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Coquindo Oil


limited quantity of this limited edition product

Our coquindo oil is handcrafted by a dear friend and medicine brother in Colombia. Coquindo is a powerful and very sacred and rare seed that comes from the Amazon. Within this seed holds a prayer for sweetness and abundance. This high grade essential oil is the perfect tool to anoint yourself and bless yourself in meditation and prayer to bring forth this sweetness and abundance in your life. A wonderful addition to the healing toolkit. 10 ml.

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11 reviews for Coquindo Oil

  1. jazibebe (verified owner)

    Absolutely lovely, sweetness of life every time I open the bottle, mind drifts to magical place which feels like fairies bursting forth specifically just to help me… & a substantial amount of $$$ came to me within a month of using it! Thank you so much my Amazonian brothers & sisters. We prosper together!

  2. krystinmrogers (verified owner)

    I love love love this coquindo oil! It’s an essential part of my morning routine! The scent is lovely and invigorating! I’ll put it on when I need a pick me up too! My family also loves it, we’re obsessed and just ordered 2 more bottles because we use it soo much! I will always buy this coquindo oil!

  3. Amber (verified owner)

    Beautiful oil, I very much appreciate its sweet essence and am just starting to use it!

  4. luminousliquidlight

    I absolutely LOVE this oil. It has such a gorgeous, healing and unique smell that is so soothing to my heart and spirit. I highly recommend this beautiful essential oil. Its so worth it to have such a rare and precious oil like this.

  5. Max Raphael (verified owner)

    This is really a beautiful oil with an enchanting energy and fragrance. It really does bring out the sweetness of life <3
    I like to mist it around myself to bring some levity, and mix it with Florida Water to elevate its energies. Definitely an ally, especially when working with healing darkness, heaviness or struggle.

  6. andrew20289 (verified owner)

    This oil is incredible!! My favorite oil by far!!! I’mso obsessed I had to stock up so I won’t run out!
    I use it every single day, it’s a must have for me! I work in a high stress environment and I put this oil on to help combat the negative energies, and it truly helps! I struggled at work before I found the coquindo oil and since I started using it, I have a much better work experience!

    Everyone needs this! It’ll change your life!!

    Much, much love and gratitude!!!

  7. NickGiftai (verified owner)

    Wonderful aroma, full of magic and gets me feeling good. The aroma lasts a very long time on the skin and clothes. If I put it on my armpits, it attracts mates. My only complaint is that it’s somewhat thin, more of an extract (but it is very potent despite the thin consistency). Does not combine with a carrier oil unless shaken so that tells me its probably not 100% essential oil. I can’t find this anywhere else so its quite special the way it is.

  8. lisawebb1776 (verified owner)

    I’ve been using essential oils on my feet and back of neck for about 25 years. This is one of my favorites! I like to use it before I hape…some of the smell goes in my nose! Will always keep in stock!

  9. Inga Bylinkina (verified owner)

    This has become a reliable ally from the first sniff! I put it on every time before I go outside and it helps me to carry positive vibes through the day and share good energy with the world. I also use it as anointing oil in my rituals and during ceremonies. Such a unique sweet perfume-y smell, and it doesn’t get boring. I feel so blessed to be able to envelop my body into this special essence of abundance from the Amazon! I want to give it to everyone I care about.

  10. JustinBourdet (verified owner)

    LOVE! this oil smells like ceremony. It is such a thorough ally. It might smell different to each person, for me there is a buttery medicinal cough syrup opening that i simply love. Long lasting on the skin, and adds a beautiful element to my practice. I notice smaller doses are called for and a longer lasting sensation when partnered with tobacco. A very body loving experience. I dont want to say this was a “missing piece” but i feel a new level of support that i had been craving. Superb.

  11. AnneFord (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this beautiful oil and reach for it all the time. The aromatic sweetness of this lovely, uplifting oil stays fragrant on me for a long time. It reminds me of ceremony!

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