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Ceremonial Maraca With Hand Painted Handle


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 In the culture of yagé, music is a weaving that helps to call forth & celebrate the sound of creation, the sound of origin. It is a form of prayer, of expression of love, and of the celestial celebration that we all want to live on a daily basis. This rattle will serve as a dear companion on your path and accompany you in many ceremonies for many years to come.

These gorgeous hand made beaded gourd rattles are very powerful pieces. They are made by Jhon Fredy Cepda, a long time student of Taita Juanito and of the yagé tradition. Jhon is a powerful healer and artist and each one of his pieces are charged with the force of the jungle. Each rattle comes with a large, sustainably harvested macaw feather.

The macaw is a bird of fierce grace. It is the guardian of the air element and the celestial world in the yagé culture. The macaw feathers on these pieces are truly spectacular-in mint condition which is rare to find.

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2 reviews for Ceremonial Maraca With Hand Painted Handle

  1. Svetlana Bego

    The sound is absolutely divine! Makes me feel so happy! My protector too.

  2. Yati (verified owner)

    This rattle has the most incredible multi use sound. Slowly spin it for the rain, rattle to break up the energetic field, quick forceful pattern to awaken and call in the archetypal directions. I am so in love with it. The only reason I gave 4 stars is because the handle came cracked in 3 places (each section up the handle had a horizontal fracture) and though it has not broken, I do have to be very mindful and careful during use, and transporting it as I fear it will snap at one of these fracture points.

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