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Ambi Yaco Kidney Support Tincture–Made by Taita Juanito


limited quantity of this limited edition product

We are proud to carry this special medicine made by our teacher, Taita Juanito. It is made with traditional plants in the way Juan learned from his lineage of botanists. He is of the Inga Pueblo of Putumayo, Colombia. As you take this tincture, you can connect with the wisdom of the indigenous peoples and their traditional ways of healing to heal yourself and activate your own power & strength.

Ambi Yaco is a recipe of Amazonian plants designed to cultivate warrior strength, offer kidney support and boost urinary tract health.

  • Ancestral recipe for awakening your Warrior Strength

  • Helps you build a powerhouse immune system and reduce inflammation in joints and muscles

  • Eliminates unwanted waste build up in your Kidneys and immediately removes acid with improved Kidney filtration

  • Alkalizes your blood, balances Urea and Uric Acid while healing your Urinary Tract

  • Assists in the reduction and elimination of Kidney stones

  • Supports your Renal health

Dosage of one dropper full is recommended, 1-2x per day.

Utica diolca (Ortiga): supports healthy kidney function
Bixa orellana (Achiote): Protects & strengthens kidneys, alkalizes and balances urea & uric acid, supports healthy urinary tract
Uncarla tomentoso (Cat’s Claw)-anti-inflammatory, stimulates immune system
Ormesia sp (Huayruro, the special red seeds of protection, traditionally used by the indigenous to support renal health)
Arrabidadea japurensis: supports elimination of toxins in the kidneys
Trattinnicria burserifolia

Zea mays (choclo): traditional corn is very good for detoxifying the kidneys and for elimination of kidney stones
chuquira spinosa
Other ingredients: water, organic cane alcohol

One bottle will last 1-3 months depending on with how much frequency you are working with it. Store in a cool dark place.

This product is not approved by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness. All product information is for educational purposes only. We recommend consulting your medical practitioner before beginning treatment.

*Consumption recommendations are based on use by traditional peoples.*

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3 reviews for Ambi Yaco Kidney Support Tincture–Made by Taita Juanito

  1. Svetlana Bego

    As an ex drinker and smoker my kidneys took a beating. I used to wake up with swollen eyes all the time. I knew it was the kidneys I needed to pay attention to. I did simply 1 cycle and no more puffy eyes. This will always be part of my regime. Thank you

  2. master_of_deathz_666 (verified owner)

    Good product ! all their products feel good !

  3. yeroshalmi (verified owner)

    I passed a kidney stone which I didn’t know I had one week after taking this ! Thank you Taita Juanito and Four Visions Market for saving me from multiple medical procedures !

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