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Bitter Bath Blend


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Use this Indigenous plant technology to extract bitterness from your life and offer protection. All you need to do is boil a big pot of water and pour in the bitter herbs, letting it simmer for about an hour. Take off the pot and let cool, and then strain the tea. To apply, use one cup of bitter bath every time you shower. Towel dry and then pour the bitter bath over your body and let it air dry, allowing the plants to seep into your pores. Do this with prayer & intention, calling forth the power of the bitter plants to heal & help you to release pain, trauma, and bitterness.

Ingredients: Tobacco, rue, white sage. All cultivated organically and lovingly in prayer.

This bag contains 6oz, enough herbs for approximately 2 gallons of bitter bath, to be used over 10 days. The minimum recommended amount of days to do this therapy is 3, the most is 10, followed by an equal amount of days of sweet baths.

1 review for Bitter Bath Blend

  1. ennaralee

    I really enjoyed the bitter bath process. I used the bath at night before bed and it helped me relax into sleep. The sent was different but comforting. On a side note I have oily hair that I am struggling with but this plant bath did help with oil control and my hair looked and felt great for much longer than normal.

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