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40 reviews for Ambil Pura

  1. MitchPrins

    Very cleansing/ purifying. The spirit of Father Mapacho really works deeply with oral use. I can feel and even smell his spirit within me even a week after I’ve stopped useing. Together with Mother Mambe they really help one align and express their highest divine truth.

  2. Anne Kerry Ford

    I am grateful to have extra ambil available, as I appreciate connecting my heart and my throat by using mambe and ambil together. Working with these medicines balances masculine and feminine divine energies in a beautiful and powerful way.

  3. kevinalexander723 (verified owner)

    I ordered two ambils and unfortunately one of them spilled during delivery. Fourvisions was grateful enough to quickly replace the product.

    This ambil has a smell of coffee and is liquidy, I was surprised after I found out that it does pack a decent punch and will provide you with a good amount of protection. Thanks fourvisions for offering this product!

  4. indigoplanetmusic (verified owner)

    Very powerful ambil. Excellent quality. Beautiful guiding and protecting energy

  5. n.delorme3 (verified owner)

    This is such a beautiful and powerful ambil. The medicine itself evokes an exquisite and heart-opening activation. It is the best ambil I have ever had the opportunity to connect with!

  6. Alexander Stone (verified owner)

    Powerful Ambil. It connects you with a certain spirit. A guidance watching over you.

  7. kambocurando (verified owner)

    Powerful batch of Ambil. I highly recommend it. I have had so much guidance and insights with this. I will purchase again.

  8. willemery1234

    This Ambil is a powerful ally on your spiritual journey. I’ve felt a significant shift in my life thanks to father tobacco.

  9. catchung11 (verified owner)

    Started forming my relationship with tobacco over the last year and this ambil paste is definitely powerful to help with that. It allows speech to become clear and open throat chakra for me

  10. laelaml (verified owner)

    The batch I received was bit more liquid paste than what I’m used to from other sources. However, its very strong. I’d recommend embracing father tobacco with mother mambe to balance and experience the depth of what this ambil can offer.

  11. Maleko76 (verified owner)

    Deeply energetic very grateful to have been able to work with this during ceremony and also at home with hapé

  12. GabrielKonsker

    This medicine is strong and powerful! Highly recommended!

  13. luminousliquidlight (verified owner)

    I am so grateful for the sacred medicine of Ambil & for this beautiful company sharing it to work with. Infinite gratitude

  14. krystinmrogers

    The best ambil I’ve had! The texture, taste and strength was perfect! It’s very obvious the ambil was made with a lot of love, respect and talent.
    I use it as apart of my meditation routine. While sitting in meditation. tobacco is a powerful plant medicine, this ambil has helped me to reflect on and observe my words to others. This is great to use if you have a difficult boss or you need an overall understanding of your own communication skills.

  15. budzy06 (verified owner)

    I’m blessed to have such a wonderful resource for this medicine, truly. Tabaco helps to open the door from the gross phenomenal world we know to the subtle realm of spirit. Great to have before and after meeting with powerful plants and spirits. Tabaco is a gracious guide in our exploration, a true friend indeed.

  16. Alexander Stone (verified owner)

    Great Ambil. This medicine is great to have in your prayers.. I helped heal my relationship with tobacco with Ambil, Able to give up addictive cigarettes while keeping the ambil sacred. Much Recommended to anyone who wants to pray with Tobacco.

  17. mitchlover304119 (verified owner)

    I was introduced to Ambil and Mambe at an indigenous medicines gathering a month ago which made me seek it out for myself. I was so excited to stumble upon Four Visions Market for this sacred medicine. The Ambil I received was such great quality that I tell my retreat friends about it. There is also a wonderful video on YouTube by Four Visions that gives you more information about the medicine. Thank you

  18. severneaton

    This paste is wonderful used in conjunction especially with mambé in sharing circles. I use it in ceremony as part of integration.
    Beautiful process.

  19. breed12

    The Divine Masculine balance is such a powerful thing to have, and Ambil paste really helps connect back to that source. This is the perfect paste to help clear the chakras and your energy, while supporting a deeper connection to masculine healing.

  20. benst33zy

    Really good Ambil and great with mambe. I can feel the loving father in this paste. Thank you fourvisions! Another great offering

  21. Kayla Belanger (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this ambil. Such an amazing ally. I have shared it with multiple people who have commented that it’s one of the best tasting they have had.

  22. andrew20289 (verified owner)

    Amazing ambil paste! When I first tried it, I was blown away by it’s quality and potency! This has been an essential part of my toolkit! I work in a very challenging, negative environment and I’ve been using the ambil to help. I’m now more aware of the words I use towards others and I’m more thoughtful of my actions. I thank this amazing ambil! I don’t ever want to be without it!

    I love the source of the ambil and the way in which it is made, it transports me to ceremony. Much love and appreciation to those making this! And to four visions for providing it!

  23. LilianClemente

    I had an intense experience with this Ambil Paste during a ceremony. It was beautiful, deep and healing. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to connect with it.

  24. gizzmo1.lh (verified owner)

    I am so extremely happy with the Ambil paste. I wasn’t sure over the last year if I wanted to try it or not. But then I watched our friend Mariah explain more about its use and the beautiful mix with the Mumbai to get the mail and female aspects. The first time I used it it was just a little intense as its flavor was quite strong. Yet the results of it were so nice on the times when I couldn’t sit with my Hape, I use just a small little piece like Mariah had suggested and felt this wonderful warmth and peace come into my being It was the surprise actually for I really didn’t know what to expect I really felt the balance when I added the cacao to it as well. I’m not sure if this goes along with it but I thought I’d add it as it was significant to me. I had had some trouble with a tooth and it was actually becoming quite painful. That just happened to be my left side of which I usually put the Ambil. Since I have a slight numbing effect from it I thought it would help after 2 days of clove oil which definitely helped just a little bit. I was so surprised when all of the pain had gone away from the tooth completely it has been three weeks now and the truth has not gone into pain mode whatsoever now I don’t want to claim that that healed that decaying tooth but I feel it’s a pretty awesome affect of using this sacred medicine. It went to exactly the place it was needed to go and I still have no pain in the tooth even though the crown even came off. So thank you Mariah thank you four visions market. And gigantic offerings of blessings grace and joy.

  25. JennaWilliams

    Very strong and powerful. I use this with Mambe. Great for the throat and heart chakra. Four Visions has great quality products and I’m thankful!

  26. WilliamReppe (verified owner)

    I feel this is the best Ambil that is available in the US. It has been very consistent and grounds me when needed. Now if I can get Mambe this quality in the states life wound be perfect…

  27. eyes983dl (verified owner)

    Thank you. Much needed. My mother’s health is fading. I’ve been crying non stop. With this and meditation I have been able to find peace. I wouldn’t have been able to write this review before without bursting in tears. Much needed at this time and much thanks.

  28. mikeialsmedley (verified owner)

    This paste Burns. Very effective and induces a meditative state but it burns. There are two things about taking this medicine without Mambe that concern me: one is if it is to be swallowed after saliva fills your mouth; two is if it is safe to take without Mambe as it burns and maybe even leaves a scar in the mouth.

  29. (verified owner)

    Great quality and super efficient delivery

  30. Daniel Rinchen (verified owner)

    This is powerful stuff… had about the size of a matchstick before some hapé. This REALLY kicks thing up a few notches. I have huge respect for this. I will continue to use at special times and will update my review based on findings. But so far I love everything that’s Four Visions Sells.

  31. MargaretOdell-Basak (verified owner)

    I finally decided to give Ambil a try. I used in conjunction with mambe. It has a salty taste, with a slight anesthesia effect in the mouth. Combining mambe with ambil was a very spiritual experience. This medicine helps put you in a meditative state very easily while bringing energy to your spirit and mind. I felt my third eye being stimulated during my meditation with this medicine. My words spoken to others after using flowed more fluently. This medicine is such a blessing. ❤️

  32. kurtsmith68 (verified owner)

    Just started using this ambil paste , I really like how this paste makes me feel , it’s just a grounding effect and calming, I would recommend this product too anyone. Thanks

  33. Kambô Kindi (verified owner)

    Thank you Four Visions for a very powerful healing tool for our toolkit. The consistency is perfect and the prayers enfused are felt and appreciated!

  34. amycynowa (verified owner)

    This product stood out for me as I am starting to learn how to facilitate Breathwork classes. I am trying it a couple times a week in my home practice. Thank you Four visions for providing powerful sacred medicine to us.

  35. kasey.c.acker

    I started my journey with four visions Market Pl. first with Ambil paste. I really didn’t know what I was getting into. I can feel the depth of prayer and healing within a few minutes opening my heart, and allowing my words to just flow with grace and ease. I highly recommend this Ambil to anyone. With gratitude

  36. breed12 (verified owner)

    The more I build my trust with ambil, the more I can feel myself grow within my grounding practice and the sacred botanicals of the Amazon. Thank you so much.

  37. justin (verified owner)

    This ambil has a great energy, is potent, and perfect for use with mambe.

  38. Jasmin the Raven Andjelkovic (verified owner)

    I took it tonight for the first time in my life, and woah, this stuff is deep. It brought me into a deep trance in which I also saw my MAIN spirit animal:) I feel more masculine now and more comfortable with my sexuality, OVERNIGHT! Maybe it’s not the ambil that’s responsible for those things, maybe it’s the Huni Kuin Murici Hapé that I took today in the afternoon which I bought from a different company. This ambil is grounding, very! grounding.

    For those who feel the urge “I need to dig deep, really deep”, take this stuff, it will completely or almost completely turn off your inner dialog.

  39. Pedro Peyolo

    Great quality Ambilcito!!! You can feel this Abuelito Tabaquito was prepared in prayer…. a bit on the saltier side (marróncito) , so I like to pace myself accordingly with this one so that my tongue doesn’t feel burnt the next day lol…. Aho!

  40. andybalmore86 (verified owner)

    Very fresh and smooth. Love it

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