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Copal & Copaleiro Set


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Copal is ancient resin used throughout the Americas in sacred practice and ceremony. This white copal comes from the Amazon jungle of Colombia. It is hand harvested in prayer and reverence by local tribes. This great starter set offers awesome savings and has everything you need to get started smudging your home! Includes a beautiful cast iron copaleiro, a 6oz bag of copal, and a roll of quick lighter charcoal coals. Just put flame to one of the coals for about 10 seconds and it will start to burn red. Place it inside the copaleiro and lay a small piece of copal upon the burning charcoal to let the smoke burn. This sweet little copaleiro is perfectly convenient in size yet does the job superbly, and will generate enough smoke to smudge your entire home, office, car, or sacred space.

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4 reviews for Copal & Copaleiro Set

  1. Casandra Lamas (verified owner)

    This copaleiro set is perfect size and easy to light. Love copal for smudging my home. This white copal is beautiful and bright. First known of copal as si-tahp-i-khan-inew-inew in Cree in a sweat ceremony. Very fortunate this smudge is more accessible to find. This is a great starter set.
    In Good Health & Happiness A’ho!

  2. matthew.whorral (verified owner)

    I purchased this set several years back, and it’s been part of my daily rituals ever since. I am physically challenged, so I was looking for a sturdy incense burner with a handle to use for smudging. This fit my needs perfectly. The incense stayed potent and fresh until the last grains were used. The holder’s a bit heavy, but that’s what’s needed to keep the hot bricks from burning your skin, or causing fires. I’d humbly advise that you not carry the cauldron for more than five minutes at a time. (The handle that’s pictured is made of reinforced wire, but still thin). My unit came with a cast iron handle, which heats up with continued use. I carry a small heatproof trivet, so I can set it down if needed). The burner pot was also back cast iron, and it’s decorated with pentacle. While it’s still a symbol of protection and a positive icon representing a recognized spiritual path; please be mindful of this if you choose to order the set. The blue pot that’s pictured might not be what you receive. Still a wonderful set overall.

  3. MaxWeltman (verified owner)

    The little pot that came with the coals and the copal works great – but be careful – it will fill your room with smoke! It set off my smoke alarms the first few times I used it lol. But this kit was great, because I originally ordered copal without any coals or place to burn it, and I was ecstatic to see this full kit being offered!

  4. mindysfitness (verified owner)

    Great set. High quality and perfect starter set!

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