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Colombian Bamboo Kuripe


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These beautiful self applicators come from a dear medicine brother and friend of Four Visions, Jhon Freddy Cepeda. Jhon has been walking the medicine path for nearly two decades and is an incredible healer and artist. These pipes are durable, well made and beautiful. Color is chosen at random. Easy to clean, lightweight, simple kuripes to support you in your hapé practice!

Hapé is a powerful plant medicine used to focus the mind, release negative energies, and connect you with the Creator through deep, restorative prayer. Our applicators take on all the energy that we let go of in each hapé prayer, and so over time, they do start to carry this weight. 

That is why it’s important to cleanse your applicator regularly. You can do so with sage or copal, or by using one of our healing lotions and applying a special prayer for cleaning.

Even so, there comes a time when our applicator has completed its service. It often synchronizes with the completion of a period of tremendous spiritual growth, a chapter closing, or the intention to begin to call forth a new prayer into your life. Of course, applicators also wear with use, and so eventually, there comes a point when your applicator is no longer serving its purpose as well as you would like.

When this occurs, it is important to give your kuripe or tepi back to the Earth in prayer as a spiritual offering. You can plant the applicator, along with offerings of sage, tobacco, or cedar, giving thanks for all the prayers it witnessed and supported during its time with you. It can also be given as a form of spiritual payment, asking the Earth Mother to help you let go of something that has been holding you back, or planting it with the intention of calling forth a new way of being into your life. 

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44 reviews for Colombian Bamboo Kuripe

  1. Sandee Budreau (verified owner)

    So beautifully made. I was impressed with the bright color and excellent craftsmanship.

  2. Jenna Williams

    Great quality. I love that it’s simple and the feather is a nice touch.

  3. Anne Kerry Ford

    My favorite Kuripe is this one (complete with its tiny feather) which goes with me everywhere. It is light, portable, easy to use, and most of all, I can tell it was made with love.

  4. holly.fuerst

    I could feel the package vibrate before opened it like a crystal sending its divine healing energy into my heart. These pieces are so full of love they radiate. it is truly a sacred tool. The feather and stone is so beautiful , just holding it connects you to the elements. Beautiful and pure!

  5. honeyintea (verified owner)

    My Kuripe arrived and the colors were so perfect ? thank you

  6. seannvl (verified owner)

    Fine craftsmanship and wonderful energy. I did have to shorten the mouth-piece to make for a more comfortable fit. A minor modification. I love it. Thank you!

  7. Eve Richardson

    Great tool. Not too short like others I have had. Beautiful design

  8. denise.m.cole (verified owner)

    So beautiful! The colors are amazing and it is lighter in weight than I expected. Love! Love Love it!

  9. jesskelly20

    Beautiful color easy to use love this tool.

  10. laelaml (verified owner)

    Beautifully made. The colors are really vivid, and as others have said, very light weight. My one complaint is that the angle of my kuripe is much too large to fit into my nose without having to either pull my nostril up, or my lips out.

  11. niloo_chitsaz (verified owner)

    its a beautiful , piece of art applicator, and I really love it

  12. adrianmarroquin92 (verified owner)

    The craftsmanship of the kuripe i received was amazing. I’m not sure how Four Visions can offer products of such high quality for the prices we pay and still afford to give half of those prices we paid back to the Amazon. I’m so thankful for you.

    Since acquiring a kuripe from you It has taught me so many different things in regards to my own administration and even methods to utilize my tepi more efficiently as well.

  13. krystinmrogers

    I love this kuripe! It’s beautiful and quality of craftsmanship is obvious! I use it daily and it’s still in perfect shape! I love the feather, I have a connection with birds and so the feather adds an extra layer of magic to this piece. The size is perfect, it’s easy to use and it’s perfect for traveling!

  14. Eve Richardson

    We love this one. Great tool, beautiful. Great craftsmanship

  15. jawstarchuk93 (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE my Colombian Bamboo Kuripe, the colors are stunning. I am new to Harpe but I started out with 3 types, I am impressed with them all (see other comments), this Kuripe works beyond fantastic with all 3 I have tried)

  16. Casandra Lamas (verified owner)

    Crafted elligently. I love bamboo and the colors match was perfect. I love the touch of a macaw feather at the end, everytime I use my kuripe I give thanks to the bamboo and macaw for my journey before Hapé. Quality work.
    In Good Health & Happiness A’ho

  17. Bridget Wright (verified owner)

    This is my first Kuripe and I love it. It fits and works perfectly. I like that it is small and simple, yet the colors and the feather add to my ceremony. Now I want another one to add to my collection.

  18. Jessica Martinez (verified owner)

    This piece was so well made and beautifully put together. It comes with a couple of colorful feathers that make me think of the beautiful birds around this area. Love it!

  19. stephanie.l.moya (verified owner)

    Since they pick at random which kuripe you’ll get, I was nervous I wouldn’t like the one I got. Well it came in and was beautiful. Easy to use and hold.

  20. ddau910 (verified owner)

    It carries a light energy, is cute and very well made. I travel with it a lot so am impressed to see how well it continues to hold up! I do give it five stars for what it is yet if were to buy again would probably choose one with two blow holes for easier administration.

  21. Amber (verified owner)

    This kuripe is beautifully made and perfect size. The colors are beautiful and I love the simple design.

  22. laurennshane24 (verified owner)

    I love that these kuripés are chosen at random. It was so exciting to receive their vibrant color wrappings and bird energy too-I love birds ???? I recently ordered another for my partner and I’m stoked about the baby blue cos that’s his favorite color right now, ????I smiled so big taking a peak.???? As for actual application it’s easy to use, well made, comfortable and effective, the only thing is at times some hapé will sit at the bottom even being blown a little more strongly so I’ll pour it back into my hand and do it again-no big deal. I still enjoy them ???? Thank you again so much!

  23. NenadRistic

    I have two of those kuripés, and each one is an exquisite work of art. I can feel the energy from them even just holding them in my hand. They provide a wonderful flow, and are easy to clean.

  24. red.dust (verified owner)

    I purchased this style as I began hape and it was wonderful. A new kuripe stepped forward as I deepened my journey, Well made.

  25. Moni

    It’s beautifully made and is so crucial to the hapé experience.

  26. SusanDiVita (verified owner)

    I love the smoothness of this kuripe. It is colorful and lightweight.

  27. severneaton

    These are beautifully crafted. I’ve been ordering these and giving as gifts for people starting to use hapé themselves. Highly reccomend these kuripes…

  28. mitchlover304119

    My friend bought 2 of these from this market and they, like everything else are so expertly crafted. I feel like whenever I get a package from Four Visions it just hits different. This product in particular is beautiful. I love the feather addition as it adds more of a delicate feel. After my friend introduced me to this product, I knew I needed one for my own hape.

  29. andrew20289 (verified owner)

    Excellent kuripe! Perfectly made, beautiful, powerful, light weight and compact yet very sturdy and great for everyday use! You just can’t get anything better, I mean it’s handmade by brother Jhon at a good price!
    I use it everyday, I’ve taken it with me into the forest and I’m very impressed with its durability!!
    Thank you brother Jhon for this powerful kuripe! It’s an essential part of my practice and I’m very thankful!

  30. Kiki (verified owner)

    I loved this Kuripe. The colors and feather and bead were really beautiful. The size was perfect and application was really effective. I was surprised by how much smaller and lighter it was, from the photos I was expecting something with more heft. However, it was a welcomed surprise, especially since the design seemed to work so well.

    Im giving it 3 stars because only after a month of normal use the string started to unravel and needed repair work. After repairing, unfortunately the string never really looked right and the kuripe became slightly awkward to use.

  31. soulbrothu

    These Kuripes are well made and are beautiful, but most of all they work correctly and are easy to clean.

  32. FunkyEssentials (verified owner)

    I like that you know what you’re getting, but don’t. The actually wrappings and color combo is a surprise, but well made and easy to use. I love this. It came in my favorite color! Thank you FVM. I tell all my friends about you. <3

  33. ValeriaTchary (verified owner)

    Love these, have ordered two and very easy to clean, and administer the hape, easy to blow with. Beautiful craftsmanship and materials especially the feathers????

  34. beeniemann7 (verified owner)

    Just holding this Kurpie and giving gratitude is working wonders. Love how it well-made it is and the ease of use.

  35. Christine Bear

    My friend gifted me one of these precious kuripes. It’s a simple, light design that I use the most of the 3 I own.

  36. Ashley Hamson (verified owner)

    This was my first kuripe I purchased and it was perfect! I loved the colors and it was great quality and easy to use! Definitely recommend!

  37. corystrain (verified owner)

    This little beauty is very well made with love, the feather reminds me of a little bird in the Amazon. Excellent quality. It was too long for me so I had to cut it when I received it but it’s one of my favourites now.

  38. kingdomhealth (verified owner)

    This is a magical tool for spiritual refinement. It is sturdy and will last some time. My feather fell off because I stuffed it in my bag a time or two. Take care of it and reverence it as a sacred artifact.

  39. Alli (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my Kuripe! As soon as I saw it, I knew it was meant for me. It’s absolutely beautiful and I can tell it was made with love.

  40. kurtsmith68 (verified owner)

    Love the design and details of this kuripe , design of it makes for easy application, thank you four visions

  41. Daniel Howard (verified owner)

    This kuripe is great. Works well and I love the color. Four visions is amazing.

  42. valenvisconti (verified owner)

    This is a great Kuripe, with all the beautiful energy from the hands of amazon natives from Colombia. The air flows really well, and it have a very nice natural aroma.

  43. Owen Seymour

    Beautiful and well made tool

  44. shelley (verified owner)

    Beautiful Kuripe is perfect and I feel such kind vibes from this company!

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