosmic powers!
    If you need to connect to your feminine force and/or heal trauma within your womb then this hape is a must have!

  26. morganlove1111 (verified owner)

    Such a beautiful, heart opening medicine. This one connects in such a loving and powerful way to the earth.

  27. Yati (verified owner)

    I work with this hape frequently on my clients that have an excessive amount of masculine energy. This Divine femanine awakening blend is gentle yet impactful. Once the energies cranial explosion begins to ease, I literally feel the energy pour from my head down my spine into my luminous body like golden honey. The emanating aura around everyone I share this with has an instant and notable change of higher frequency and heart congruence. This blend is incredible for pre-meditation to unearth the Kundalilini Shakti energy with yoni activation and breath work. Love this blend.

  28. Max Raphael (verified owner)

    My main feeling from this hapé is “Harmonizing”. This beautiful medicine simply invites all my energies to come into balance. I love using it for womens gatherings and for newcomers to the medicine. It’s gentle, with a subtle power that comes in waves. It often inspires stillness and is perfect for meditating, for quieting down and tuning in, with others or just yourself. One of my favorite blends.

  29. Sara Carson (verified owner)

    this is one of my favorite hápes! i always tell people, i feel like the ladies got me when i use this. it gives me visions and remembrances of ancestors and i feel enveloped in a hug. if you’re new to hápe i promise this stuff is not like when you go to a vape store and get something worthless- you will feel this strongly. it brings me a lot of clarity.

  30. Ashley Danford (verified owner)

    Have always loved this hapè to tap into the divine feminine and feel it’s full force.

  31. brelederer (verified owner)

    This Feminine blend is one of my all time favorite blend. It’s light and gentle. A huge heart opener! It’s my go-to when I’m unsure what I need. I like to blend it with the grounding hapé or with the eyes of the Jaguar ! So I say it’s a great blending Hapé???? so thankful for this medicine. Truly. Thank you four visions.

  32. Christina Perez (verified owner)

    I love this blend. It is my go to blend because I needed that feminine energy. It’s strong and exactly what you need.

  33. klaroe (verified owner)

    I love the strength in the softness of the energy off this hapè. It’s gentleness warms my heart and opens it in a beautiful capacity ????

  34. melissa.jackson12218 (verified owner)

    Muchas Muchas Gracias Pachamama for all the magnificent ways you hold the sacred waters, birth thing, grow things, shelter us, protect us, feed us, care for all the beautiful beings on this planet, recycle the things that die, seed and rebirth. ???????? Thank you to the wise well ancestors, elevated ones, benevolent ones, spirit guides for your love guidance, wisdom, and offerings of the sacred ancient knowledge. It is a great honor to be here in this body. To be a clear grounded channel to remember your ways of walking on this earth in a good way is a great honor. Thank you great spirit for choosing us to be your medicine people.???????? Thank you hapé for your medicine. I deeply bow to your medicine. I consent to your medicine and healings.
    Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Blessed be!
    Blessed be!
    Blessed be!
    Shoooooo shooo

  35. kateandrusherbert

    This is my favorite hape. It is my number one choice. It was given to me as a gift and I have been so grateful for it’s healing power in my meditation.

  36. Kiki (verified owner)

    I used this hape in healing work i was doing to reconnect with my feminine energy. Immediately it was teaching me the powers of receiving and accepting. I enjoyed using this hape to gain clarity, to open myself and connect with the present moment.

  37. viburnum2017 (verified owner)

    This hape holds a very strong tribal feminine energy. It returns to the natural wild rhytms of life with a very keen and deep connection to nature. If you feel the call for wilderness and all the powerful Mother deep healing this is an unconditionally strong channel. It brings the body back to the natural and primordial rythms. If you feel the potent call to heal the Madre energy of your generation this is it. AHO. Endless gratitude to the Medicine and Mama Tierra. To life !!!

  38. kerrymac129

    What an absolute powerhouse of a hape. As I have continued to deepen my connection with this medicine, she has assisted in shedding energies that no longer serve my spirit and has enabled my reconnection with the insight of my natural femininity, all with divine grace and compassion. My sincerest gratitude to the Yawanawa tribe and Four Visions for allowing this hape to journey to my heart and being.

  39. MargaretOdell-Basak (verified owner)

    This Hape is very smooth and uplifting for me. When I was in a deep mediation, I felt the divine femininity come to life within me. “We are everything,” was he message I received. I feel so honored to have the ability to have access this sacred Hape thanks to Four Visions, the tribes, and all our spiritual ancestors. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ♥️

  40. LilianClemente (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorite Hapés, it’s also the strongest for me. I love the visions I’m able to access with this and the nurturing, yet powerful feeling it gives me. This Hapé has helped me get through a difficult time of my life… I can never go without it.

  41. Rachel Stevens (verified owner)

    Taking this hape’ really helps me to connect my beautiful feminine guides. It helps me feel empowered and in touch with my divine feminine side. It’s compassionate, empathetic, and patient. It helps open my heart to receive the love of my guides, and all of natures consciousness.

  42. Ashley Hamson (verified owner)

    This was the first hape I tried from four visions and it was excellent! This year has been all about connecting to my feminine and this hape has added so much to my meditation practice and ceremonial space! I am so grateful to have found this beautiful shop with so many amazing products!

  43. AlexanderDavis (verified owner)

    one of my all time favorit during time of frustration or blockage I say a prayer to the mother and feel the instant heart opening realise can’t express the graduated and love this brings❤️‍????

  44. kim_wilson12345 (verified owner)

    I love this one went I want something gentle and nurturing, or to use to unlock my feminine force prior to meditation.

  45. klive100 (verified owner)

    Just like with the feminine in general, do not be fooled by the name and think that this is a light, whimsical hapé. This is one of the strongest hapé’s I have used to date. Feminine FORCE is true to it’s nature. Whether myself or my masculine-indentifying friends use this medicine, we are all humbled by it’s strength. Full body tingles brings us directly out of our mind and into our bodies. I personally use this when wanting to help heal and sooth my sexual trauma wounds. Often tears of gratitude spring up when holding my womb and heart after using this medicine and I am reminded just how vital the feminine is in all of us. Thank you!

  46. ValeriaTchary (verified owner)

    This hape is strong but gentle. Beautifully flows through all chakras to clear any blockages and provides peace & tranquility. Love this one!

  47. satanamagigi (verified owner)

    This was the first time i ordered two different hapes and i was blown away that they can be so profoundly distinct in their healing gifts. Where Bullet is more masculine and takes me like an arrow into prayer, Feminine Force radiates through my heart chakra connecting me to everything in the natural world around me in a tender and expanding embrace. Reunited. Deep gratitude to the Yawanawa people for taking me into spaces I had not found on my own.

  48. JennaWilliams (verified owner)

    I tend to lean more on my masculine energies. The last 5 years I’ve worked on leaning more into my feminine energy. I like to use this hápe when I feel I’m needing help in balancing the two. This one is gentle when I need it.

  49. weijon317 (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this Hape, but it’s not my favorite. For me, it is more of a mellow presence, and it has a relatively ashy, dry kind of aromatic flavor. I prefer the kick of the Divine Rose Mother for connecting with the feminine presence, but this is a great mellow alternative. I think it is a good choice for those new to the practice or more sensitive to the effects of Hape.

  50. stewed.jesse (verified owner)

    Just received my order, thank you!

    You all really hooked it up.

    Appreciate your customer service and attentiveness to detail. I will be recommending you to my friends.

    Best 🙂

  51. darcy (verified owner)

    This is one of the best feminine energy hapes. It helps with connection and opening of the heart.

  52. shibbyishere (verified owner)

    Noticed something happening to me earlier in the day. That feeling of home, her divine nature of life. She is truly a force.

    This hape is simply incredible. The energy it carries goes beyond the physical. Very very strong. I have tried several over the course. I may have used it in ways that was not intended. Though I have grown to respect the medicine. And appreciate all the hard work and love put into its availability.

    Thank you, dearly so.

  53. sarah.w.rose (verified owner)

    I participated in a powerful ceremony conducted by members of the Yawanawa tribe and this hapé in combination with the Tsunu hapé has helped immensely with my post ceremony integration and my overall life transition that includes mindfulness as a daily practice. After some time working with the medicine, I choose either Feminine Force or Tsunu for reasons that are difficult to put into words. I recommend Feminine Force when you want to feel the féminine embrace of a lineage of powerful medicine women. The definition, the understanding of “feminity” evolves with this medicine – and I believe the divine feminine can be cultivated and embraced by all genders. I am forever grateful to the Yawanawa people and working with their hapé connects me to them and that life-altering experience. And I am grateful to Four Visions for acting as an intermediary and providing access to this powerful medicine. Haux haux !!!

  54. snell.logan

    Opens up the right side of the body. Feminine and warm. Helpful in balancing sexuality.

  55. owligatorman

    One of my absolute very most favorite hapes. I enjoy working with it consistently to ground, quiet the mind and open the heart.

  56. Amy Barackman (verified owner)

    I was given a large dose of this hape in a San Pedro ceremony and it was so incredibly *powerful* at clearing ancestral and past life karma that I had to buy some of my own. I am loving working with it solo, and feel that it absolutely is helping me to continue to clear karma and blocks around my heart. Many thanks to these women and Four Visions for making available such beautiful medicine! 💕

  57. c.dinatale (verified owner)

    This is my go to hapè when i need grounding or before meditation. Been using it during ceremonies and it really helps open you up tp the spirit realm. I would absolutely recommend adding this to your collection. Thank four visions for amazing products!

  58. trinashirk (verified owner)

    I am so grateful for Four Visions Market. I am a member of the Hape Lovers Club and get to try and experience many of the different Hapes. I use this hape for grounding before I do my morning meditation. It is wonderful,

  59. marioleyva427 (verified owner)

    This Hapé is one if my truly favorites. I am in love with this one. It’s strong yet gentle if that makes any sense. It opens up your heart and your senses and makes you feel at peace within yourself. I am fairly new to this practice and have about 6 different Hapés to learn from and I can tell you that they each have their own magic. Thank you Four Visions for making this beautiful medicine available for us. Blessings 🙏

  60. Annette (verified owner)

    One of my favorites. Especially those looking to find balance between their divine feminine and masculine. I love this one because for the majority of my life I’ve operated primarily in my divine feminine after finding myself at the lowest point in life. I made a conscious decision to rebuild and allow my divine feminine to dominate. The visions I get after using this hape are quite lovely and help me mindfully work on cultivating my feminine qualities while healing and manifesting my future.

  61. gzinovoy

    This is a really beautiful, grounding Hapé. It has a strong impact, but is still a gentle experience. Gracias Four Visions <3

  62. katie.bigras (verified owner)

    The feminine force hape is so beautiful to sit with.

    I sit with this hape when I feel the need to soften.

  63. cgbean13 (verified owner)

    I love this hape! It truly helps me access the feminine force within everytime I sit with this beautiful medicine. I naturally have a lot of masculine energy and this lovely ally helps me to balance that with the beautiful feminine energy so that I feel more aligned. It is gentle yet powerful. A must have for any collection or if you need to balance your masculine energy. I highly recommend and am so grateful! Thank you four visions!! 👏

  64. katie.bigras (verified owner)

    The feminine force is so beautiful. Sitting with this hape, I feel held in the loving arms of the divine mother.

  65. Amanda Batcheller (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this hapé! It was the first one that I purchased from Four Visions and it has been a staple in my daily practice. It carries such a beautifully gentle, yet powerful grounding energy. You can truly feel the spirit of this hapé and the love and prayer that is poorer into its preparation. This hapé holds the true essence of the divine mother and leaves you feeling nurtured, loved, and held. I would recommend the Feminine Force to anyone! It has so many amazing qualities, thank you so much!

  66. Kendra Julian (verified owner)

    I love Feminine Force Hapé. It is such a beautiful Hapé that helps to ground you and connect with your Feminine energy. When using I sometimes speak in a language not known to me. When I do I feel such a loving warmth and such gratitude. I definitely recommend.

  67. breed12 (verified owner)

    This is such a divine heart opener and instills balance between my energies. This hapé and Vine of the Soul hapé are my favorite for grounding and stepping into my feminine power. AHO!

  68. justin (verified owner)

    As a man I was somewhat hesitant to try this one. I think different blends can affect you differently depending on where you are, and for me this one hit hard and stirred up a lot of emotions that needed releasing. But really, even men need balance and this is great at awakening and opening those feminine energies

  69. valensolymar

    This hapé.. I really like it so much, it has that very smooth feminine energy but very powerful at the same time. One of my favors!

  70. freecrazy2 (verified owner)

    Have been using this feminine strength hape for a while as a nighttime routine before bed. I sleep well, wake up feeling good and ready to take on the next day in a good frame of mind. Sometimes I have dreams/visions during the night which has served me well. I just came to the bottom of my canister of this hape and feel so sad! Time to order another one!! ❤️

  71. damacrystals (verified owner)

    This is my favorite hapé and I recommend it to everyone. It’s gentle yet powerful so it’s good for all levels of proficiency. Feminine Force hapé gave me the gift of clairaudience, and I hear my higher self and other guides come through when I sit with it.

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