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**Authentic Ingano Jewelry & Art (One-of-A-Kind/Fair Trade)**

Home to thousands of beautiful fauna, the Amazon is a thriving ecosystem of plants, animals, and the rhythms of nature.

For the Indigenous tribes of Putumayo, Colombia, this sacred connection between creature and plant is embodied by the beautiful artwork they create from the seeds of the cascabel tree. When woven together, the seeds create a unique sound, similar to that of a rattlesnake’s tail, which is how the tree got its name.

Our new batch of these seed necklaces come to us from Taita Juanito’s Aunt, Pastora, and her family. They are from the Ingano tribe of the Sibundoy Region of Putumayo, Colombia.

For the indigenous Amazon tribes, seeds represent creation and the bringing forth of blessings, dreams, and good things. Through them, we plant our hopes and prayers for the future. This is why these necklaces are so special and powerful. Within the cascabel seed represents abundance, the universe, and all of Creation. To wear these ceremonial necklaces is to enter into the world of prosperity and hope.

These necklaces call forth the strength of the Mother. They knock on the door and unlock the key to all of this information. The prayer woven into them is to ask the Creator to prepare your mind to receive divine consciousness. This is why these seeds are so important for the Ingano people, the sounds they make resonate with all of Creation so that this primordial energy may come and bless our lives. If one of these pieces calls to you, it is a sign that the Creator is offering you great protection, and encouraging you to seek the guardianship of the cascabeles as you move into this next chapter of your life.

These necklaces are traditionally worn in pairs. Due to the time intensive nature of preparing these pieces, we only have 16 pairs available. We won’t be able to get more for a few months. If you feel called to connect with these sacred seeds, set aside your necklaces today.

Made in: Putumayo, Colombia

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2 reviews for Cascabels

  1. Charlie Giles (verified owner)

    I bought myself these Cascabels and was overwhelmed when they arrived. SO much better than even expected. First of all they are wrapped with care and delivered so quickly, like everything I purchase from this site. The detail and care put into making these is beyond words. You can see how much care is taken into the detail. I feel so protected when wearing them. Thank you – Highly recommend this product.

  2. justin (verified owner)

    These Cascabels are almost too sacred to be sold online. From the beautiful beadwork to the enchanting rustling sound they make as you move, everything about these are perfect and the few times I have felt it appropriate to wear them I have been overwhelmed with gratitude that I could wear something so special.

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