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Ceremonial Hand Carved Gourd Rattle


In the culture of yagé, music is a weaving that helps to call forth & celebrate the sound of creation, the sound of origin. It is a form of prayer, of expression of love, and of the celestial celebration that we all want to live on a daily basis. This rattle will serve as a dear companion on your path and accompany you in many ceremonies for many years to come.

These gorgeous hand made gourd rattles are very powerful pieces. They are made of a type of pumpkin that grows on a tree and represents the energy of the wind. They are made by Jhon Fredy Cepda, a long time student of Taita Juanito and of the yagé tradition. Jhon is a powerful healer and artist and each one of his pieces are charged with the force of the jungle. Each rattle comes with a sustainably harvested macaw feather.

The macaw is a bird of fierce grace. It is the guardian of the air element and the celestial world in the yagé culture. The macaw feathers on these pieces are truly spectacular-in mint condition which is rare to find.


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