Divine Feminine Lotion


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Traditional to the cultures of ayahuasca, agua de florida is a floral water made to cleanse, bring sweetness, and offer protection. These lotions are made specifically with the feminine plants of sage, rosemary, lavender, basil, and roses, with the intention of increasing your feminine strength and connection to your power. Use it in meditation or to cleanse your spiritual bodies. Apply it generously over your body and inhale the essence of the sweet woman.

This lotion is made with a powerful intention to deepen one’s connection to the feminine. Good for both men and women. When we use the sweet herbs of the woman, we are invoking the spirit of the Great Mother and the Feminine Principle, whose qualities are unconditional love, compassion, grace, and sweetness to come and bless our life.

2 reviews for Divine Feminine Lotion

  1. shanocc96

    There is something so magical about products such as this one made with clear and conscious intention. We can go deeper into so many different aspects of life and true self care one of my favorite ways to expand the embodiment in my connection to my soul container and this beautiful earth realm. This is a great tool for this very practice as well as honoring the divine feminine????

  2. jordan.marleyweaver7

    This is a beautiful product that has amazing intentions and connects to the feminine energy of source. I’m so grateful for visions allows for me to learn from various tribes to keep indigenous cultures knowledge sacred

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