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Agua del Aguila Spray


limited quantity of this limited edition product

Eagle Water Spray is a prayer of coming home to the innate strength and wisdom within. We are proud to offer our very own handcrafted Agua del Aguila, made in small batches with all natural ingredients from our own original recipe. For our signature spray, we wanted to create a fragrant water for grounding, protection, & clearing that could be used in shamanic ceremonies and healing work, as well as for a room fragrance or even as a body spray. Agua del Aguila got its name as it carries the plant allies of the North American tribes people, often represented by the Eagle.

Florida Vibrational Essences of Nettle, Yarrow, Tobacco, Oak, & Rosemary. Organic Essential Oils of White Sage, Tulsi, Rosemary, Cedarwood, & Vetiver. In a base of Organic Alcohol & Mount Shasta Spring Water.

This special, high vibrational agua de florida is the perfect addition to your medicine cabinet. With its sweet aroma & purifying prayers, we are sure you will quickly fall in love with this spray.

**We are very aware about the overharvesting of white sage in the American Southwest. For this reason, our Eagle Water contains only white sage oil that is sustainably grown on a small family farm in Southern California. Environmental preservation is of top priority to us**

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6 reviews for Agua del Aguila Spray

  1. klaroe (verified owner)

    This spray is beautiful. I cleanse my space with this before and during ceremony. I cover my body in it’s beautiful protective energy as part of my ongoing practice. I loved it so much that I’ve purchased 2. This is one of my favorite products and I’m so grateful for the connection to self and nature that it provides.

  2. benst33zy

    A friend sprayed our space before ceremony with this and I was blown away by the fragrance and clean calming energy that it filled the room with. I’m looking forward to getting my own bottle soon. It’s unlike any aromatherapy product I’ve ever tried.

  3. Lumi Azha (verified owner)

    I am in absolute LOVE with this healing spray. Such powerful sacred essences come together creating not only an incredible fragrance but also a potently strong protective and cleansing force. The tobacco essence is a rare gift to find in a spray. I will be purchasing this over and over again to use during ceremony, meditation and my massage therapy + energy healing practice. Thank you thank you thank you.

  4. GeriMassott (verified owner)

    I love this beautiful spray. It’s almost angelic and I love it so much. Whenever I use it it just puts me in a happy place.

  5. jordiwilson (verified owner)

    I love this spray. Anytime I use it I immediately become calm and feel at peace. I find the spray really helps me out while meditating.

  6. miltongarcia48 (verified owner)

    I love this spray. I spray it when I meditate and does clear the space and the aroma is amazing.

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