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Ceremonial Chachas


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In the culture of yagé, music is a weaving that helps to call forth & celebrate the sound of creation, the sound of origin. It is a form of prayer, an expression of love, and of the celestial celebration that we all want to live on a daily basis.

These gorgeous handmade chachas are very powerful pieces and a healing instrument loved by many. Making chachas is a very arduous process. The entire design is dreamed into being over a long creation period of about 2 weeks. Each seed must be drilled one by one and the thread of the handle is woven in prayer. These chachas will serve as a dear companion on your path and accompany you in many ceremonies for many years to come.

They are made by Jhon Fredy Cepda, a long time student of Taita Juanito and of the yagé tradition. Jhon is a powerful healer and artist and each one of his pieces are charged with the force of the jungle.

***These chachas come in a variety of colors and meanings. If you would like to request a specific color for your chachas, then you can do so in the note section at checkout and we will do our best to honor your request.

4 reviews for Ceremonial Chachas

  1. Craig (verified owner)

    You truly appreciate the time and energy put into making these amazing Chachas when you see one in person. The artistry is world class and the sounds they are able to produce are chilling.

  2. DANETDE LEON (verified owner)

    The sound of these Chachas are otherworldly. Not only is it an expertly crafted musical instrument, but it also produces a sound and vibration that can be felt in the spirit world, these are amazing for setting intentions and calling in the spirits of your powerful plant allies. I don’t think I can live without these for the rest of my life. 🙂

  3. jordiwilson (verified owner)

    These Chachas are amazing. They have such a beautiful sound but when looking at them it is very apparent that the people who made these take great pride in their work. The people that craft anything you find on the four visions marketplace are incredibly talented and I don’t see this quality and care with anything you buy at a big box store.

  4. 507mspencer (verified owner)

    So grateful to have one of these incredible instruments. To me their sound is a gateway and link to the spiritual, a reminder of ceremony. The love that went into making it is apparent in its beauty.
    Thank you to Jhon and all the Four Visions family for providing these lovely tools. ♥️

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