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Chilcuague Root of Gold Healing Spray


(18 customer reviews)
The word chilcuague has its origin in the Nahuatl because this plant was recognized as Chilcoatl (chil for spicy and coatl for the shape of its root that looks like a snake)…This the ultimate all purpose natural remedy. 
Known as raiz de oro, or root of gold, this plant carries many powerful healing properties. Its use dates back to the pre hispanic indigenous cultures of central Mexico. This medicine comes to us from the Sierra de Alvarez in Central Mexico. This potent plant extract has antiseptic, antibiotic, analgesic, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and digestive properties. Its uses are immense. 
Ingredients: chilcuague root distilled in organic cane alcohol.

1. External use:
Skin (Wounds/Rashes/Burns/Bug Bites): Use 1-2 sprays on skin 1-3 times per day to treat wounds and burns and to reduce inflammation.
Yeast Infections Dilute 3 sprays in half a cup of cold water and apply on affected area twice a day.

2. Internal use
Respiratory System (Bronchitus, Laryngitis, respiratory infections, common cough): Take 1-3 sprays internally in the mouth & swallow saliva. To reduce strength, dilute in a glass of water.
Digestive System (elimination of intestinal parasites, equilibrate pH and alleviate candida): For parasites, spray into 1/4 glass of water (50ml), stir with a spoon and drink. Repeat this procedure every morning for 7 days, preferably on an empty stomach. To balance pH and relieve heartburn, spray into mouth and swallow. For a diluted dose, spray into a glass of water and drink.
Mouth (Gingivitis, tooth pain, cold sores): 1-3 sprays in the mouth, on the gums or on the cold sore, after brushing teeth. Keep it in your mouth as long as possible and then swallow. To reduce strength, you can mix it with water and gargle/spit. 

– Keep out of the reach of children.
– Do not use during pregnancy and lactation.
– Any doubts the doctor should be consulted.

This product is not approved by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness. All product information is for educational purposes only. We recommend consulting your medical practitioner before beginning treatment.

*Consumption recommendations are based on use by traditional peoples.*

18 reviews for Chilcuague Root of Gold Healing Spray

  1. n.delorme3 (verified owner)

    This is such an intriguing medicine to connect with in terms of sensation! It has an indescribable flavor, and I definitely notice that it is healing for the mouth and helps with digestion.

  2. SorinaSimion-Rodgers (verified owner)

    I used it for seborrheic dermatitis (a fungal infection) and it worked amazing. Thank you!

  3. Walter (verified owner)

    Ok so it says to start with one spray & work your way up to more. But instead of heading to the directions i started with 3 sprays & one of them hit the corner of my mouth on my lip ????. At first I was like WOAH what in the heck is going on in my mouth right now! But it was never a negative experience. On the contrary it was quite pleasant. It’s definitely a strong & unique flavor. I’ve shared it with my wife & a couple friends. It’s 100% medicine & tastes as so but I’ve noticed that it sort of enhances my taste buds afterward. Like even water tastes better. Idk have never heard of this med before & now I love it. Thank you 4VM.
    Many blessings
    Haux, Haux

  4. aamizell (verified owner)

    My go to spray for any skin irritation,

  5. luminousliquidlight

    I absolutely love this! it is so amazing for many different reasons. I absolutely love having it and then drinking water. Highly recommended!

  6. Walter (verified owner)

    I love this medicine! It takes your whole mouth on a journey! It’s interesting how it enhances the flavors of everything afterwards too. I’m definitely going to be needing more of this in the future.

  7. MattKlasnick (verified owner)

    Amazing experience. Makes your mouth feel clean and refreshed!

  8. mitchlover304119

    I use this incredible, powerful spray for bug bites. In Florida, it feels like all we do is get eaten up by mosquitos, this tones down the itch and makes the welt disappear in half the time. For outdoor BBQ’s this is a must, so much better than spraying yourself and kids with toxic deet.

  9. klaroe (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful medicine with quite the incredible physical sensation associated with use of soft tissue areas. I sprayed some on a clogged pore near my lip and some got in my mouth, it truest does feel snake like. Fascinating. It works to clear infections on the skin quickly. ????????????

  10. breed12

    This root is absolutely magical and has the ability to help heal so many ailments in the body. This shows how powerful plants are and helps us remain healthy. Mother Nature is powerful!

  11. benst33zy

    Love how versatile and potent this stuff is. Really unique and does the job to heal the area it’s applied to. Any irritation on the skin that I’ve used this for almost magically vanishes within a day or two. Highly recommend.

  12. Rachel Stevens

    A friend gifted me some of this.
    To note, it is VERY overwhelming to take orally unless you dilute it.
    That said, I have never had anything help as much with tooth pain as this stuff. It also helped significant;y with my sore throat one day, and helped me get rid of a long-term chronic cough. I have also used it on skin wounds. It tastes very astringent, but the benefits outweigh everything.

  13. jross1982.jr (verified owner)

    Blown Away! Used this on my girly bits, as I’ve had a slight yeast imbalance for ages. Expected it to burn, but instead felt intense heat and radiation come in pulsating waves through the whole area. It felt otherworldly and magical. The medicine was absolutely going deep to flush out what doesn’t need to be there and rebalance me to a pure state. I’m just shocked and bewildered by its power! Order this!

  14. Inga Bylinkina (verified owner)

    This special medicine arrived just in time on a day I fell down and scratched my knees and elbows. I felt the strong support and guidance from the plant to use it immediately on my wounds. This along with Dragon’s Blood allowed my tissues to heal with minimal scarring. I also later tried it orally and what a trip you get in your mouth! All you need is one spray, possibly diluted at first, for a massive flow of saliva. It feels bubbly and very cleansing for the mucous tissues. I use it a bit like oil pulling and my gums love it.

  15. MargaretOdell-Basak (verified owner)

    I suffer from acne flare ups every now and then, to include occasional cystic acne on my shoulders and back. I’ve been using this potent medicine for a few days on my back and face and it has been clearing it all up and even speeded up the healing process. On my face, it feels so amazingly clean and tingly. I feel my pores opening for this medicine.
    I’ve also use in my mouth for a tooth that was bothering me and it immediately took the nuisance away. This medicine is a MUST to have on hand at all times.

  16. shezafnof27

    got this as a gift and its helped with a cut infection while traveling and I’ve suffered with cystic acne flare-ups and this medicine has made the inflammation go down within 2 days. also helps with tooth acnes, when I have a scratchy throat and helps with my digestion. I carry this with me at all times

  17. LolaBond (verified owner)

    This plant medicine is such a gift for me. It helped me with some serious periodontal gum issues for my teeth. Not to mention I have literally not been sick with a cold or flu for a year and a half since I began using it. It is an instant healer! Love it!! It’s like having an army of plant nanobots clean out your mouth!

  18. DaneMcDonald

    This spray works great to treat minor scrapes and cuts to prevent infections. Have been using it instead of Hydrogen Peroxide & Isopropyl alcohol on minor cuts and scrapes. It does sting when applying to any open injuries, so be prepared for that if you decide to use it on a larger area or a rash with broken skin. I used it a few times also when I was having some discomfort with my teeth. It works well, but it does have a somewhat tingling / numbing effect which is quite interesting. I’ll get this again when I run out, it’s quite handy to have available.

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